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    How to Pay For Vehicle Maintenance Costs with a Short-Term Loan in Kansas City

    A Car Title Loan Can Help You Pay Bills and Keep Your Car on the Road

    pay for auto maintenance with a title loan The car you own can actually help you secure the finances you need to keep that car in good shape for the long run. Yes, you read that right. A car title loan in the Kansas City area can be used to perform regular maintenance or major repairs, and for titling and even improvements. By using a car title loan to get the cash you need, you can help keep your vehicle on the road and running longer - thereby lengthening its useful life and saving you money. The quick cash from a short-term loan from Midwest Title Loans can be used for a variety of car-related expenses.

    Cover Important Maintenance Needs with a Title Loan

    Performing regular vehicle maintenance is vital to your safety and the longevity of your vehicle. A regular check-up of your oil levels and quality is the first step, and depending on what the technicians find, you could be looking at more than the cost of an oil change. When your technician is performing an oil change, most will perform a routine check on the rest of your vehicle’s “vitals,” much like getting an annual physical at your doctor’s office. The check-up is typically included in the cost of your oil change. Other costs like air filters, other fluids, tire rotations, repairing leaks, and replacing light bulbs could come up during an oil change, most of which will need quick attention to keep your car running at an optimal level, and in some cases, keep you legal. While oil changes are typically fairly affordable, depending on your vehicle type, the many issues that can come up in a routine check can have mounting costs. If you’re short on cash, you might need to take out a short-term loan to get your vehicle back up to snuff.

    Registering Your Car with the DMV

    Keep an eye on your vehicle registration expiration - if you’re not preparing for the renewal, many times that cost feels like it comes up unexpectedly. In Kansas City, to get your vehicle registration renewed, you’ll need to pass an annual safety inspection. During the safety inspection, the technician will review the safety features of your vehicle to make sure everything is operational and safe to use. If something presents as non-operational, such as a headlight, window, brakes, or other important part, they will require replacement before they will issue approval from the shop for annual registration. Depending on the condition of the vehicle, this cost becomes expensive each time you renew your car’s registration. Another cost of your vehicle’s registration is the annual taxes you have to pay on your vehicle. If your vehicle’s taxes aren’t paid every year, the state will not renew the registration on your vehicle. Car taxes are an annual fee paid to the state. For Kansas and Missouri, this tax rate varies based on the assessed value of your vehicle. Newer, more expensive vehicles will be charged a higher personal property tax amount than older, less valuable vehicles. If you haven’t paid your personal property tax for the year, this is a cost you’ll be looking at when renewing your registration.

    How to Pay Your Car Insurance Premium with a Title Loan

    Another cost that you can take out quick cash with a car title loan to cover is your car insurance. Some people pay car insurance monthly, some pay quarterly, some pay every six months, or even annually. As you can imagine, an annual car insurance payment could be overwhelming, but paying annually could be less expensive over time. If taking out a bad credit loan to pay an annual car insurance payment could save your family money in the long run, it may be the right decision for you. Car insurance costs vary depending on the type of vehicle, age of vehicle and level of coverage required by the state you’re covered in. If you’re looking for full coverage on a newer, high value vehicle, your car insurance costs could be steep, but driving without coverage is illegal. If a title loan can help keep you driving legally, it could save you legal fees and ticket costs down the road.

    Using a Car Title Loan to Pay Seasonal Maintenance Needs

    As we go into the winter season, your car may need additional seasonal maintenance needs. With fast cash from a title loan, you can get your car ready for the seasonal changes without impacting your credit score or incurring large amounts of debt. If your tires are old, and the tread is wearing down, you’ll need new tires before the winter weather moves in so ensure you and your family’s safety. If you’re looking to be extra safe this winter, consider investing in some snow tires to use throughout the coldest winter months. While snow tires are costly, they will make you feel more secure on the icy or snowy roads this season. In the winter, our days are also getting shorter, you’ll want to ensure that all of your lights are working properly so that you can both be seen and see others on the road. In the summer, making sure that your air conditioning unit is properly functioning is pivotal to surviving the brutal Kansas City area heat. It’s also important, after the snowy months, to get your car deep-cleaned so that the ice melt and salt don’t cause rusting on your vehicle.

    Car Title Loans Can Help Maintain Your Vehicle

    While owning a vehicle can mean lots of maintenance costs, it’s also true that you can use your car title to take out short-term loans, bad credit loans, and quick cash to help in the maintenance of that vehicle. The investment over time that you’re building in order to have the car title as collateral can be worth the costs and repairs you might have to do on your vehicle. By using the car title to take out quick loans and perform regular maintenance, you can help extend the life of your investment. If your vehicle needs some fall maintenance to keep it in good repair, consider taking out a car title from Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City, MO; Kansas City, KS; Overland Park, KS; or Gladstone, MO. Get pre-approved today.

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    Get Ready for the Holidays with a Missouri Car Title Loan

    Missouri and Kansas Residents Can Quality for a Short-Term Loan with Bad Credit

    car title loan for the holidays The holidays are right around the corner - and that means the holiday expenses that come along with them. It starts with Halloween, and then moves into Thanksgiving and Christmas, and don’t forget New Year’s Eve! With the costs flooding in, you find yourself looking for some sort of relief and assistance. With the current state of affairs with the pandemic, you may find yourself with reduced work hours or fewer opportunities for a holiday job. Get ahead of the game and make your plan for the holiday season now. Write down a list of expected expenses and start saving, or if you won’t have the savings, take a look at a short-term loan that you can in turn pay off over the holidays. You’ll have the cash up front to do everything you need to do - and can get it paid off as the money comes in. That’s where a “car title loan near me” search online in Kansas City can help you find quick relief, and take away the financial stress of the upcoming months.

    Kansas City Title Loans Cover Halloween Expenses

    Halloween often gets overlooked as a holiday you may spend a large amount of money on, but there are many costs you may not be budgeting for, setting yourself up for financial failure. Are you crafty enough to make a Halloween costume, or will your child want a more polished, purchased costume? Will your child reuse her Elsa costume this year, or does she expect to go as Moana? Having to purchase a brand-new costume will cost you. What about you? Will you be dressing up to attend any Halloween parties this year? Do you need to prepare for Halloween parties? You could be expected to bring something to work, or send your child to school with treats. With all of the little expenses throughout the Halloween week to celebrate, you could be looking at spending more than you think! Plus, Halloween seems to be the holiday of last-minute plans; quick cash via a car title loan can help.

    Fund Your Thanksgiving Expenses with a Title Loan

    Thanksgiving will look a little bit different this year for families across the world. Large gatherings of extended families will instead be smaller gatherings of close friends or immediate family members. For Thanksgiving, even without inviting the whole extended family, you’ll need to buy a turkey, all the sides, and lots of baking products from the grocery store. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the average Thanksgiving Day dinner costs $48.91, to feed about 10 people. This cost doesn’t include non-food items, including bottles of wine, a centerpiece, or other decor items. In the end, you could be facing down a cost of well over $100 for a single meal. Plus, if you’re traveling for the holiday, that could come with big expenses as well. Take a moment to think about the cost of a hotel room, flight, gas, rental car, and more. The Thanksgiving holiday is a great way to show appreciation for what we have, but it can come with a large price tag as well. A fast title loan can help you get the funding you need to make Thanksgiving happen for your family. Even procrastinators who have bad credit can get help with fast cash loans from a car title loan company in Kansas City or Overland Park.

    Short-Term Loans Make Christmas Happen

    It’s still not over; next comes the pressure of the Christmas holiday. First, you’ll start thinking about decorating in November: the tree, the lights, the mantle - all looking festive. It’s a costly investment if you don’t already have everything you need at home - about $200 per year, according to financial experts. A faux tree can help save expenses year over year, and you can test your light strands to make sure that they’re ready to sparkle for the whole season, but replacing these items, or getting a real tree can be a large out-of-pocket expense. Then come the holiday celebrations. Food, drinks, decor, and gifts for every event will cost you out-of-pocket. Statista notes that the average person will spend nearly $850 per person in their immediate family for Christmas gifts. Seeing your recipient’s eyes light up when they open their gifts makes it well worth it; a car title loan can make it happen. Take out only what you need with a bad credit loan, and the experts at Midwest Title Loans will help you set up a payment plan you’re comfortable with.

    Cover New Year’s Eve Expenses with a Title Loan

    Whether you’re attempting to be the host with the most, or you’re planning on showing up fashionably late to the celebration, New Year’s Eve is often overlooked as a holiday with expenses. Think about it - you’ll probably spend money on a new outfit with sequins, a bottle of champagne, a car to get safely home, and a lovely meal. Or, you might throw a party at home with your family, where you’ll need to provide refreshments to be a good host. Regardless of how you celebrate, there’s a price tag associated. When you decide how you will spend New Year’s Eve, factor in the amount of fast cash you will need to cover the costs of your celebration. A car title loan is an easy way to cover the expenses and help you celebrate in style.

    Pay Your Holiday Bills with Fast Cash in Kansas City

    So how can you use a title loan to conquer the upcoming costs of the holiday season? Fast cash in the Kansas City area is available same-day, and you can take as little as you need or as much as you’re approved for. Getting a car title loan is fast, flexible, easy and convenient at Midwest Title Loans, with locations in Kansas City, MO; Kansas City, KS; Overland Park, KS; and Gladstone, MO. Qualifying for a bad credit loan is easy. Just bring your car and it’s clear title to one of our locations, and our expert team will let you know the loan amount you qualify for. Go ahead: make plans for the holidays, and then mark your calendar to visit Midwest Title Loans to fund it all.

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    Loans for People with Fixed Incomes

    How Car Title Loans Can Help You with Unexpected Expenses

    loans for fixed incomes Things happen. It’s not uncommon or even unique that your washing machine and stove both stopped working within the same week. Don’t worry, you’re not cursed; it’s just what happens when life doesn’t go your way -- and quite frankly, it can be painful. It can hurt your wallet and it can stall your plans and goals. But Midwest Title Loans is here to help make sure that these speedbumps don’t get in the way of your ability to keep going and keeping moving forward with everything you have going! We’re in the day and age of busy. Nonstop on the go, and when something goes wrong, it can feel like we ran straight into a brick wall. How will you get the kids to practice after work when your radiator dies? How will you afford rent next month if you have to replace the refrigerator? We don’t want your life to pause because of a financial liability, and that’s why we offer quick cash and short-term loans for anyone who has a car title.

    What is a fixed income?

    A fixed income refers to a monthly pay that never varies. For one circumstance or another, a person cannot improve their income. The most common fixed incomes are when a person’s only source of income is from a disability or social security check; it is typically only enough to cover basic living expenses, leaving little room to bolster a savings account or set aside cash in case of an emergency. This can also be the situation for someone living off of their retirement, depending on what their investment situation is. That’s where a car title loan comes in.

    How can a title loan help me deal with unexpected expenses?

    A fixed income can often mean that there’s no wiggle room for emergencies. It can be difficult to qualify for a typical loan when you’re living with a fixed income because traditional lenders are wary to lend money to you. Unfortunately, low credit scores and fixed incomes can sometimes go hand-in-hand, and a bank lender will always check your credit score. Midwest Title Loans, in Kansas City, Overland Park, and Gladstone, works with people on fixed incomes or who have overall bad credit by issuing title loans so they can get the cash they need. Car title loans are short-term cash infusions that you can use to address the financial situation you find yourself in. They’re typically based on the value of the vehicle you bring in the car title for.

    How does a title loan help with emergency cash needs?

    There are a million reasons you could need cash fast. What if your air conditioning goes out in the middle of a Kansas City summer, or if your dog eats something they shouldn’t have, landing you in the emergency veterinarian’s office. At Midwest Title Loans, we understand that people come to us in their hour of need, and we’re always happy to help. What we do is actually pretty simple. First, you’ll answer a few questions for us and provide your photo ID and clear car title with no other liens. Then, we’ll evaluate the value of your vehicle, hand you the cash you need, and hang onto your title as you drive away with your keys, in your car. Now, you have the money you need to help your grandchild go to camp, fix an appliance in your home, or renew your car registration. We’ll hold the title as collateral until you’re able to pay back the loan. Depending on the value of your vehicle, car title loans are typically structured on a 60-day renewable contract. Depending on the value of your vehicle and your ability to repay us, you can get the cash you need fast with a short-term title loan from one of our locations in Kansas City, Overland Park, or Gladstone.

    Can a title loan help with an unexpected medical cost?

    If you’ve been putting off visiting the dentist’s office or running tests at the doctor’s office for fear of what they’ll find and not being able to afford treatment, put your fears at ease. Pursuing regular medical check-ups is key to not running into any large and unexpected medical costs. If you’re suffering from pain and aren’t able to financially cover living pain-free because of the exponential costs of the healthcare system, or if you find yourself facing mounting medical bills that your fixed income won’t be able to cover, fast cash from Midwest Title Loans can help you cover those costs and catch up on your medical bills until you receive your next check.

    How much cash can I get to help me with my unexpected costs on a fixed income?

    The amount of quick cash you qualify for depends entirely on the make, model, year, and condition of your vehicle -- which, together, determine its worth! You can get an estimate of the amount of car title loan you qualify for by using the calculator on our website. Newer make and model vehicles will typically qualify for larger short-term loans than older vehicles, but to get your specific qualifying amount, our loan specialists at each of our locations will be able to evaluate your vehicle and provide you with an accurate quote.

    What do I need to do to get fast cash with a car title loan near me?

    First, you’ll need a lien-free vehicle. Lien-free means you don’t owe a bank any more money on the car that you own -- that it’s your car, outright. If your car is free of liens, you probably have your car title document put away somewhere. Get it out of your storage drawer or filing cabinet, and bring it with you when you apply for your car title loan in Kansas City. Next, bring in your car, its title, and your photo ID to the Midwest Title Loans location closest to you. Through our quick and confidential process, you can be approved for a cash loan to help you tackle any unexpected expense. If you need the process to go even faster, you can fill out our pre-approval form online before you visit us. When you pay back your loan you’ll get your title back! Ready to take out a car title loan? Contact us with any questions, then come in and see us!

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    Fall Home DIY Projects that Title Loans Can Help You Pay For

    Car Title Loans Can Fund Home Improvement in Kansas City

    Title loans, which give you cash in hand fast, are the perfect way to get the capital you need to make improvements on your home, even if you have bad credit! Because Midwest Title Loans provides short-term loans, it’s smart to use that quick cash to make improvements that can be seen as an investment on your home. Improving the overall value of your home for potential buyers and appraisal professionals is always a good idea. Things like curb appeal and proper maintenance of your home can improve the worth of your home, and of your neighbors’. Fall is the perfect time to invest in your home, as there are several things that you’ll want to do to prepare for winter anyway. Here in Kansas City, we can have winters with lots of snow and ice, causing damage to gutters, roofs, driveways and even our foundations. At Midwest Title Loans, we’ve come up with four great DIY home projects that a car title loan could fund to improve your home. title loan for DIY project

    Pay for Gutter Repair and Gutter Guards with Your Bad Credit Loan

    With fall just around the corner, the leaves on our big trees will start to fall and accumulate in yards and on roofs and begin filling gutters. Installing gutter guards on your home can help prevent wet leaves from weighing your gutters down, causing them to sag, get clogged, or break. To install gutter guards, you’ll just need to purchase them from your local hardware store in Overland Park, Kansas City, or Gladstone. Then, grab your ladder to access your roof, and follow the instructions on the product you purchased. All of this can be paid for with quick cash from a title loan near you because it’s a very affordable upgrade. Don’t forget to clean your gutters out before installing the gutter guards, and then look forward to that being the last time you need to extensively clean your gutters!

    Use a Title Loan to Pay for Appliance Maintenance

    Fall is a great time to get your major appliances inspected. You’re about to turn on your furnace for the first time in months and simultaneously shut off your air conditioner. It’s best to make sure they’re in great shape, and it’s much less expensive to perform annual maintenance on your appliances than to perform large repairs or buy new ones if something breaks down, especially if you have bad credit. To put it into perspective, you might pay $300 for HVAC maintenance, but a whole-new system will cost you up to $10,000! You don’t want your furnace (or air conditioner) to stop working because you forgot to keep up on maintenance on one of those days with extreme Kansas City weather. For example, don’t suffer through those blizzards that always seem to fall on Sunday night! When you have an expert come out to inspect your appliances, they’ll perform recommended maintenance, and you can use your title loan quick cash to make the necessary repairs.

    Get Your Roof Repaired with Your Fast Cash in Kansas City

    Your roof’s condition and improvements can hold advantages that are both practical and that will benefit the overall curb appeal of your home. First, consider when your roof was installed. Most roofs tend to hit the end of their lifeline between 20-30 years and may need to be replaced entirely. If that’s the case, consider hiring a professional to ensure the installation is high-quality and will protect both your home and your family. If it’s less than 20 years old, you can look for things like water spots inside your home and on the eaves that can be indicative of water getting under your shingles in the wrong places. Typically, a repair like this can be a DIY improvement. You simply need to remove the damaged shingles and moisture barriers and replace them with new ones. It’s important to look at making this improvement before our midwest winter sets in to avoid this becoming something bigger than a DIY project. Grab a ladder and hop onto your roof to inspect the rest of your shingles and flashing. Look around for damaged shingles and any that may not be fully secured. Sometimes the strong winds in Gladstone and Overland Park can cause the edges of our shingles to pop up or will remove shingles entirely. Some quick cash from a title loan should be enough to help you fix these minor issues before the elements of winter move in to cause more damage.

    Maintaining your Foundation

    Depending on which neighborhood of the Kansas City metro you’re in, your foundation may vary. You might have a regular concrete basement, or a dirt crawl space, or, in a very old house, stone! While each of these foundations can pose its own problems, the constantly shifting ground in the area forces us to be vigilant in monitoring what’s holding up our home. To keep an eye on your foundation’s condition, you can do a “fall walk around” of your home. Stroll around the interior and exterior of your home to check for cracks and moisture that wasn’t previously there. Check to make sure the ground around your home is directing water away from your foundation and basement. If you have a major foundation issue, a DIY fix probably won’t be your best bet. But for minor, aesthetic cracking, you can fix them and seal your foundation to prevent moisture in your basement, keep out pests, and leave your foundation in good shape. You can also use your title loan to do things on the exterior of your foundation, like install french drains or grade your yard to encourage water to flow away from your foundation and maintain the integrity of your home. Most of these changes can be DIY projects that are perfect for completing in the fall.

    Where to Find a Title Loan Near You

    If DIY home projects are on the brain, or if you’re looking to improve the value of your home, but need funding, it’s easy to get a car title loan in Kansas City, Overland Park, or Gladstone. Midwest Title Loans has been serving the greater Kansas City area for decades by providing quick cash for home improvements just like the ones we mention above. Bring in your clear car title today, and we’ll let you know how much quick cash you qualify for. You can walk away with the money you need to perform necessary home maintenance! Find a Midwest Title Loans location today, and get started on your fall projects!

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    Can I Get a Title Loan While I’m on Unemployment?

    How to Get Fast Cash in the Kansas City Metro Area

    The coronavirus pandemic has brought on an onslaught of lost jobs and unemployment, leaving plenty of people who were living paycheck to paycheck in dire need of cash. Even those who had a savings account are starting to feel the pangs of being jobless month after month. Times are tough, and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel just yet. Planning for expenses seems daunting, and sometimes hopeless. For those who find themselves in a tough spot before their next unemployment check or payday, Midwest Title Loans can help. title loans while on unemployment

    How Do I Qualify for a Title Loan Near Me?

    In the Kansas City metro area, qualifying for a title loan is as simple as owning your car. Lucky for you, you haven’t been paying on a car loan during the pandemic. That’s how you’ll know that you own your car outright, and there’s not a lien on your car through a bank somewhere. If, however, you do owe a bank money on your car, you won’t qualify for fast cash with a title loan. If you do own your car, you’ll need to locate your car title. We’ll need this document to verify your ownership, and certify the title loan. You’ve probably filed away your car title in a folder or security box somewhere. Once you’ve located that document, you’re halfway there. To qualify for a title loan, you’ll also need a government-issued ID. If you own a car, you probably have a driver’s license that will work for this identification. If you don’t have a valid driver’s license, you can also use a U.S. passport or a state-issued photo ID to qualify for your car title loan. Both of these documents become your ticket for securing a car title loan for a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars. You don’t need to bring along anything else! So, in short, we have good news for you. At Midwest Title Loans, you can get a title loan while you’re on unemployment!

    How Much Quick Cash Can I Get?

    The amount of quick cash you qualify for is dependent solely on your car. We don’t take a look at your credit, which makes our services often the only option for people who need a bad credit loan. We don’t look at your payment history, or verify your employment. And because of this lack of background check, this means you don’t have to fill out nearly as much paperwork as you would for a traditional loan -- and no, we won’t need the middle name and blood type of your third aunt removed. A car title loan is private and confidential, and no one but you and us will know you’ve applied. At Midwest Title Loans, we’ll take a look at the make, model, year, and condition of your vehicle. We’ll consider all of these factors when we determine how large of a loan you will be able to secure, as well the amount of money you tell us you need.

    What About a Flex Loan?

    If you’re looking for a more regular solution to your cash flow troubles, a flex loan might be right for you. A flex loan works in a similar fashion to a title loan, using your car as collateral for a loan balance. The difference between a flex loan versus a title loan is that a flex loan grants you a total amount that you can borrow against, but you don’t have to take the total amount all at once. You can take what you need, as you need it, pay it off, and borrow it again. To get a flex loan, you’ll just need to go through the application process one time at the beginning and learn your qualifying amount. For a flex loan, you will need verification of employment, such as a letter from your employer, to qualify. Then any time you need cash, you can call our office and let us know how much you need to borrow from your line of credit, and we’ll have it ready when you arrive. Flex loans have a daily interest rate until the amount is paid back, but the rate is only applied to the cash you need to take out and use. For example, if you have a bill due several days before pay day, you can borrow from a flex loan and then pay it back on pay day with only a few days’ worth of interest. This option is helpful if you find yourself still employed, but short on cash because shifts are fewer, shorter, or slower.

    What Do I Need To Do To Get Quick Cash?

    To get started on the path to securing a car title loan, fill out our information form online. Answering a few quick questions will make your normally quick visit to Midwest Title Loans even quicker. If you don’t have access to a computer that you can fill out the form on, or you just don’t have time before you swing by one of our locations in Overland Park or Gladstone, that’s OK -- you can fill it out when you’re ready to come by one of our locations throughout the Kansas City metro area. If you have all of the above mentioned documentation, you’re qualified for a car title loan with Midwest Title Loans, even if you’re currently on unemployment. You’ll need to bring in all of these documents, along with the car associated with your car title to complete the application to one of our locations in Kansas City, Overland Park, or Gladstone to complete the application process. Even without filling out the form in advance, the process for gaining approval on your quick cash loan normally takes only 20 to 30 minutes. That’s why they call it quick cash! Come by one of our locations today to get started on your car title loan.

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    Three Short-Term Loan Options that Can Help in an Emergency

    Find Fast Cash Near You in the Kansas City Area

    Emergencies don’t get their name because they’re predictable. They’re called emergencies because they require quick action and quick thinking, and no one saw them coming. Everyone will face at least one emergency at some point in their lives, and often that emergency requires some form of payment, to get medical care, to pay an unexpected bill, or to make an important and necessary purchase. Navigating an emergency can be tricky if it requires money that you don’t have in that moment. And getting cash fast seems like a thing that only happens in the movies or our imaginations. However, in Kansas City, Missouri and surrounding areas, getting fast cash is completely possible in as little as 20 minutes, thanks to Midwest Title Loans. short-term loans If you need money quickly, Midwest Title Loans offers three loan programs that can help you get what you need and get on with your life.

    Kansas City Installment Loans

    “Installment loan” is another term for a personal loan, or any loan that is repaid with regularly scheduled payments in consistent amounts. Car loans and mortgages are considered installment loans, but often those require you to have a good credit history. If you don’t have great credit, or maybe you’ve made some financial mistakes in the past, you can still get an installment loan from Midwest Title Loans. We offer two installment loan options for people with challenged credit. The first is a collateralized loan, where you are borrowing money in order to make a purchase, such as a car, computer, or kitchen appliances. The item you buy using the loan becomes the collateral for the loan. The second type of installment loan is a non-collateralized loan. This is a personal loan that doesn’t require putting up an item for collateral. It is given based on your ability to repay the loan. Non-collateralized loans may have higher interest rates because of the lack of collateral. Many people use this type of loan to consolidate debt or pay off urgent bills before they go into collections. When you take out an installment loan from us, we’ll set up a monthly payment plan, in which each payment includes a portion of the original amount of the loan, plus interest your loan has accrued. The amount you must pay each month depends on how much money you need to borrow, the interest rate we can give you for the loan, and the length of time you choose to have the loan, sometimes called the loan term. You will agree upon all of these during the application and approval process; we will never surprise you with this information. To apply for and qualify for an installment loan in Kansas City, you must first complete a brief credit application, indicating why you need the loan and the amount of money you need. All loan applicants must be 18 or older and are required to provide proof of employment. Once you are approved, one of our loan advisors will discuss your loan with you and help you choose your loan term and calculate the amount you can afford to pay back each month. When you sign the paperwork, you can leave our 85th and Wornall location with your money in hand!

    Car Title Loans in Missouri and Kansas

    A car title loan is very simple. It’s a short-term loan that uses the title of your car as collateral. It doesn’t require any credit checks, so it doesn’t matter what your credit score is. To qualify for a title loan, you must be at least 18 years old and bring your car in for an evaluation with its lien-free title in your name. We’ll ask you a few questions to complete an application for you (or you can complete it online yourself before you come in). When you’re approved for the loan, sometimes in as little as 20 minutes, you can leave with the cash and drive away in your car. While your loan is active, we’ll hang onto your car title. You can continue driving your vehicle in the meantime, and when you pay off your title loan, we’ll return your car title. A title loan is the most common loan we process at our four Midwest Title Loans locations.

    Flex Loans Near Waldo in Kansas City

    A flex loan, like a car title loan, uses your car title as collateral. However, it is structured more like a line of credit, which allows you to borrow money against your car title any time you need it, up to the limit we discuss when you take out the loan. When you’re approved for the loan, you’ll receive a credit limit which you can borrow against any time, as often as you need to. You never have to borrow the full amount, and you pay a daily interest rate only on the money you’ve borrowed for the length of time you’ve borrowed it. Unlike a car title loan which changes to a “closed” status when you pay it back, a flex loan remains open. You can borrow money again and again without filling out a new application or providing us with additional information. When you need money from your flex loan line of credit, just call us to let us know how much you need, and we’ll get your cash ready for you to pick up at your convenience. You can take out a flex loan at our location at 330 W. 85th Street in Kansas City.

    Get Emergency Money in Gladstone and Overland Park

    If you find yourself short on cash during an emergency, visit one of our four Midwest Title Loans locations across the Kansas City metropolitan area. In as little as 20 minutes, you can leave with the money you need to take care of the emergency you’re facing. We work with all our clients to ensure they can comfortably pay back any loan they borrow from us. Because we’re focused on customer service and helping people in the Kansas City area, our reputation as one of the best short-term loan providers is well-deserved! Come see us at 85th and Wornall in Kansas City, Missouri; 82nd and Metcalf in Overland Park; at State Avenue and Washington Boulevard in Kansas City, Kansas; or NE 64th Street and N. Oak Trafficway in Gladstone to learn how we can help you get the money you need and deserve.

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    Cover Back-to-School Expenses with a Title Loan in Kansas City

    Upfront College and Other Education Costs Can Be Paid with a Short-Term Loan

    Although Kansas City Public Schools don’t plan to head back to class until after Labor Day, and even then, children will attend classes virtually, school supplies are still a necessity, especially for those planning to head off or back to college at the University of Kansas, University of Missouri-Kansas City, University of Central Missouri, or Johnson County Community College. Changes to learning structure can also mean your child needs additional supplies and support to be successful in the 2020-2021 school year. If you weren’t able to plan ahead to save money to cover the costs, but back-to-school time, even virtually, is nearing, you’ll need to find a way to pay for these very important materials. title loan in Kansas City A car title loan in Kansas City can help you pay for school supplies and college fees while you’re between paychecks or short on cash, so your child is set up for success for the coming school year. Midwest Title Loans, with four convenient locations in the metro area, can help you get cash fast.

    How a Title Loan Works

    Taking out a short-term car title loan is quite simple. Just bring your vehicle, it’s lien-free title, and your photo ID to a Midwest Title Loans location in Overland Park, KS; Kansas City, MO; Kansas City, KS; or Gladstone, MO. After a few quick questions and vehicle evaluation, you can walk away with cash in your hand based on the value of your vehicle, the amount of money you need, and your monthly budget. Our car title loans are 60-day renewable contracts, so you have 60 days to repay your loan or renew for a second term, and you get to keep your car. If you need more than 60 days to pay back your loan principal and interest, we are happy to work with you to extend your loan term. Almost anyone can qualify for a title loan. All you need is to be at least 18 years of age or older and possess a clear, lien-free title to a car you own, a photo ID, and your vehicle. Learn more about how to get a title loan.

    How a Title Loan Can Help You Pay for School

    Depending on the value of your car and your monthly budget, you could leave a Midwest Title Loans location with a significant amount of cash in your pocket! How you spend it is totally up to you. But if back-to-school costs are your focus, here are a few great ideas you can use your new cash to pay for. Tuition deposits or room and board deposits. The average U.S. college costs almost $18,000 per academic year to attend. Many students qualify for scholarships, student loans, and grants, but families can still be left to pay a deposit on their tuition and room and board fees. A car title loan could get you enough money to pay these fees and hold your college student’s place at their selected university for the year. Basic school supplies. It seems that school supply lists, even in elementary school, get longer and longer every year. As your student approaches upper grades, they may even need pricier supplies, like a scientific calculator, a more sturdy backpack, or additional items for elective classes that pique their interest. Even a small title loan can cover much of these costs, and you can check off the boxes next to every supply on your student’s list. Back-to-school clothes or school uniforms. Two things are absolutely true: children don’t stop growing, and fashions don’t stop changing! A short-term loan from Midwest Title Loans can help you purchase clothes and school uniforms to refresh your child’s wardrobe. A title loan is also a great option if you need to outfit all your children in new sneakers or boots and winter coats as colder temperatures roll around. What worked in the heat of summer, just won’t cut it in cold Kansas City winters. Personal computers, laptops, or tablets. Especially if your child will be taking part in virtual learning, having their own computer or tablet to use as they log in to Zoom meetings with their teacher or professor, as well as the technology to use educational apps or complete homework can keep them on-task and learning at grade-level. College students may need to purchase additional software for their degree programs, especially if they’re pursuing fields like graphic design, accounting, or architecture. Your title loan could cover the purchase price of these. College textbooks. You’re a smart shopper and know to find used textbooks outside of the university bookstore, especially on used book websites. But even then, the cost of multiple discount textbooks still add up, and your student needs all of them to master the knowledge in their courses. Athletics fees. School athletic programs tend to ask for monetary contributions from the student-athletes’ families to pay for uniforms, bus trips, and other necessities. Your car title loan can help fund your child’s athletic team and let them enjoy camaraderie with their teammates instead of sitting on the sidelines.

    Where Can You Find a Car Title Loan in Gladstone and the Surrounding Area?

    Midwest Title Loans has been a fixture in Kansas City for more than two decades, and we’re easy to find, too. To apply for a title loan and walk away with quick cash today in the KC area, visit our locations at 330 W. 85th Street in Kansas City, MO; 6420 N. Oak Trafficway in Gladstone, MO; 8212 Metcalf Avenue in Overland Park, KS; or 2500 State Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas. To make the process even faster, you can fill out our info sheet online in advance of your visit. One of our finance experts will walk you through the process and help you get the money you need for back-to-school expenses to set your children up for success. You can leave with cash in your pocket in as little as 20 minutes! We look forward to meeting you and providing solutions to your financial needs.

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    Ways to Spend Your Flex Loan This Summer

    Your Kansas Line of Credit Can Fund Important Purchases

    There are no rules about how you should spend your flex loan from Midwest Title Loans this summer. How you use your cash is up to you -- and we know all of our clients have a good reason for requesting a loan. We’ve compiled a list of common ways our valued clients use their money so you can get an idea about how a flex loan might benefit you. First, let’s discuss the basics!

    Flex Loans in Kansas City, Kansas

    A flex loan is technically a line of credit that you are approved for based on the value of your car and your ability to pay back a loan based on your income and monthly budget. Like a car title loan, a flex loan uses your clear car title as collateral for the loan. Flex loan lines of credit let you borrow up to a certain limit whenever you need money. You can borrow the full amount of credit we extend to you, or you can borrow smaller amounts. As you pay back the money you’ve borrowed through your flex loan, you increase your available credit, until it reaches its full amount when you pay it off. flex loans You can leave your account open with us and borrow cash against your line of credit at any point without having to reapply or seek approval for a new loan. Just call us before you visit one of our Kansas locations and we’ll have your money ready for you when you arrive. Qualifying for a flex loan is simple. Even if you have bad credit or a scarred credit history, you can still be approved for a loan at Midwest Title Loans, where we never check your credit. To get a Kansas flex loan, you must be at least 18 years old, show us your valid photo ID, provide proof of employment, and bring both a drivable vehicle and its lien-free title in your name when you apply.

    Interest on Flex Loans in Overland Park, KS

    Interest on flex loans is calculated on a daily rate, but you only pay interest on the amount of money you’ve borrowed, for the duration of your loan. For example, if you borrow money for one week, and pay it back with your next paycheck, you are only charged interest for the week you borrowed the money. When you pay back money you borrow, your line of credit remains available to you, interest-free, should you need cash at a later date. You can borrow from your line of credit over and over again, and only pay interest on the amount of money you have out at any given time.

    Spending Your Flex Loan

    Not sure if a flex loan is right for you? Here are some ways our clients use the cash they get from us to improve their lives. Home repairs. Patching a roof, putting down new flooring in a bedroom, or retiling the shower stall can be surprise necessities that you simply weren’t prepared to pay for, but are important for safety and comfort at home. Small-scale home repairs can be taken care of with cash from a flex loan. Car repairs. Car breakdowns never happen at a good time. And if you’re a family, sometimes you need more than one car to get the kids where they need to go while simultaneously going to work yourself. Solving that scheduling problem with only one vehicle can be a nightmare, so repairing your household’s second vehicle becomes urgent! Replacing appliances. If your stove or washing machine is broken beyond repair, it’s important that the appliance is replaced quickly so you can resume your daily life. Unfortunately, appliances like these can cost several hundred dollars upfront, while running them saves you thousands per year because you don’t have to dine out every day or go to a laundry center to wash your clothes. Medical bills. When you’re sick or injured, you don’t have the option to not seek medical care if you want to continue working and living your life. Expensive medical bills can make you feel sicker just thinking about them, but a flex loan can cover a monthly medical payment when your paycheck just can’t stretch any further after being sick and missing work. Furnishing a nursery. Congratulations! You’re expecting a new baby! But that baby will need a place to sleep, and you’ll need furniture to get the nursery set up for your baby’s arrival. If your child’s due date is just around the corner, and you need to get nursery furniture fast, a flex loan is a good option. High utility bills. Summer heat can be unbearable in Kansas, so turning on the air conditioner is a welcome reprieve -- until you get your electricity bill. If your utility bills are unexpectedly high and your regular take-home pay won’t cover them, a short-term loan can help you keep your lights on. Registering your vehicle. If your car registration is expiring and you need to renew your registration and license, a short-term flex loan can cover those fees when you’re short on cash. Making up for cut hours. If your work hours were cut this week, but you know you’ll have plenty of overtime next week to make up for it, a short-term loan bridges the gap between paychecks and relieves your financial stressors.

    Choose Midwest Title Loans When You Need Fast Cash

    When you need to borrow money, don’t waste time talking to multiple traditional lenders who will turn you down repeatedly. Come to Midwest Title Loans! For almost 25 years, we’ve helped Kansas residents get the money they need and established a reputation of trust in the area. If you’re ready to solve a financial problem with a short-term loan, contact us today, or visit us in-person at our office in Overland Park on Metcalf Avenue at W. 82nd Street or Kansas City, KS on State Avenue at North Washington Boulevard.

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    Can You Get a Flex Loan with Bad Credit?

    Short-Term Loans in Kansas City, KS

    When you’re on a tight budget, perhaps living paycheck to paycheck, having extra cash available when you need it would be life-changing. If you live in Overland Park or Kansas City, KS, a flex loan is there for you to cover unexpected bills, make special purchases and fund important life events. When you take out a flex loan, you’re eligible to receive quick cash when you need it and will only pay interest on the money you borrow for the duration of time you borrow it. Ready to learn more about how this short-term loan option can help you?

    What is a Flex Loan?

    Like a car title loan, a flex loan is a short-term loan structured like a line of credit and uses your car title as collateral. flex loan in Kansas With a flex loan, you get a credit limit to borrow against as you need the money. You don’t have to borrow the full amount all at once, but you can if you need to. As you pay down the money you’ve borrowed from your flex loan, you are increasing the amount of your available credit the next time you need cash fast. Kansas flex loans are based on a daily interest rate, and you only pay interest on the amount of money you’ve borrowed for the duration of time you’ve borrowed it. If you only need money for a few days, you only pay interest for those few days between withdrawing the money and depositing your payment. A flex loan allows you to leave your loan status “open,” to keep the money in your line of credit available to you even once you’ve paid it back in full. If you need money again, you can borrow cash without filling out additional paperwork or re-applying.

    How Is a Flex Loan Different from a Car Title Loan?

    A traditional car title loan, like a flex loan, uses your car as collateral. However, you must apply each time you need a title loan, even if your job and car are exactly the same as they were when you were granted prior loans. A flex loan, however, gives you flexible loan terms and durations, and allows you to borrow the same money as many times as you need without re-applying, as long as you pay back the money you’ve borrowed.

    Who Qualifies for a Flex Loan?

    Because Midwest Title Loans does not conduct credit checks on loan applicants and accepts your lien-free car title as collateral, anyone who is able to pay back a loan is eligible to take out a flex loan. Even if you have poor credit, or haven’t yet established credit, you can take out a flex loan in Kansas. To get approved for a flex loan, you will need to provide some simple pieces of documentation to the loan officer you’re working with at Midwest Title Loans. When you apply, you’ll need:
    • A drivable vehicle, which we will evaluate
    • A lien-free title to the vehicle, in your name
    • A valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license
    • Verification of your income, such as pay stubs
    You also must be at least 18 years of age or older to qualify for a short-term loan from Midwest Title Loans. If you can meet our very simple criteria, you can be approved for a flex loan, despite your credit score. At Midwest Title Loans, we don’t believe your credit score should define you or your ability to take out a loan when you need money. Traditional lenders rely heavily on the number assigned to you by the big four credit reporting agencies to determine whether you’re fit to work with them on a loan. But we know the truth: your credit score alone does not accurately determine whether you should receive a loan and whether you are able to pay back that loan. If you’ve ever been denied for a loan by a bank or credit union, you know how frustrating it is to leave empty-handed. We’re putting a stop to disappointing and frustrating experiences like that by offering these flex loan options for residents of Kansas.

    When Can I Borrow Money?

    Once you’ve been approved for a flex loan, and we’ve established a line of credit for you, you can borrow cash whenever you need it without reapplying for each loan. If you leave your account in “open” status, you can re-borrow up to your credit limit every time you need quick cash in Kansas City. We ask that you call ahead to let us know, and we will have your money ready for you when you arrive at one of our Midwest Title Loans locations in Kansas.

    Are There Rules About How I Can Spend My Loan?

    Our philosophy is that once you take out a cash loan from us, that money is yours to do with as you wish. We do not track how our valued clients spend their hard-earned money and believe that if you felt you had a good reason to take out a flex loan, then that reason is good enough for us. Many of our clients use flex loans to make home or auto repairs, purchase a new appliance, fund holiday gifts, pay medical bills, or buy furniture and supplies for a new baby when their regular paycheck just won’t cut it. Of course, the possibilities are endless, and how you spend your flex loan is up to you.

    Where Can I Find a Flex Loan Near Me?

    If you need to take out a flex loan, always go to a company that’s been in service in the area for years. An established, well-respected loan company will treat you like a person, be empathetic to your situation, and empower you to achieve your financial goals. That’s why Midwest Title Loans is the right choice for people living near Kansas City and Overland Park. Learn more about our flex loans online, or visit us in person at our Kansas locations at 8212 Metcalf Avenue in Overland Park, or 2500 State Avenue in Kansas City.

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    What is an Installment Loan and Where Can I Get One?

    Qualify for a Bad Credit Loan in Kansas City

    Making a large purchase, like a car, or paying down credit card debt seems like an insurmountable task for people with a checkered credit history. Personal loans from traditional lenders in Kansas City, like banks or credit unions, can be difficult to qualify for if you have a high debt-to-income ratio or a low credit score. Getting out of a financial hole requires careful planning and balancing your monthly budget. And without a loan, purchasing a vehicle or consolidating debt can be impossible. However, you can secure a longer-term loan, even with poor credit or no credit at all. Installment loans available at Midwest Title Loans at 85th and Wornall allow you to make regular monthly payments for up to 24 months to finance a purchase or pay off your credit cards and ultimately work toward achieving financial freedom.

    How Does an Installment Loan Work?

    The term “installment loan” is just a fancy term for a personal loan. Any loan that is repaid with regularly-scheduled payments and consistent payment amounts is technically an installment loan. That means funding like fixed-rate mortgages and auto loans are installment loans, too. They’re a perfectly normal and widely-accepted means of getting money when you need it. There are two kinds of installment loans you can get, even with bad credit. The first is a collateralized loan. With this type of loan, you must be borrowing money to make a purchase, such as a vehicle, for example. The item you are purchasing with the loan becomes collateral for the loan. Non-collateralized loans, conversely, are personal loans that do not require you to put up anything for collateral, and are given solely based on your ability to repay the loan. Often, non-collateralized loans have slightly higher interest rates because there is a higher risk of non-payment. Commonly, non-collateralized personal loans are used for consolidating credit card debt or paying urgent, unexpected bills. installment loan Your payment on an installment loan goes toward repaying a portion of the principal, or original amount of the loan, and interest that your loan has accrued. Your monthly loan payment amount is determined based on the original amount of your loan, your loan’s interest rate, and the length, or term, of the loan that you choose during the application and approval process. If you’re seeking fast cash in Kansas City, an installment loan might be your best choice. To qualify for an installment loan from Midwest Title Loans, you must first fill out a credit application. You will need to indicate why you need the loan, as well as the amount of money you are seeking. We ask that all loan applicants be at least 18 years of age and provide proof of employment. After you apply and are approved, we will work with you to choose a loan term, or the number of months you have to pay back your loan, as well as the amount of each monthly payment. Our loan terms can be as little as a few weeks and up to 24 months. When we settle on loan terms and you sign your loan paperwork, we will provide you with your money. Then, you simply make your regular payments for the duration of your loan term. With an installment loan, there is no penalty if you pay it off early or make extra payments. You will only make payments and accrue interest while you have your loan. Although we do not report your title loan or payday loan to any credit bureau, like Equifax or Experian, we do let them know when you’ve taken out an installment loan and are repaying it on schedule. As you make regular payments on time and in full, you might see an improved credit score at the end of your loan term.

    Advantages of an Installment Loan

    Installment loans provide many advantages over short-term loan options, like payday loans or car title loans, namely because they can be tailored to fit your specific needs. For example:
    • You choose your monthly payment amount and loan term that will best work with your budget.
    • Monthly payment amounts never change, so there are no surprises during repayment.
    • Interest rates on installment loans tend to be lower than other types of loans, including credit cards.
    • Your credit score can increase as you long as you make on-time payments in full.
    The only real disadvantage of a long-term loan is that you will need to ensure you are ready to repay your funding over time. However, if you have steady employment and are comfortable making a monthly payment, this disadvantage is not an issue and can help you affordably and quickly overcome financial burdens, like high credit card bills.

    Can I Get a Loan with Bad Credit?

    The answer to this question depends on which lender you work with to apply for an installment loan in Kansas City, Missouri. If you speak to a loan officer at a bank, for example, their policies may require that you have a specific debt-to-income ratio or minimum credit score before they’ll consider extending credit to you. However, if you visit Midwest Title Loans, we are much more lenient about your credit history! We understand that just because your credit score isn’t perfect does not mean that you are unable to repay your loan. We want our valued clients to find the same financial peace as anyone else, because everyone deserves that feeling and stability! Come let us work with you to find the perfect installment loan options to fulfill your dreams.

    Who Offers Installment Loans Near Me?

    Midwest Title Loans has been operating in the Kansas City metro area for more than 25 years, and our friendly customer service means our clients come back to us when they need financing, as well as recommend us to their friends and family. Learn more about us. Ready to apply for an installment loan? Give us a call at 816-363-8600, or visit us at 330 W. 85th Street.

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