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    How Do Title Loan Companies in Missouri Determine How Much They’ll Lend?

    Multiple Factors Play a Role in Flex Loans in Kansas, Too

    Everything happens at once: your laptop died, your work boots fell apart, you needed an x-ray, and the electric bill skyrocketed last month. When you’re on a tight budget as it is, there’s no room for hundreds of dollars of additional charges. If your paycheck just won’t cover the money you suddenly owe, a car title loan can help bridge the gap.

    Car title loans allow you to get cash using your car title as collateral, but you get to keep driving your vehicle. You then make manageable payments on the loan balance. When you pay back your loan, you’ll receive your title.

    Your Kansas City car title loan agency, Midwest Title Loans, takes a few factors into consideration when determining how much cash we can lend to you in a car title loan or flex loan.

    title loan company

    Considerations for Title Loan Amounts

    At Midwest Title Loans in Kansas and Missouri, our loan amounts usually range from $150 to $5,000. The loan amount is based on a few factors, including your vehicle’s value, how much money you need, and your budget.

    Your vehicle’s value plays a big role in determining how much money you can get with a car title loan. We take into consideration everything about your vehicle when making a determination for your loan amount, including age and condition. It sounds obvious, of course, but a car with a low value will mean your loan probably won’t be close to our maximum payout. Similarly, a valuable car that you’ve fully paid off could get you a larger loan. Even if your car is wrecked, if you can drive it to our offices in Gladstone, Overland Park, or Kansas City for an evaluation, chances are you can get a title loan.

    We consider how much money you need before giving you a loan. We wouldn’t want you to borrow more money than is necessary, or give you less than you need and have you come up short for whatever bill you need to pay or item you need to purchase. We’ll ask you questions about the amount of financing you’re seeking so we can ensure your loan is as close to the amount you need.

    Your monthly budget is one of the most important factors when determining how much to loan you, using your car title as collateral. Your budget tells us how much you can afford to pay back on your loan each time you receive a paycheck. We don’t want to set you up for failure and lend you more money than you can afford to pay back, shoving you into a vicious cycle of debt. Our goal is to help you with your current financial situation, not make it worse. When you meet with us about getting a title loan, you should know the dollar amount of all your monthly financial obligations and your total income. This information will help us calculate your car title loan.

    What We Consider Before Issuing a Flex Loan

    A flex loan is different from a car title loan because it is essentially a line of credit we extend to you. When you take out a line of credit, you only accrue interest on the money you actually use and for the length of time you use it.

    Flex loans are repaid with daily interest. With this type of short-term loan you can borrow up to that pre-set credit limit, but you can re-borrow any time you need money again. You don’t need to reapply for the loan, making flex loans in Kansas one of our most convenient options.

    Your credit limit is based on two factors: the value of your car, and your ability to repay the loan. Just like with a car title loan, we must examine your vehicle and determine its value. Your ability to repay the loan means we just take a look at your monthly budget to be certain you will be comfortable making payments on a flex loan.

    Factors We Don’t Consider for Title Loans or Kansas Flex Loans

    Although there is a lot we consider when determining how much money to lend you, one that we never consider is your credit score. We believe that despite checkered credit histories, our customers are trustworthy and want to pay back the money they borrow from us. We see our role as the catalyst for helping you improve your financial situation.

    We also never report your loans from us to any credit bureaus - those folks who calculate your credit score. That’s because we don’t base how we issue loans on their guidelines or rules.

    Many of our customers come back again and again when they need money because they know we can help them. We never consider how often you need a loan when determining whether we’ll lend to you. A traditional lender will look at how many active loans you have and how many loans you’ve taken out in the past because they check your credit. As long as your bills fit within your monthly budget, we will approve you!

    Choose Midwest Title Loans in Missouri and Kansas

    Midwest Title Loans is in business today, as we’ve been for the last nearly 25 years, because we saw people in Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS are struggling to find financing. Traditional lenders turned them down over and over again. We vowed to help people get the money they need, when they need it.

    Today, we offer several loan types with the best customer service in the area. After helping thousands of people each year get the money they deserve to be lent, we’re ready to help you, too.

    To learn more about our short-term loan options, contact us today, or visit one of our locations in Kansas City, MO on W. 85th Street at Wornall Road; Gladstone, MO on North Oak Trafficway at NE 64th Street; Overland Park, KS on Metcalf Avenue at W. 82nd Street; and Kansas City, KS on State Avenue at N. Washington Boulevard.

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    How Do Flex Loans Work in Kansas?

    Get One of the Best Short-Term Loans in as Little as 20 Minutes

    When most people think of a car title loan, they think of the traditional kind: a short-term loan that gets you cash fast in Kansas City using your car title as collateral. They also think car title loans as being temporary loan solutions that you must re-apply for each time you need money.

    And those are both accurate! Car title loans make getting money quickly very easy, if you have a clear car title in your name. However, a type of car title loan called a flex loan in Kansas City, KS is a short-term loan that offers long-term access to cash.

    flex loan

    What is a Flex Loan?

    The flex loan definition is a line of credit you take out using the value of your car. When you are approved for a Kansas flex loan, Midwest Title Loans gives you a credit limit. You can borrow as little as you want or as much as you want up to that limit. You can then re-borrow that same money again and again at any time! With a flex loan, you can have access to money, just waiting for you, any time you need it.

    Flex Loan Interest

    You repay your flex loan on a daily interest rate. You will only pay interest on the money you are borrowing, and not only the remaining money in your line of credit.

    For example, if you have a $1,000 line of credit, but you only need $200, you can borrow $200, and only pay interest on the amount. The remaining $800 will not accrue interest.

    If you only need that $200 for a week and pay it back, the interest only accrues for that time period. You will not accrue interest if you do not have an active loan from your flex loan line of credit.

    What Are the Benefits of a Flex Loan?

    The first benefit we always share is that flex loans are named because they give you flexibility. You can borrow money from your line of credit with Midwest Title Loans over and over again.

    As you pay down your flex loan, you are increasing the amount of money you have available later when you need it. If you aren’t using it at all, you don’t have to pay anything to us to maintain that line of credit.

    A flex loan in Kansas gives you access to money quickly. Because you don’t need to reapply or submit documents like pay stubs or make statements each time you need money, you can get in, get your cash, and leave in minutes. All you have to do is call us before you arrive, and we’ll work hard to have your money ready for you when you arrive.

    Taking Out a Loan with Bad Credit

    If you don’t have credit or have poor credit, a bank or credit union might be wary of lending you money. Traditional lenders judge your eligibility for a loan by looking at your credit history and essentially holding your credit score hostage to encourage you to pay the loan back on time. And they leverage hefty penalties if you don’t: repossessing your valuables, suing you for interest, and wrecking your credit score for a long time.

    With a flex loan, bad credit or no credit history are not problems. If you’ve been researching flex loans online, then you know flex loan lenders like Midwest Title Loans will never check your credit, nor will they report your loan to a national credit bureau. We think it’s only right to extend credit and trust to anyone who can pay back one of our loans, no matter their current credit score or past credit issues. We only ask that you use your car -- one item -- as collateral for the loan. At Midwest Title Loans, we’re also flexible with our payment plans to help you pay back your loan in a way that fits into your monthly budget.

    How Do I Apply for a Kansas City Flex Loan?

    Flex loans don’t require any special documentation other than the basics we ask for when you take out an equally-fast car title loan. Anyone at least 18 years of age or older can take out a flex loan in Kansas. To get a loan, you will need to bring with you:

    • A drivable vehicle for evaluation. You must bring the car to one of our Kansas branches located in Kansas City, KS or Overland Park, KS. We will check it over to determine its value.
    • A lien-free title to the vehicle, in your name. You must own the car you bring in, and the car title must be clear - that means no other liens are currently on the title.
    • A valid photo ID. We most commonly see driver’s licenses to satisfy this portion of the application.
    • Verification of income. Your most recent pay stubs showing about one month of pay will prove your monthly budget allows you to pay back a car title loan or flex loan.

    Midwest Title Loans Gives Short-Term Loans in the Kansas City Metro Area

    Great news! If you live near Johnson County, Kansas or Wyandotte County, Kansas, flex loan lender Midwest Title Loans is close by!

    Why waste your time filling out loan applications with banks, or feel embarrassed asking for money from friends and relatives, when you could have the money you need in as little as 20 minutes? Issuing fast car title loans and flex loans are our specialties.

    If you’re ready to take advantage of the money you’ve already invested in your vehicle, come to one of our branches in Kansas City, Kansas at 2500 State Avenue or Overland Park, Kansas at 8212 Metcalf Avenue to get started. To learn more about flex loans or fast car title loans online, visit our website. We look forward to helping you soon!

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    How Can I Tell If My Car Title Is Clear vs. Clean?

    Bring your Clear Title to Get a Short-Term Loan in Kansas City

    There’s only a one-letter difference between clear and clean, but when it comes to getting a car title loan from Midwest Title Loans, one will help you much more than the other.

    Let’s officially end the confusion about the differences between a clean automobile title and a clear car title, so you know what you should bring to our office so we can help you when you need money now.

    What is a Title Loan?

    First things first! A title loan is a short-term loan you can take out based on the value of the vehicle you own. Title loan companies in Kansas City, like Midwest Title Loans, evaluate your vehicle, your monthly income (and ability to repay the loan), and the amount of money you’re requesting, to determine whether you can get cash fast.

    If you’re approved for a title loan - and most people are - you can leave our office with your money and car keys in your hand! Why are most people approved? Because we don’t believe in checking your credit history.

    car title loans

    We think if you need money to pay an unexpected bill or make an important purchase, you should be able to get financing for that. Instead of reporting to credit bureaus and checking your score, we simply consider your ability to repay the loan based on your monthly budget.

    What is a Clean Car Title?

    Have you ever used the slang word “clean”? Then you know what it means in that situation: in good condition, slick, or perfection, right?

    That’s similar to what a car insurance company considers a clean title! A car with a clean title means the car has never been totaled, according to an insurance company. Cars without clean titles are sometimes called salvage cars, or are said to have branded titles. When a car is totaled or given a salvage title, it means the damage to the car after a wreck would cost more to repair than the value of the vehicle.

    When you’re looking to buy a used car, you probably want to find one with a clean title because it most likely means the car you’re getting is structurally safe.

    While a clean car title is obviously important in the long run, a clear car title is what gets you money when you need it!

    What is a Clear Car Title?

    A clear car title is one that doesn’t have a financial lien against it, preventing the vehicle from being sold. A car title is not clear if you owe money against your vehicle, like if you’re making payments or have other current title loans. A vehicle without a clear title doesn’t fully belong to you until you’ve paid back lenders or other third parties who can claim ownership.

    However, just because your car title isn’t clear doesn’t mean it will completely disqualify you from another type of short-term loan from us! Without a clear title, you could still qualify to receive a different type of cash loan from Midwest Title Loans. A car title loan, however, depends on the amount of money you need, the total value of your car, and whether you have other loans on your vehicle. You must have the title in your possession, and it also must be in your name.

    And let’s go back to clean titles for a minute. Can you get a title loan on a salvage car? The answer is yes, it is possible, depending on your specific situation. Even if you’re seeking a title loan with a salvage car title, it’s worthwhile to inquire with us in one of our four locations in the Kansas City metro about whether you might qualify for a short-term loan. You only need to be able to drive it to us for evaluation as part of the loan process.

    How Do I Get a Title Loan in Kansas City?

    Getting a car title loan in Overland Park, KS is a simple process. As long as you’re 18 years or older, anyone looking for quick cash in Gladstone, MO or Kansas City, KS can qualify for a car title loan.

    To apply for this loan, bring:

    • Your vehicle and its lien-free or “clear” title in your name
    • Your government-issued photo ID
    • Your latest pay stubs

    We’ll ask that you fill out a short application before we do a quick evaluation of your vehicle. Then, we’ll issue a title loan based on the value of the car and your ability to pay back the loan. You drive away in your vehicle with your keys, while we hang onto your title.

    All our short-term loans in Kansas City are based on a 60-day renewable contract. You have the option to renew your account for 60 days simply by paying the interest due if you need more time to pay off your loan. We’re always happy to work with you so you are able to comfortably fulfill your financial obligations on your monthly budget. Once you’ve paid your account in full, you’ll receive your title back from us.

    Choose Midwest Title Loans in Missouri and Kansas

    When it comes to getting money when you need it, your options are limited! Financial struggles are frustrating, and made worse when you have difficulty getting cash quickly. For almost 25 years, Kansas City has turned to us at Midwest Title Loans for the most flexible and customer-friendly service in the area. Our thousands of satisfied customers are proof that we have continued to maintain our focus on helping people in our community throughout the years.

    If you’re ready to take advantage of our short-term loan options, contact us today, or visit one of our locations in Kansas City, MO on W. 85th Street at Wornall Road in Waldo; Gladstone, MO on North Oak Trafficway at NE 64th Street; Overland Park, KS on Metcalf Avenue at W. 82nd Street; and Kansas City, KS on State Avenue at N. Washington Boulevard.

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    Don’t Pass on Doing Summer Home Projects

    A Car Title Loan Can Fund Your Tools and Materials

    You’ve heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.”

    Well, here in the Kansas City metro area, we could say, “Winter weather and spring storms bring summer home repairs.” It’s not as catchy or concise, but it’s still completely true.

    When the summer season finally rolls around, you probably have a list of work that you need to do to keep your house in good condition. If you don’t make the repairs, the condition of your home will get worse and worse, until it becomes a very expensive repair. By keeping up with fixes, you can actually save money on household maintenance.

    If your house has a long list of repairs after a harsh winter and spring, but your bank account is looking a little low, a car title loan could be the answer to your funding problem. This type of short-term loan gets you cash-in-hand in as little as 20 minutes, so you can buy what you need to keep your house in optimal condition.

    car title loan

    Home Repairs Title Loans Can Pay For

    Roof and gutter repairs. The weight of snow and ice puts strain on your roof, and icicles weigh down your gutters. Spring storms with high winds blow shingles right off your house. You may need to replace missing shingles and broken gutters to keep your family dry and prevent damage to the interior of your home. Consider extending your downspouts at least 10 feet from the foundation of your home--an inexpensive way you can protect your basement from taking on water. If your house is tall, you might also hire a professional to thoroughly clean your gutters.

    Maintain your central air conditioning system. Before you consider turning on your air conditioner, call a heating and cooling professional to inspect it. This technician will make sure your equipment is running properly and advise you on any repairs you could expect later in the season. Generally, an inspection and maintenance is far less costly than performing big repairs, so it’s a worthwhile expense to take on before the heat of summer hits.

    Window insulation. Fluctuations in temperature, especially from going from warm to cold and back again, pulls caulk away from window seams, which make your house more drafty, and your HVAC less efficient. Remove old caulk and reapply new to any areas with gaps to save on energy bills. It also will improve the look of your home interior.

    Paint. Interior paint is never exposed to the elements of the great outdoors, but it still needs a refresh every once in a while. Paint also is an inexpensive way to change the whole look of your home. Paint, primer, and good-quality brushes and rollers can help you achieve an interior paint job on-par with the pros. You should also take the time to touch-up your soffits and fascia boards, and repaint areas of your masonite or wood siding to protect them from the elements.

    Repair your driveway. Ice melt and frequent shoveling can lead to cracks in your driveway. To keep your driveway looking great and functioning like it should, consider getting a new driveway poured, or repairing your existing one using DIY tools and materials from your local hardware store.

    Trim tree limbs. Winter ice breaks tree limbs, and so do heavy spring winds. In Gladstone, MO, and Overland Park, KS, no one is safe from summer winds or tornados, either. Keep your house safe from falling branches by proactively trimming them back, or cutting down dead trees altogether. Consider hiring a professional tree service for larger jobs, which can be dangerous.

    Fix up your deck. Decks built with pressure-treated lumber can still sustain damage and wear from the elements. Even if you diligently swept snow off it all winter, you may still need to conduct repairs to keep it looking good and standing strong. Rent or buy a power washer to remove debris from the decking materials, and apply a seal or protective stain while it’s warm and sunny out. Replace rotting boards as needed.Simple steps like these can extend the life of your deck.

    Look for and fix foundation cracks. As the ground freezes and thaws, soil beneath your house can shift, causing minor cracks in your foundation. Because the foundation is one of the most important elements of your home, you should take action quickly! Foundation cracks can affect your whole house and create water problems in your basement or invite pests inside. If your foundation’s condition is critical, you should consider calling a professional to determine what kind of repairs you’ll need to make to keep your home standing strong.

    Find South Kansas City Title Loans

    You don’t need to waste time asking your friends, “Where can I get a title loan near me?” or searching Google to find a reputable lender. With locations in Kansas City, MO; Gladstone, MO; Overland Park, KS; and Kansas City, KS, Midwest Title Loans is a clear choice for when you need money fast. We are one of the oldest and most respected title loan companies in the area.

    All you need to qualify for a short-term loan is a vehicle with a lien-free title in your name and a photo ID. At our office or online, you’ll fill out a short application form. Then, you’ll be approved for a loan and drive away in your car, while we hang onto your title. All you have to do is repay your loan with our easy 60-day renewable contract, and then you’ll get your title back when you’re paid-in-full. We’ll work with you on a payment schedule that fits your needs.

    The loan amount depends on your car’s appraisal, your budget, and how much cash you need. Our loans typically range from $150 to $5,000. We never check your credit, so it’s easy for everyone to get approved for the money they need. If you’re needing to do home repairs this summer, a title loan of any amount can get you started on the work within 20 minutes of applying.

    If you’re ready to get the money you need, visit one of our four locations. Call our main phone line at 816-363-8600 if you have any questions about how you can get a car title loan today.

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    Wedding Financing Tips

    Title Loans Can Help Fund Your Big Day

    Engaged couples in Kansas City, Missouri, spend an average of $23,000 on their weddings. The costs of all components of a wedding can really add up quickly. But, because it’s one of the biggest days of most people’s lives, it only makes sense people are willing to pay a lot of money to throw a beautiful and fun celebration of love.

    All of those services you have to book in advance often require down payments early on to secure your wedding date. Even if your wedding is months or a year down the road, now is the time to make sure you can pay the initial fees to make your big day exactly the way you want.

    If you’re short on your down payments and are in need of getting money quickly, you could consider a car title loan from Midwest Title Loans. A short-term loan like a title loan can get you cash when you need it.

    Wedding Financing Tips

    Wedding Services You Can Pay For With a Title Loan

    You can customize your wedding by choosing a venue that suits your style, the type of entertainment you prefer, and with do-it-yourself decor. Title loans can help you pay for lots of wedding day essentials:

    • Down payment to secure your wedding venue. The wedding and reception venue set the tone for your entire ceremony and wedding, so it’s important you pick one that you love and that matches your personal wedding style. With dates booking out years in advance, if your date of choice is available, you need to put a down payment on the date to secure it for your wedding. A title loan can help you assemble this first payment to make sure you get to have the wedding of your dreams on the date of your choice.
    • Live music or a DJ service. The live band or DJ keeps your wedding reception moving at a fun, festive pace and helps guide the evening’s events, like the cake-cutting, bouquet-toss, first dances, and wedding party toasts. Like wedding venues, you need to book your music in advance, and popular live bands and DJs are always in demand. Use a short-term loan to secure the DJ, or to pay for their services on your wedding night.
    • Flowers. Depending on the type of flowers the bride desires in her bouquet, the florist bill can get pricey fast. An easy way to cut down on flower price is to use flowers and other botanicals that are in season during your wedding. In the fall, for example, hardy mums showcase autumn colors and are complemented by loose and lush eucalyptus. In the spring or summer, the bride might choose daisies or lilies to complete her bouquet and floral decor look. But, no matter what, flowers can come with a hefty price tag, and payment is usually due upon receipt of the flowers. Make sure you have the cash to pay your florist on your wedding day.
    • Catering. What kind of party would it be without some kind of food? If you’re serving hors d'oeuvres during a cocktail hour, a buffet, or a full-sit down dinner, you can expect to pay anywhere from $12 to $100 per person! Even a small guest list drives up the food bill. And, you don’t want to forget to tip your caterers--which makes food costs even higher.
    • Decorations. Even if you take a DIY-approach to centerpieces, aisle decor, and other decorations, the components of everything can be expensive, especially if you want something a little more unique than a few candles in mason jars! When you calculate the cost of making decorations yourself, it’s almost always cheaper than buying them premade, but a trip to the local craft store can still set you back significantly.
    • THE wedding dress. When you put it on and know it’s the one, you will do almost anything to make sure you get to wear the perfect dress on your wedding day. Sometimes you don’t find the right dress for you by staying in your initial dress budget. And that’s OK! It’s a very special dress, so you deserve to make sure you truly love it before committing to it. Say yes to the dress and help fund the purchase with a short-term loan.
    • Photography. You don’t want to trust just anyone with a camera to capture your big day. You want a professional photographer who knows how to capture every event during your wedding day, in a photo style that you adore. And like venues and caterers, photographers need a down payment to secure your date.
    • Wedding party costs. Buying gifts for your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and parents, plus their flowers, and the rehearsal dinner doesn’t seem like a lot. Oh, $30 for your best friend? No problem, until you multiply that by the total number of wedding attendants you have asked to share your special day. A title loan can fund the purchases you need to make if you run short of money as you put the finishing touches on wedding planning. And if you’re a member of the wedding party, you can expect to fork over a pretty penny, too. Being in the wedding party will set you back a national average of $728! Because dresses, tuxes, and accessories can change with the season, you are sometimes working with a short window of time to purchase or rent them - and not being able to do that means you could hurt your friends’ feelings. Be sure you have the funds with a car title loan.

    How Do I Get a Car Title Loan in Overland Park, Kansas, or Gladstone, Missouri?

    Luckily, getting a car title loan in the Kansas City metro area, including St. Joseph, Missouri, is a very easy process that doesn’t take long at all. Instead of spending time searching, “title loan near me,” visit Midwest Title Loans!

    To secure a car title loan, you will need to own a car without any liens on the title. Bring the title and your photo ID to Midwest Title Loans, where one of our experienced associates can help you determine the amount of loan you qualify for. Your loan is processed, and you walk out of our offices with cash - and your car keys - in your hand. You can even drive away in your car.

    At Midwest Title Loans, we don’t check your credit, and we don’t care if you’ve had less than stellar credit in the past - or present. Your clear car title is your collateral, and everyone with every type of credit can apply for a loan with us.

    Our loan repayment options take into account your income, and we will work with you to be sure you can pay off your car title loan you get from us. Because title loans are short-term, you don’t have to deal with a long, drawn-out process of payment schedules or high interest fees.

    If you’re ready to get started and get money to help finance your upcoming wedding, you can pre-apply for approval online before visiting us to get your cash. We’re standing by, ready to help you, at our four convenient locations.

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    How to Pay Your Bills During the Coronavirus Outbreak

    A Car Title Loan Can Help

    Unless the government or your boss labeled you as an “essential” employee, or you have had the luxury of telecommuting, you might not be working and will miss some pay because of the coronavirus pandemic. Particularly in the Kansas City metro area, including Gladstone and Grandview, many businesses temporarily closed their doors to the public and cancelled their employees’ shifts as a money-saving measure to combat the profit they’ll lose due to COVID-19.

    If you had the misfortune of being one of the people to lose your job because of this crisis, it is understandable that you may be struggling to pay for life necessities while we “flatten the curve” and slow the spread of the illness. While an economic stimulus package from the federal government and unemployment pay can help, sometimes that just isn’t enough money to cover all your bills. Don’t feel helpless! You can take action to improve your situation.

    A short-term loan can help you pay for expenses during your time of need, and give you the opportunity to pay it back without impacting your credit score or being blindsided by incredibly high interest rates.

    covid-19 money tips

    How Can I Use a Title Loan to Pay My Bills?

    If you have unexpected bills, like from a medical issue, or if you have bills you cannot pay because you did not earn enough money this past month due to coronavirus shut-downs and shelter-in-place orders, a car title loan can get you the money you need to pay your bills.

    When you take out a car title loan, you leave our loan company with cash in hand, which you can use for whatever you want.

    Think about using a title loan to pay:

    • Home utility bills. If you have been out of work and stuck at home, it is likely that your utility bills will be a little higher than normal because you are using more electricity, gas, or water. When you are at work, you’re away from home, and these utilities are used far less.
    • Credit card bill. If your credit card bill is due, and you need to make a payment to avoid late fees and a hit on your credit score, a car title loan can help you avoid the trouble.
    • Rent or mortgage. Keeping a roof over your head is very important right now. Don’t risk losing your home or being evicted because you are short on money during the coronavirus pandemic. A short-term loan can get your rent or mortgage paid while you wait to get back to work.
    • Cell phone and Internet bills. Especially if you are now working from home, you need both a phone and the Internet to keep your job. Make sure your bills get paid with a short-term loan from Midwest Title Loans.
    • Car maintenance. If you’re an essential worker and have to drive to work each day, but your car is having problems that you can’t afford to fix, consider a title loan to cover the mechanic’s fees. You can pay back the loan after you get your next paycheck.
    • Household repairs. The unexpected can always happen when it comes to household items, like appliances, roofs, or basements. A short-term loan can help cover surprise costs and keep your family comfortable at home.
    • Unexpected medical bills. Perhaps you got sick during the pandemic and could not work while you completed your fourteen-day quarantine. If you were unable to take sick leave or paid time off during this time, you are definitely short on income this month. If you had to pay out-of-pocket for your diagnosis and prescription medication, you have even less money than you anticipated. Let a title loan bridge the gap to your next paycheck now that you’re healthy enough to return to work.
    • Groceries and other household necessities. Grocery stores and neighborhood market shelves were cleaned out by shoppers looking to stock up before the shelter-in-place orders were announced in the Kansas City metro area. If you need to restock your pantry or perhaps purchase more toilet paper, but you’re out of cash, get a title loan so you can get the necessities you need to continue staying safe at home.

    How Can I Get a Car Title Loan?

    To get a car title loan, you only need to own your vehicle and possess its lien-free title. To apply for a flex loan in Kansas, you will need to come to Midwest Title Loans and bring:

    • Your vehicle
    • The title to your vehicle, as long as it is free and clear of liens
    • A photo ID

    Our associates will evaluate your current income and value of your car to determine the amount of money you can take out as a short-term loan. We will explain all terms, conditions, and requirements before you sign any paperwork, and we’ll never pressure you into taking out a loan, either.

    At Midwest Title Loans, we will work with you to set up an agreeable payment plan, and you’ll leave with money in-hand to pay your bills. Best of all, you get to keep your keys and your car. Simply pay your loan back on time, and your debt is completely cleared. Our car title loans usually range in value between $150 and $5,000, depending on the value of your vehicle and budget.

    We do not need to run a credit check to get you the money you need because the loan is secured with your car, not based on your past credit history. Regardless of your credit score, Midwest Title Loans can get you a loan. We truly believe that everyone deserves to get financial help when they need it, and we are here for you.

    Where Can I Find a Title Loan Near Me?

    Midwest Title Loans has four convenient locations in the Kansas City metro area, including Kansas City, MO; Gladstone, MO; Overland Park, KS; and Kansas City, KS. Learn more about our title loan services on our website, then come visit us to get the funding you need today. Speed up the process by completing our Online Title Loan Information Sheet before you arrive. We look forward to helping you get back on your feet during this stressful time!

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    Get Extra Cash for Your Vacation with a Title Loan

    Get Extra Cash for Your Missouri Vacation with a Car Title Loan

    Now and then, we all need a little help with our finances. Whether you’re looking to cover medical bills, emergency repairs, or tuition fees, there’s no end of reasons to get extra cash through a loan.

    You may have found that vacation time has rolled around, and you’re worried you don’t have enough money to cover all of the expenses. You don’t need to travel far to have a fantastic vacation, and a local adventure can be just the ticket! Missouri has a wealth of fun for the whole family and breathtaking natural beauty if you get out on the road to experience it.

    If you’re looking to splash out on a Missouri vacation, why not take out a car title loan? All you need to have is a vehicle with no liens on it. Title loans are quick, easy to get, and have no hassle or credit checks. Midwest Title Loans offer some of the best loans you can get in Kansas or Missouri today.

    title loan in Kansas City

    What is a Car Title Loan?

    If you have a vehicle, you’ve made the first step for qualifying for a car title loan. A title loan uses your vehicle as collateral for the loan—it’s as simple as that. And don’t worry, you keep the vehicle and can continue to use it. Once the loan is paid back in full, the title becomes yours again.

    Title loans are particularly good for short-term loans for cash you need quickly. They’re really fast to get, and you don’t need to worry about credit checks or previous credit issues you may have had.

    Another major benefit of a car title loan is the potential for lower interest rates, if you qualify. Because your loan is backed by the equity in your vehicle, it is a secured loan and the lender is able to offer a lower interest rate compared to a payday loan or other unsecured loan.

    How Do I Qualify for a Car Title Loan?

    It’s easy and straightforward to get a car title loan. First, drive down to Midwest Title Loans in your car, and bring along the title (clear of any liens) and your photo ID. There are several Midwest Title Loan locations in the Kansas City are to choose from, including Overland Park, and Gladstone, so you shouldn’t be too far from the closest office.

    Second, your vehicle will be checked over and evaluated. This information is required to put together a title loan suitable for you. The application doesn’t take long either, and based on the cash you need, you’ll get a title loan whipped up quickly, ready for you to sign. There’s no hidden information or conditions as all loans are laid out simply and plainly. Because there are no credit checks either, you could be all done within 20 minutes.

    Third, drive away in your car and with your keys. Once everything is approved and signed, you’ll drive away in your car along with the cash you need. A renewable repayment plan is set up, and we give the title back to you once your loan is repaid in full. Most people choose to repay their loans over a short period.

    How Much Cash Can You Get?

    The typical value of these loans will vary depending on the value of your vehicle, the requirements for the loan, and the amount you need. A title loan can range from $150 to $5,000—plenty for a fun or even lavish vacation in Kansas or Missouri.

    Pay for Vacation with a Car Title Loan

    There are so many things to see and do in Missouri. Create an affordable vacation from these fun options, and fund your trip with a title loan.

    Why not travel to Branson to visit Silver Dollar City, the theme and water park featuring 30 thrilling rides and attractions, world-class events and shows, as well as many restaurants and shops? Or visit the Titanic Museum, a beautiful and informative museum dedicated to the Titanic.

    Missouri is also home to beautiful wildlife parks and nature gardens, such as the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis, and the Butterfly Palace—home to 1,000 live exotic butterflies in a large tropical paradise. Get the kids off their tablets and experience a little bit of the nature around them.

    Why not visit the Gateway Arch, an iconic arch symbolizing the expansion of America? You also can visit the Lake of the Ozarks, Elephant Rocks State Park, Hannibal, and many other wonderful spots. They’re all just a stone’s throw away and make for fun family vacation spots on a budget.

    Consider a Staycation in Kansas City

    Maybe you are looking to stay close to home and enjoy a few days off work instead of traveling somewhere. Find great things to do right here in Kansas City!

    If you like shopping, visit the Country Club Plaza and enjoy its European-style architecture. There’s the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, the home of 40,000 stunning art pieces, which would take weeks to see it all! Or get your thrills at iFLY Kansas City Indoor Skydiving—all the skydiving, without falling thousands of feet from a plane. There’s also the Safari Zoological Park for nature lovers, the Kansas City Zoo, and so much more. It’s all there waiting for you and your family to make memories, and you can pay your admission fees using a short-term loan from Midwest Title Loans.

    Take Out a Title Loan for Your Vacation Needs

    Title loans are handy because they’re quick and easy to get, and if you have a vacation coming up or are planning one soon, you don’t have to stress about coming up with extra cash. Bank loans often require rigorous credit checks and take a long amount of time to approve—the opposite of what you get with a car title loan.

    Remember, all you need is a vehicle with a clean title (free of liens) and photo ID, and you could walk out with a loan up to $5,000 within 20 minutes. Midwest Title Loans offer some of the best and quickest title loans you could hope for too, so why not head on down and enquire at one of our four convenient locations in Gladstone, MO, Overland Park, MO, Kansas City, MO, and Kansas City, KS?

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    The Big Question: Do Title Loans Affect Your Credit?

    What is a title loan? How do title loans in Kansas City work? When can I take out a car title loan? How does a title loan affect your credit? Title loans can be confusing, but once you learn how to get one and pay it back, they start to make more sense. Read on as Midwest Title Loans, the largest car title loan business in Kansas City, answers your questions and more.

    Do Title Loans Affect Your Credit?

    Car title loans or flex loans usually do not greatly affect your credit. But, as with so many things financial, the answers are not always written in black and white. They can affect your credit if you don’t pay them back, but lenders do not check your credit score before giving you a short-term loan.

    There are a lot of things that you need to ask yourself before getting any kind of loan. But, as far as loans go, title loans are some of the simplest and fastest and usually don’t affect your credit score.

    title loans

    How Do Title Loans Work?

    Essentially, the process is just as it sounds—you put your car’s title up as collateral and get a percentage of the assessed value of your vehicle as an immediate cash payout. If you default on the loan, however, you can expect consequences, which can include losing your car.

    However, a title loan is worth it if you need cash in a hurry and have no other way to get it. A title loan will have minimal effect on your credit, and most title lenders don’t even check your credit score before approving you. Many title loan operators, including Midwest Title Loans, even allow you to drive off in your own vehicle with cash in hand in as little as 20 to 30 minutes.

    Before getting any loan, it is essential to stop and evaluate your situation and know that you can pay the loan back before you take it out. Moreover, building credit is a long and challenging process, and repairing bad credit can have an effect on your finances for the rest of your life.

    However, sometimes you truly do need money quickly. Title loans and flex loans are very helpful tools when you need to pay unexpected bills or make an important purchase you didn’t have the luxury of saving up for first. Things happen, and title loan companies can help you quickly get out of tight situations.

    If you need money now, and know your monthly income will allow you to pay back a short-term car title loan, visit Midwest Title Loans to get started on fixing your current financial situation.

    If I Default on the Loan, Will it Affect my Credit?

    If you default on a flex loan with your car title as collateral, the title loan company will report your nonpayment to the credit bureaus and will begin the process of repossessing your car. However, a title loan company, like Midwest Title Loans, would much rather you pay your loan back on time than do all the work that repossession entails! Most title loan companies make it easy to pay back your loan and will work with you on a payment plan that will fit your needs.

    To ensure you can make your title loan payment, choose a car title loan company in Kansas City that is upfront about all terms of the contract. It also is your responsibility to ensure you aren’t overstretching your budget when you decide to take out a car title loan. Look at your total take-home pay and subtract all your bills from it to find out how much money you’ll have left over to pay back your title loan.

    In general, title loans won’t affect your credit rating, but if you choose not to pay them back, they can. Like so many things, you should do your research, read all contracts, and budget your income.

    How Do Title Loans Work at Midwest Title Loans?

    One of the reasons that many title loan lenders don’t need to check your credit is that they are already getting something solid in exchange for handing you cash—your signed car title. Car title loans are also referred to as secured loans, and your credit is only checked for an unsecured loan (where the lender gets nothing except interest in exchange for a money payout), like at a bank.

    Title loan lenders also consider your monthly take-home pay when giving you a loan. Your loan amount is dependent on factors like the value of your car and how much money you earn, so title loan companies don’t need to check your credit score to be able to tell that you’re capable of paying back the money they lend you. Your credit history does not necessarily affect your ability to get money from Midwest Title Loans when you need it.

    At Midwest Title Loans, getting a loan at one of our four convenient locations is as easy as one, two, three. One, just bring your car in, along with a clear title, and your photo ID. Two, we will assess your vehicle while info is filled out and exchanged. And, three, you get to drive off with your cash, your keys, and your car.

    Midwest Title Loans is one of Kansas City’s largest and oldest title loan companies, having opened for business in 1997. We have helped thousands of customers and offer the most flexible and customer-friendly title loans in the greater Kansas City area, including Overland Park and Gladstone.

    We will never subject you to detrimental credit checks or make you fill out complicated paperwork, and we are happy to work with customers with every type of credit. Plus, everything is kept entirely confidential, and all we require is to hold on to your vehicle’s title. Once you pay off your loan, you will promptly get your title back. At Midwest Title Loans, we love to help people get back on track and get the money they need money to get through a difficult time.

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    Home Improvement Projects You Should Focus on This Summer

    A Car Title Loan Can Help You Complete Them

    It’s almost summertime in Kansas City, a season when some people have extra time on their hands. The weather is warmer, so summer is an ideal time to take stock of the home improvements that need to be made before the harsh winds of winter set in again. But you might not have the funding for these projects. Luckily, Midwest Title Loans has both household project ideas and a way to pay for them.

    Do a Home Study

    For you, the first step should be to walk through your house with a notepad. Take a careful look at all the elements of every room—the windows, the floors, the closet doors, the light fixtures, the fans, the furnishings, etc. Make note of anything that is sagging, broken, fogged, scratched, or burned out. Make note of any walls that need patching or painting.

    car title loan

    Decide which projects are the most important. For example, if the shower is leaking, creating a stain on the tile floor, that might be a higher priority than repainting the walls because the color isn’t satisfactory. If the oven no longer works, and getting take-out is a daily requirement, repairing the oven might be more important than buying new curtains to replace faded ones.

    Once the interior project list is made, consider the exterior projects. The porch lights, fence, mailbox, garage door, other exterior doors, roof, flashing, soffit, fascia, and landscaping should be evaluated. Is the drainage adequate? Is there a pest problem? Does your home exterior need new paint to protect the wood siding?

    Again, you should consider which projects are the most important. Poor drainage might result in damage to the home’s foundation, which would be more important than planting decorative shrubs. Missing shingles might lead to water damage to interior rooms, making them a priority over buying a more attractive mailbox.

    Establish Priorities

    You will likely end up with far more jobs than can be done in one summer. Sometimes, just listing all the jobs that need to be done is overwhelming, and Overland Park homeowners find themselves giving up and flopping down in front of the television. But simply picking the top three jobs that need to be done should be a manageable goal.

    Establishing three top jobs will give you a mission. The most important job is to be listed on top so that it will be tackled first. Completing the first project will give you a sense of accomplishment. Perhaps you could plan a reward for completing the first job, making you more eager to get that job done.

    Example of a Job List

    If the jobs to be done are the following:

    • Replace missing shingles so that no water damage will enter the house
    • Fix or replace the oven to cut down on eating out
    • Correct a drainage problem so that water will not breach the foundation

    Then the most important job is fixing the missing shingles. Water damage would create very costly repairs to ceilings, walls and possibly furnishings and carpeting in the house. If the roof is in good repair except for the missing shingles, it should be easy to go online, read about how to repair a few shingles, and replace them yourself.

    How to Pay for Projects

    Once you know which job has top priority, it is time for you to look at the budget. If no savings are available to pay for the job, a car title loan in Kansas City, Gladstone, or St. Joseph can be used to provide the necessary funds. It is a much better idea to take out a short-term loan than to allow water to ruin the ceiling, wall, and carpeting of a room in the house, which will be more expensive to repair later. Having missing shingles would also lower the value of the home. It’s important to maintain an investment as large as a home so that if you ever sell it, you’ll get top dollar.

    Finishing the Job as Cheaply as Possible

    It pays to do a careful study of how to do some projects yourself without having to hire an expert. Searching online enables a homeowner to check a variety of sites, watch videos, and ask questions. It might be possible to save a great deal of money by replacing a few shingles rather than call a roofer, who may try to suggest that a whole new roof was needed.

    Moving on to the next job, it might be cheaper to call a technician to fix the stove than to buy a new stove. It pays to check with friends or family for names of reputable technicians. Checking online will uncover any negative ratings by people who have used those companies before. Requesting a guarantee on the work will ensure that if the work is not done correctly the first time, it will be fixed without further cost.

    The third job could probably be done quite easily yourself. Using a shovel to dig a ditch that would divert water away from the home and then lining the ditch with a few bags of gravel, or simply extending your home’s downspouts away from the foundation, would be relatively inexpensive. And perhaps doing it yourself would enable you to add a little extra landscaping (another goal), so the drain system could become an attractive landscape feature. If the area tends to be marshy, a water garden could be incorporated. Or perhaps you want a small water feature that would add relaxing sounds to the back yard where you could meditate or relax with your family.

    Adding up the Costs

    The top three jobs would involve the spending of some money for supplies like shingles, gravel, and landscaping. It would also involve spending some money for services, like the oven repair. But when homeowners do some of the jobs themselves, that dramatically cuts down on the overall costs.

    Therefore, the car title loan can be smaller and easier to pay back quickly. The house will be well maintained so that it will keep its value for resale. You will have a sense of accomplishment, knowing that you learned some new skills and saved some money. And, who knows, friends may hear about your new skills and may ask for help with their projects, which could lead to a little extra money for paying back that loan!

    Where Can I Get a Car Title Loan Near Me?

    Getting a short-term loan or flex loan for home repairs is as easy as 1-2-3 at Midwest Title Loans. First, bring your car in, along with a clear title and photo ID. We’ll take a look at all the information on your application, and give you a cash loan. You can even drive away with your car and your keys. Visit us at one of our four locations in Kansas City, KS; Kansas City, MO; Gladstone, MO; and Overland Park, KS.

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    What Is The Process To Get A Car Title Loan?

    How Do I Get a Title Loan Near Me?

    Many people in Kansas, Gladstone, and Overland Park sometimes find that they need some additional cash to get through the week until their next paycheck. Whether it is because of an unexpected big expense like a breakdown of a major home appliance, some unexpected medical bills, or any other expense that sneaks up on you, finding that additional cash can be a big worry.

    You can find the cash from a short-term car title loan in Kansas City convenient and you are free to use the cash from the loan as you choose. There are no restrictions or conditions on the usage of the cash from the loan.

    car title loans

    If you have less than stellar credit you may find that traditional lenders are not going to be an option for you, and other sources available to you may not be fast enough.

    If you are in this position, a car title loan like those provided by Midwest Title Loans may be the answer you are looking for.

    How Do Car Title Loans Work?

    A car title loan is just what you might expect from its name — a loan against the title of your car. You simply drive your car to the car title company’s office, have the vehicle valued there, and sign a loan document. Your title must be lien-free to qualify for a car title loan with any title loan lender.

    Most of the loan application process can be performed online at the Midwest Title Loans website. You can fill in all of your pertinent details and get an idea of how much you’ll be able to borrow. This makes the process even faster if you’d like to get your loan as quickly as possible.

    Midwest Title Loans makes the process easy by offering multiple locations in the Kansas City area, so there is sure to be one located conveniently for you.

    All you do is drive your vehicle to one of Midwest Title Loans locations, bring your title and photo identification with you, and fill out a simple uncomplicated loan application.

    While you fill out the loan application, the title loan officer will perform an evaluation on your vehicle to determine the value of the vehicle that can be used as loan collateral.

    Getting approval for a loan at a car title loan provider is a lot easier than getting a loan through other means if you’ve had credit problems in the past. No credit check is performed, and the amount you’ll be lent is dependent on the value of your vehicle.

    Your credit rating won’t be negatively affected by this loan because the lender doesn’t perform a credit check.

    Midwest Title Loans will work with you to determine the loan terms and repayment plan that will fit your income and budget. All you have left to do is sign the uncomplicated loan documents, get your cash, and drive off with your vehicle.

    While your loan is active, Midwest Title Loans will hold on to your car title. You can use your vehicle in the meantime and no one will know that you have a title loan taken out on your car. When your loan is repaid, you get your car title back.

    Another added convenience is that by being an established customer of Midwest Title Loans that has already repaid a loan you are able to come back and get a new loan easily should you again find yourself in the position of needing a short-term infusion of cash.

    How Do I Choose a Car Title Loan Provider?

    As in any business field, there are quality and honest companies - and some companies that are not so scrupulous.

    Midwest Title Loans is one the oldest and most respected of all title lenders in the Kansas City area. Midwest Title Loans has gained its reputation by providing excellent customer service for more than 23 years in the greater Kansas City area. The Better Business Bureau has never had a recorded complaint against the company, which should give you another measure of comfort.

    The title loan process is a fast and simple process to quickly get the cash you need to get by those short-term cash crunches that most people face from time to time.

    What Is a Flexible Title Loan?

    Midwest Title Loans offers an additional product - the Flex Loan. A flexible title loan is a more advanced version of the standard title loan. A title loan in Kansas usually lasts for 30 days. Some people prefer this shorter loan term period as it means they’ll repay the loan quickly and move on.

    A flexible title loan essentially allows you to extend the period of your loan over a longer time as long as you repay the minimum repayment each month.

    Sound familiar? A flexible title loan acts somewhat like a credit card, but the amount you can borrow will be a lot more than with a credit card if you’ve got poor credit and a good car. The flexible nature of the loan means people often use a flexible car title loan for potential emergencies.

    Why would you use a flex title loan as an emergency fund? There are multiple reasons.

    • You don’t pay any fees or interest at all when you’re not using the car title loan.
    • Your line of credit remains open for as long as you want; you can dip into it as needed.
    • Interest is calculated daily (instead of monthly that other options might charge), so if you borrow money for just a few days you’ll only pay a tiny amount of interest.
    • Your credit line will be bigger than other credit lines as your car is used as collateral.

    For more information on title loans and flex loans in Kansas City, get in touch with Midwest Title Loans today.

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