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    Get Back in the Green with a Car Title Loan

    How a car title loan from Midwest Title Loans can help you improve your credit score.

    improve credit with title loans The holidays are HARD on our finances. The friendly team members at Midwest Title loans can help you get back in good graces with your credit bureau with a car title loan and it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to get approved and cash in your hand fast. Because Midwest Title Loans is one of the oldest, largest, and most-respected title loan companies in the Kansas City area, you can trust us to help you through the process of receiving a car title loan without fuss. At Midwest Title Loans, there is no need for you to have good credit to get a car title loan. There is no need for a credit check when applying or even for being approved to get a quick cash loan. Your information is kept secure from major credit bureaus and even your bank, so your credit score will not be negatively affected by you receiving a car title loan from any company.

    What is a Car Title Loan?

    A car title loan from Midwest Title Loans is an easy way for you to get cash in your hands today without needing a perfect credit score. Getting a car title loan is also a simple way to improve your less than perfect credit score. Using the cash you borrow when obtaining a car title loan will not negatively affect your credit score because Select Title Loans does not do a credit check, and therefore does not report your application or approval to any major credit bureaus ever. After evaluating your vehicle’s value, walking you through an application and looking over your budget and monetary needs, your Midwest Title Loans representative and yourself will decide together how much money you can borrow with your car title loan. A car title loan uses your lien-free car title as collateral for the loan until you pay the full amount of the loan back - it’s low credit lending, so great for people with low, bad or no credit. Once the loan is completely paid off by you, you get your car title back.

    How a Car Title Loan Can Help You Improve Your Credit Score

    A quick cash loan from Midwest Title Loans can help improve your credit score by giving you the cash you need now to make payments on bills, student loans, and credit cards. By paying down those credit score obligations with cash now, means your credit score can start reflecting those on time payments. By having cash in your pocket quickly, you can also use the car title loan money on unexpected bills or emergency payments. When you have extra cash to spare, you do not have to use your credit cards and continue adding debt to those credit cards. Extra cash also means you have time to recover from any other emergency type situations you may have needed to use a credit card for; unemployment, bills stacking up, medical emergencies, natural disasters, emergency home repair, student loans, etc. Life comes at you fast, that is why getting money needs to be even faster. Your Midwest Title Loans representative will also walk you through your repayment process; when your payments will need to be paid, any rescheduling that you may need, and your final paid-in-full payment. Repayment schedules vary between each different person and each budget and each special situation. Since you do not need to have a perfect or even good credit score, Midwest Title Loans does not need to do a credit check and will only need to verify your ability to pay the loan back (with pay stubs and a steady employment history) and by using your lien-free car title as collateral for your loan, this means your information is not shared with any major credit bureaus or even your own bank.

    The Easy Car Title Loan Approval Process

    Getting a car title loan is easy and the experts at Midwest Title Loans are ready to help you and walk you through the entire process. All you need to begin the process is by bringing in your vehicle for an evaluation, also bringing in your lien-free car title and a photo ID, filling out an application, and chatting with your Midwest Title Loans team member about your monetary needs and ability to pay back the loan amount. Since Midwest Title Loans will use your vehicle’s lien-free title as collateral for your loan, there is no need for any type of credit check. Your information will always stay confidential, even from any major credit bureaus and your bank. Once you are approved for a car title loan, do not worry, you will be able to drive away in your own car while Midwest Title Loans holds on to your vehicle’s title as collateral for the loan you have borrowed. You will have your car and also the extra cash you need in your pocket in under 30 minutes.

    Paying Off Your Car Title Loan

    Paying off your car title loan is easy... that’s what this whole process is for! Once you have paid off the full amount of the loan, you will get your car title back and drive off! Everything is done. If you need more time than the allotted time frame agreed upon (usually around 30 days) then your Midwest Title Loans representative can help extend your loan. The team is dedicated to helping you and your situation and budget needs.

    Here’s How You Can Get Started on Improving Your Credit Score

    If you are ready to start your journey to improving your credit score, now is the time to contact our professionals at Midwest Title Loans in the Kansas City area. If you would like to get pre-approved today, you can start by filling out our online form here. If you have more questions about car title loans or the approval process, you can contact our team here or visit one of our Kansas City area locations.

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    Tips to Improve Your Personal Finances in 2021

    Enjoy Stress-Free Finances This Year with these Budgeting Tips from Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City

    title loans for personal finances While 2020 left a lot of us with financial strain and stress, 2021 feels like an opportunity to start fresh, set a solid foundation and start good habits. But, talking financials and budgets is overwhelming - and who knows where to start? Budgeting starts with simple foundations, but consistency is key. So take some of these budgeting tips, apply them to your day-to-day, and keep going to stay on top of it. By the end of 2021, you’ll be in much better shape than you started.

    Get Familiar With Your Expenses

    What are you paying every month? Every 6 months? Each year? Take into account everything that you know you’ll be spending money on - that has a “set” price. Consider rent, utilities, streaming services, insurance, etc. Write it all down so that you’re not surprised when you have a payment come out for an annual service. Pare everything down to how much it would cost you each paycheck. Do you get paid bi-weekly or monthly? Maybe you get paid weekly. All of your monthly costs would then be split into four. Annual costs would be split into 52 separate “payments”. How do things look? Is it a larger or smaller amount than you imagined? Now compare what you have coming in v what you have coming out. If you’ve broken everything down this far, you should have a direct comparison of what you’re spending and what you’re making. If you get to this point, and things are looking a little tight, this is your opportunity to evaluate if there’s anything that you can cut. Do you really need Netflix AND Hulu? Could a title loan help you create a bit more of a buffer? Now is the time to evaluate what’s best for your personal finance planning long-term.

    Know Your Credit Score

    If you don’t know your credit score, you don’t have a good handle on your financial health. Your credit score will be a baseline for whether or not you get loan approval for important purchases like your car or home, but it can also determine eligibility for some jobs who include credit in their background checks. Free credit check services like Experian, Equifax and Transunion will provide you a free update on your credit score several times per year, so that you can raise the flag if you see anything that doesn’t look right. Believe it or not, things that aren’t accurate can show up on and affect your credit score. If you stay on top of checking it regularly, you should be able to confront issues that arise in a timely manner and get them taken care of.

    Use Flex Loans or Title Loans in Kansas City to Pay Off High Interest Credit Cards

    Paying off all of your debt at once is an unreasonable ask, and usually unattainable - unless you think about taking on title loans! If you have a credit card that has a high interest rate, chances are, your debt is piling up. While all payments must go on, any extra payments or even if you have wiggle room to pay more than the minimum, should go to the debt you have that has the highest interest rate. Sometimes, that doesn’t feel like enough. Looking into a title loan that could help you pay off that large piece of debt in one lump sum, could save you a lot of money in the long-term. Paying off a high-interest debt quickly, will minimize the impact that the interest rate will have on you - and your credit. Flex loans give you the opportunity to borrow without putting debt on your credit card - with less effect on your credit. A flex loan acts like an open line of credit, so you can get approved, borrow and pay back as needed, much like a credit card. The difference is, credit bureaus don’t have access to your borrow and payment history with Midwest Title Loans like they would with a credit.

    Put Aside 10% For Savings

    After you’ve figured out what you spend and what you make, take a look and see if you can reasonably set aside 10 percent of your income to a savings account - to be used in case of emergencies. This could be in a savings account, a 401K or even just stashing cash away in a sock drawer. The important thing is that you’re saving. If you’ve outlined your expenses correctly for the year, this savings account can be saved for when your family is in need. Emergency medical expenses, opportunities that you didn’t know would come to you and your family, unexpected car problems. Saving is hard. Sometimes we get side-tracked, emergencies come up, and the holidays are hard on us. But, if you’re consistently putting money back, the hard times will get easier. The key to saving and being prepared in the harder times, is consistency in the better times. Dedicate 10 percent of each paycheck to an emergency-only fund; you’ll not only be creating an emergency account, you’ll create peace of mind for you and your family.

    Check In Monthly On Your Spending

    One of the best budgeting tips is: Do not let your bank account go for too long without checking in on how things are going. The best way to stay on top of your budget and be consistent, is to settle up every month. Track all of your expenses, put your 10% into savings, and pay all of your bills. Examine each month what you’ve spent and how you’ve spent it, and use that information to set groundwork for the next month. By setting a regular time to examine your personal finance, you’re able to look at bite-sized chunks that can be easier to process and evaluate. At this point, you can make adjustments where needed. Can you put a little more into savings? Can you cut back on ordering take-out? Did you get $15 out of your streaming service this month, or should you cut it off? Maybe you spent too much on to-go lattes, and your money would be better spent on an espresso machine? This is the time to make personal finance decisions and take control of your budget. So set a reminder on your calendar and get ready!

    Go Easy On Yourself

    Personal budgeting and personal finance planning is hard, especially when you’re starting from square one. You’re not perfect, and neither is your budget. Things happen. Just because you overspent one month, or forgot to add to savings, doesn’t mean your whole financial wellness has gone off the rails. It’s ok! Next month, get back on track. Everyone can have good financial health by practicing consistency and awareness. Give yourself a little grace to make mistakes, learn from them and improve your budgeting and financial wellness for the long run. If you started the new year in a financial bind, Midwest Title Loans is here to help you get the cash you need fast. Contact us today to get started with our simple lending process.

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    Quick Cash 101: Flex Loans vs. Short-Term Loans

    Know the Difference Between a Short Term Loan and a Flex Loan

    short term title loan Midwest Title Loans offers car title loans to everyone! You heard that right - everyone. If you need cash and you need it now, talk to the friendly professionals at Midwest Title Loans about car title loans today. If you are in the Overland Park or Kansas City Metro Area, you can get pre-approved for fast cash now. All you need is a government issued photo ID (such as a driver’s license or even a passport will work) and a clean car title to get cash in your hand ASAP.

    What is a Car Title Loan?

    A car title loan is simple to understand and even easier to get when you need cash now and you need cash fast. Simply put, a car title loan is a short term loan secured by the clean and lien-free title to your vehicle that puts cash in your pocket fast, when you need it the most. Applying for a car title loan is also easy - all you need is to bring in a government issued photo ID, as well as your car and your car title that is owned by you and also currently clean free of all liens. The on site service professionals at Midwest Title Loans will inspect your vehicle in a quick evaluation, when you are ready you can bring your vehicle into any one of our convenient Overland Park or Kansas City Metro locations here. This evaluation paired with your cash needs and your current budget will help the experts at Midwest Title Loans determine the amount they can loan you. Once you are approved, you will drive off in your own vehicle while MTL holds on to the title of your vehicle until you have paid off the final dollar to your loan. When you have paid off your short term car title loan, you will receive your car title back and the transaction is complete. The sweetest part of this is how fast the process is, because of the short term loan approval and no credit check, you can be on your way and out the door in less than 20 minutes with a pre-approval.

    What is a Short Term Loan?

    A short term loan is exactly what it sounds like; based on the evaluation of your vehicle, your budget, and how much cash you are qualified for, your short term loan will be able to be paid off within 60 days with a renewable contract. Chatting with a service representative will help determine if and when you would like to renew your contract, based on your personal situation.

    What is a Flex Loan?

    A flex loan is also a type short term loan, but flex loans are structured a bit differently in terms of acting like a line of credit with your car title as collateral. After you are approved for a flex loan, you will then receive a credit limit you can borrow as you need to. You do not have to borrow the full amount but it will be available to you. As you begin to pay down the money you have already borrowed, your available credit limit will continue to increase. The main difference between a flex loan and a normal short term loan is that your loan status will remain “open” in order to keep the money in your line of credit available for you when you need it. When more money is needed, it is ready for you and you do not need to worry about filling out any extra paperwork, getting your car title re-evaluated; there is no need to go through any of the application process again. When you need money from your flex loan credit line, all you need to do is call the team at Midwest Title Loans and let them know how much you need and your cash will be ready for when you arrive. Your flex loan is based on a daily interest rate, but you will only have to pay interest on the amount of money you have borrowed, for the length of time you have borrowed it. The interest rate will have no reflection from your overall credit limit. Getting approved for flex loans in Kansas City is the same as your normal car title loan, and flex loan requirements are simple. You will drive your car down to one of the convenient locations in Overland Park or near the Kansas City greater metro area, get it evaluated, fill out your information, speak with one of the on site friendly professionals, and have cash in hand, all in the same day and fast.

    Get Pre-Approved Today for Your Flex Loan or Short Term Loan

    Getting a flex loan is easy. If you believe that you are ready to apply for a car title loan in Overland Park or the Kansas City Metro Area, get started by completing our information sheet here. This info doc is super easy to fill out and will provide our experts at Midwest Title Loans with the information needed about you, your vehicle, and your ability to pay back your flex loan or short term loan. There is no need to check your credit, so you do not have to worry about your personal credit history. After completing the info sheet, one of our representatives will contact you to talk to you about the next steps needed in the approval process. On the other hand, if you need money today, you can visit one of our four locations in the Kansas City metro area, where our professionals there can process your loan quickly. Find Midwest Title Loans at: 330 W. 85th St, Kansas City, MO 64114 Phone: (816) 363-8600 6420 North Oak Trfwy Gladstone, MO 64118 Phone: (816) 436-7711 8212 Metcalf Ave. Overland Park, KS 66204 Phone: (913) 381-2222 2500 State Ave. Kansas City, KS 66102 Phone: (913) 281-9997 Do you have questions before you visit? Contact us to learn how you can get fast cash today in Kansas City.

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    Getting Flexible Cash with Flex Loans

    For Extra Cash, Try a Flex Loan from Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City

    flex loans in Kansas and Missouri The holidays have come and gone, and with them came increased spending on gifts, travel, and other expenses. If you’ve found yourself left in a financial bind thanks to the extra holiday spending, then you may be looking for quick ways to make a little extra cash. While there are many options available to you, one of the most straightforward solutions is a flex loan. Simply put, flex loans are short-term loans that act as a revolving line of credit. A line of credit is a loan that allows the borrower to draw amounts of money against the credit line up to a predetermined credit limit. The loan typically requires interest payments to be made at specified intervals (usually monthly) on the daily outstanding balance. Principal payments can be made at the borrower’s discretion whenever they have cash available, with the full amount to be paid back at the end of a specified term or based on specific events. During the period that the line of credit is open, the borrower can repay and re-borrow amounts up to the limit of the credit line.

    Types of Flex Loans

    There are different types of flex loans available from lenders, but all are usually tied to certain types of collateral. These flex spending loans are generally available at lower interest rates because this. Some businesses have flex loans that are collateralized by accounts receivable or inventory. In Kansas City, Midwest Title Loans is your top source for quick and easy flex loans. Specifically, we use your car title as collateral, which ensures low interest rates and flexible payment terms for you.

    Flex Loans vs. Car Title Loans

    While similar in nature, a flex loan isn’t quite the same as a car title loan, even when your title is used as collateral for the flex loan. A typical Kansas title loan is a specific loan made against the title of your vehicle and requires regular payments of principal and interest (usually weekly or monthly) to repay the amount of the loan within the specified term. When the loan is paid off, the loan account is closed, and if a borrower were to need additional funds they would have to go through the application and paperwork process to receive a new loan. A flex loan instead allows the approved borrower to receive fund advances when they need them up to their pre-approved credit limit. The borrower doesn’t need to borrow the full loan limit and can pay down the balance when they have money available. Interest is paid on the flex loan only against the outstanding balance - not against the total credit line (unless the full line is borrowed). Even if the borrower repays the line of credit in full, it remains open so that the borrower can withdraw funds again without having to go through any reapplication processes.

    How Do You Get a Kansas Flex Loan?

    The process for obtaining a flex loan is simple. The requirements are are simple and all you need to start the application process is
    • To be 18 years of age.
    • To have a drivable vehicle (which will be evaluated by Midwest Title Loans’ professionals).
    • To have a lien-free title to the vehicle in the your name
    • To have a valid current photo ID, such as a driver’s license
    • To have verification of income, such as current pay stubs or a letter from your employer.
    From there, the process is simple to get the extra cash you need from Midwest Title Loans. Unlike traditional lending options, there’s no credit check to pass, as your clear vehicle title is accepted as collateral and your proof of income shows your ability to repay the amount of the loan. A flex loan in Kansas provides a safe, alternative lending option for you to get the additional cash you need to make up for the holidays (or at any other time of year!). Give yourself the peace of mind found in knowing you have extra funds available for an emergency. We’ve got you covered at Midwest Title Loans. Give us a call today, or visit one of our four convenient locations in Gladstone, MO; Kansas City, MO; Kansas City, KS; and Overland Park, KS.

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    How Your Car Title Can Help Keep You in Your Home

    Car Title Loans in Kansas City Give You Extra Cash to Make Mortgage Payments

    car title loan in Kansas and Missouri We all understand the severe economic damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people are facing the threat of losing their homes and live month-to-month in a state of fear and anxiety. Now more than ever, people are in desperate need of some additional cash flow. While a second stimulus package is looming on the horizon, and the eviction moratorium put in place earlier in 2020 is set to be extended, many still find themselves facing critical financial hardships and feel that they have no options left.

    What is a Title Loan?

    One way to get extra cash quickly is through a car title loan. Although these loans sometimes get a bad rap, many people are unaware of what a title loan actually is and how it can help them when times are tough. These convenient loans can help you when they are short on cash for anything, including student loan paybacks, emergency household repairs, unexpected medical bills, and - you guessed it - mortgage payments. When it comes to low credit lending, many loans require a borrower to have something that the lender can use as collateral until the loan is repaid. In the case of a title loan, that collateral is your vehicle. The amount of cash you can receive depends on the value of your vehicle. Particularly for those who are credit challenged or who have fallen on hard times in the past, this type of loan can have many attractive features. For starters, it’s easier to get approval for a title loan, regardless of your credit history. Plus, these loans can be approved very quickly, so you get the cash you need faster. Instead of going through complex procedures and filling out piles of paperwork to receive a traditional loan, you only need your car title and a valid photo ID to be approved for a title loan. At Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City, we’re trying to throw a lifeline to people who are currently struggling to make their mortgage or rent payments. We know your past doesn’t always dictate your present and future, so we trust our borrowers to pay back their loan regardless of their credit history.

    Additional Benefits of Title Loans in Kansas City

    Title loans offer many features that make them stand out from traditional lending options. For example, you can get a title loan much more easily than you can get a loan from a traditional bank or lending service. While other lenders require a credit score check, perform background checks, and ask you for seemingly endless documents, a title loan simply requires you to have a valid car title and photo ID. If you can prove that you own the vehicle, you can receive a loan based on the value of your vehicle. This takes away the anxiety and fear that many people experience when a lender runs a credit check or asks for other proof of payment history. Another benefit is the speed at which title loans can be acquired. At Midwest Title Loans, we have systems in place that help you get the cash you need fast - usually within the same day! You can get the money you need to pay for expenses, such as your monthly mortgage loan payments, in as little as 20 or 30 minutes. This is especially useful for people experiencing a short-term emergency, like being evicted from their apartment or becoming subject to mortgage debt recovery from a bank. In the same way that title loans are quick to apply for, they’re also quick and easy to pay off when you get back on your feet. The duration of these loans is typically only for 15 to 30 days. This means you won’t have to worry about even more debt accumulating long-term. Instead, a Kansas title loan allows you to repay the loan as soon as you receive your next paycheck. This level of flexibility is especially important in the uncertain times we currently find ourselves in. A title loan could mean the difference between a family living on the streets or keeping their home. Lastly, the fact that less paperwork is required to receive a title loan makes the entire lending process quick and painless. Traditional banks and other lenders usually require extensive paperwork and information for someone to qualify for a loan, but title loans don’t require near the amount of paperwork. If you own a vehicle, have the title to that vehicle, and can provide a valid photo ID, this is almost always enough for you to receive the loan you need quickly.

    Easing Financial Hardships With Midwest Title Loans

    We don’t want short-term setbacks to impact your long-term wellbeing. Title loans are a great way to get the money you need quickly. Instead of waiting anxiously to see what additional relief measures may or may not come, a title loan can serve as a lifeline to protect you until you receive the funds you need to make payments on important things like their rent or mortgage. Visit Midwest Title Loans in Kansas and Missori - we have four convenient locations across the KC metro, and our teams of loan experts are ready to help you.

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    Thrive in Five: 5 Money-Saving Tips Heading into the New Year

    Set Yourself Up for Long-Term Financial Success with These Savings Tips

    money saving tips If there’s one thing 2020 taught us, it’s that having money saved up for unexpected circumstances is important. One of the smartest things we can do as a society is to learn from our mistakes. Don’t go into the new year with the same financial stress. Below are five easy money-saving tips that can go a long way in helping you achieve your financial resolutions.

    Eliminate Impulse Purchases

    If you’ve been dying for that one special thing and feel like you can resist no longer, may we suggest putting it in your online shopping cart and sleeping on it before making the purchase. Often, taking a little extra time to really think about potential purchases gives you the clarity you need to cut out spending on unnecessary items. In general, the larger the price tag, the more time you should give yourself to make the final decision. Try this with any non-essential purchases in the future - you’ll be surprised at how often you end up changing your mind.

    Sell Unwanted Items for Cash

    Almost everyone has items lying around the house that they haven’t touched in years. A good way to clean your house AND make money is to stop throwing away old or unused items and instead sell them online for cash. Many websites such as eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook allow you to post used or unwanted items and sell them for profit. A buyer gets what they were looking for, and you get extra pocket change. It’s a win win! Some items that often sell easily online are old kids’ clothes, toys, and electronics. In fact, it may surprise you to see that almost anything can be sold online. Old magazines, books, and even outdated home decor will sell. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Getting the extra cash you need may be as simple as cleaning out your attic or basement.

    Pay Your Bills on Time

    While spending money on bills sounds counterintuitive to saving money, paying your bills on time actually helps your long-term financial success by improving your credit score. A good credit report means that acquiring loans in the future will be easier, and often your payments will be lower. Plus, you’ll avoid hefty late fees when you pay bills on time each month. Check with your bank or financial institution and see what options they offer to make automatic bill payments. This is the simplest way to make sure you’ll never be late for another payment again. The more on-time payments you have, the better your credit score will be.

    Pay Less for Prescription Drugs

    For many Americans, one of their biggest monthly expenses is medications. Before your next visit to the local pharmacy, check out online prescription drug suppliers, such as GoodRx or OptumRX. On these sites, you’ll find many discounts on a wide variety of prescription drugs - some are even discounted as much as 80%! By using one of these sites, you’ll never overpay for prescriptions again.

    Get a Kansas City Title Loan

    While all of these tips are great, most of them take a little bit of time to really add up. If you need extra cash fast, short-term loans, like a flex loan or car title loan, might be the best option for you. Getting title loans in Kansas City is quick and easy. Flex loans and title loans both utilize your car as collateral to the loan itself. All you need is the title to your car, a valid photo ID, and a few other simple items, and you’re on your way with cash to spend as you see fit. When it comes to low credit lending, Midwest Title Loans is the best of the best title loan lenders. We’re here to help you get back on your feet quickly, no matter what financial hardships you may face. Call us today, or visit one of our four convenient locations in Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO.

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    Our Guide to Tasty and Affordable Dinners in Kansas City

    Keep Food On Your Family’s Table with Quick Cash in Missouri and Kansas

    quick cash for holiday dinner Skip the fast food and enjoy inexpensive, homemade meals at home to save money with quick cash from Midwest Title Loans of Kansas City. Midwest Title Loans gets you the cash you need between paychecks for the important stuff, like bringing your family together over the dinner table. A car title loan can help with things like that, and looking for inexpensive, budget-friendly meals is the way to go. Consider these tasty and affordable ways to get meals to your family with fast cash from Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City.

    Buy Fruits and Veggies That Are In Season Now in Missouri and Kansas

    Buying in-season produce is helpful to create inexpensive seasonal dishes. In season means that the fruits and vegetables you’re buying are ripe and ready for consumption during the time that you are buying them. When you buy primarily in season, you’re getting the most nutrition, the best flavor, and the lowest prices. Why? Because in-season produce doesn’t require that the farmers provide special care to grow it, nor is the produce shipped in from far away. Using a produce calendar makes it easy to find those autumn fruits and veggies in the midwest that are cheap and fresh. Make sure you are checking out your local farmer’s markets in Kansas City for the best deals on in-season and very fresh produce. Since different fruits and vegetables are best in different months, you’ll need to adjust your menu accordingly throughout the year to accommodate the different flavors. Buying in-season produce in bulk is also a smart way to save money. You can actually freeze a lot of produce, soups, breads, and more. There are certain ways to freeze specific items, so that they’re in their best shape when you want to eat them later; turn to the internet for advice for specific vegetables you have on-hand. Produce will change texture and function after freezing. For example, if you freeze spinach you may not want to use it for fresh salads later, but it’s perfect for tossing into pastas and smoothies. If you take care to freeze produce properly, you can use produce you purchase year-round.

    Budget-Friendly Meals That Cost Less

    It is easy to find budget-friendly meals that can cost less than $1 per serving. An easy way to make budget-friendly meals is to rely heavily on pasta, beans, potatoes, lentils, or rice as a base. These carb-and-fiber heavy items are filling and can help your meal stretch a long way. Think about what you’d like to have for dinner - and examine adding one of the above to it. By doing this, you’ll need less of your protein and vegetables to help fill your belly. Another way to think about stretching your budget while still getting in variety and flavor is to lean in on canned or frozen veggies and fruits. Yes, we’d all prefer to shop for fresh ingredients in season, but the reality is that sometimes that cost still adds up, or it just isn’t available where you live. You can get yummy vegetables to add to your meals in the canned good section for a fraction of the cost. Things like canned fruits, tomatoes, and tuna can really help save your budget and stretch your Overland Park car title loan or paycheck even further. Flavor can be lacking if you stick to just canned goods and starches, but there are plenty of ways to add great flavor at a low cost as well. Onions and garlic are an inexpensive great way to add flavor, as are peppers, celery, and herbs and spices. While buying a bunch of seasonings up front can seem cost prohibitive, they end up lasting quite awhile and are easy to add to your dishes on a regular basis. If you’re going to invest in flavor, it’s worth the up-front cost. You’ll find dried seasonings to be more affordable than fresh ones. For meal ideas on a budget, turn to the internet for penny-pinching cooking blogs with great recipes that cost less than $1 per serving that your family is sure to find tasty. There’s no need to eat boring, bland food or frozen dinners just because you are on a budget.

    Meal Planning is Easy, Quick, and Will Help You Save Money in the Long Run

    If you know what you are eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the upcoming week, then you’ll know how much money you’ll be spending or how much you will need to spend to fulfill the menu. Planning can actually help you stick to your budget because last-minute meals tend to add up in cost. Meal planning does not have to be rocket science. There are lots of resources online to help you get started meal planning for however many people you need to cook for during the week. These simple steps are the major to-dos to follow when starting your own meal plan for you and your family:
    • Choose tasty recipes that work for you and your family
    • Clip coupons, read grocery store ads, and subscribe to email lists to find the best deals around your area
    • Don’t forget to hit up the farmer’s markets
    • Plan your meals around what’s in season in your area and what you can freeze for later
    • Soups and stews are the PERFECT meal plan for the chilly Midwest fall weather and also freeze very well
    • Write out your plan and grocery list, making sure to note what ingredients you already have in your pantry
    • Make sure to plan days based on how much food you have leftover; incorporating leftovers is a surefire way to save money on your food budget
    • Plan for one big cooking day, whatever day you have a couple hours free that you can cook all of the meat, grains, and anything that is OK to cook or prep in advance
    Planning, prioritizing, and budgeting are as easy as getting cash with a car title loan from Midwest Title Loans.

    Car Title Loans From Midwest Title Loans Gets You Fast Cash Now

    A car title loan from Midwest Title Loans can get you cash in hand in less than 20 minutes. Midwest Title Loans uses your car title as collateral for your loan, so major credit bureaus aren’t involved, therefore keeping your credit score from getting affected negatively. The value of your car, your budget needs, and your ability to pay the loan back on time will help the professionals at Midwest Title Loans understand how much money you can get today to cover your bills or important purchases. Putting food on the table is important and having cash in your pocket can help you do that, especially when your budget is tight. This is where Midwest Title Loans comes in. You can get fast cash today and quickly with Midwest Title Loans’ help. To apply and get approved for a title loan in Gladstone, Overland Park, or Kansas City, bring your car (with your lien-free title in your name), and your government-issued ID, fill out a super quick application, and one of our professional staff will evaluate the value of your car. If you’re ready to get started, you can fill out our Online Title Loan Information Sheet now and then come in to finish up the process. To get your cash today, come in to or call one of our locations to chat with one of our friendly financial professionals: 330 W. 85th Street Kansas City, MO 64114 Phone: (816) 363-8600 6420 North Oak Trfwy Gladstone, MO 64118 Phone: (816) 436-7711 8212 Metcalf Ave. Overland Park, KS 66204 Phone: (913) 381-2222 2500 State Ave. Kansas City, KS 66102 Phone: (913) 281-9997 You can also contact us online to learn how you can get fast cash with a car title loan from your Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City today.

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    Budget-Friendly Tips for Celebrating the Holidays in Kansas City

    When You’re Short on Cash, Get Thrifty and Get a Car Title Loan

    quick cash for the holidays Celebrating the holidays can get pretty pricey, but if you do it correctly and seek help from short-term loan experts at Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City, Missouri, you can still have a lot of fun partaking in the festivities. Getting a little extra cash during the holidays is helpful, especially when planning celebratory activities for you and your loved ones. Let Midwest Title Loans help you get the cash you need now to make your holidays festive, especially if you live near Overland Park, Kansas; Gladstone, Missouri; and Kansas City, Kansas, and own your own vehicle. How you spend your car title loan is completely up to you. Check out a few of our ideas on how to make your holidays merry and bright this year using fast cash!

    What is a Car Title Loan?

    A car title loan is a short-term loan that uses your car’s clear title as collateral. You don’t have to have perfect credit to take out this type of loan, and the amount you qualify to borrow is based on how much money you need and the value of your vehicle. To get approved for a car title loan, you only need a photo ID and a clear car title in your name. You should also bring the vehicle you’re borrowing against for a quick appraisal. Once at one of our Midwest Title Loans locations, you will fill out a brief application form, or you can complete it online in advance of your visit. When you’re approved, you’ll get the cash you need and be able to drive away in your car in as little as 20 minutes. We will temporarily keep your car title. To repay the loan, you’ll simply make payments directly to us. Most loan terms are 60 days, but if you need more time, we are always happy to renew your loan contract to help you stay on budget. When you’ve completely repaid your loan, you’ll receive your car title back from us.

    Buy Holiday Decorations with a Bad Credit Loan in Gladstone

    Regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah, you will probably want to decorate your home to make it festive and inviting for the holiday season. The best thing about decorating is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a cheery space. Check online sales websites for good deals on second-hand decorations. You can even pop some tags at thrift stores to find inexpensive decor items; you might even be surprised by the expensive pieces people donate! Thrift shopping is also a great way to find cute holiday mugs, drinking glasses, and dinner plates for serving your family meal on the big day. Even if they don’t match completely, you can find complementary pieces that work well together; it just takes some patience and creativity. You can also DIY a lot of your decor if you’re feeling crafty! Browse the internet for a plethora of crafty holiday decor ideas that you can make by hand on a low budget. You can also talk to your crafty friends to see if they have any suggestions about what you could make with the supplies you can afford thanks to your car title loan. Even with a couple hundred dollars, you can turn your normal-looking living space into a scene straight out of a holiday storybook! It only requires a little creativity!

    Take Advantage of Holiday Sales with Your Title Loan Money

    When a big sale hits and the item at the top of your family member’s wish list is suddenly 25 percent off, you know you have to take advantage of it right away, or else miss out. Don’t sleep on these great deals! A car title loan can give you the cash you need, even if you’re between paychecks, to make an important purchase that will make your loved one’s day when you unwrap gifts together. Watch weekly store ads and browse retail websites so you don’t miss any good deals. And because you can get a title loan in as little as 20 minutes, even if the sale ends today, you can still snag the perfect present!

    Stretch Your Kansas City Short-Term Loan by Using Coupons or Store Discounts

    Speaking of sales, sometimes major retailers offer special deals and discounts on popular items. For example, if you spend $25 on certain household items, you might get a $5 gift card for free. Or, you might spot coupons for key ingredients for special holiday meals. When you use these coupons or get gift cards back on purchases you intended to make anyway, you can put your savings toward holiday gifts for your loved ones. Those free gift cards? Perfect stocking stuffers! The $12 you saved on your groceries this week? It’s exactly the price of the winter scarf your mom has been eyeing! You can also watch for these sales or discounts in advance and buy non-perishable items when they’re on sale. Choose more veggie dishes to supplement your turkey or ham, so that you can get a smaller cut of meat and save money that way. Even with a small amount of cash, you can make the winter holidays pretty special.

    Choose Budget-Friendly Family Activities That You Can Fund with Your Title Loan

    Decor and food make the holidays special, but what do you do in between trimming the tree and eating dinner? Start planning fun family activities today before the holidays hit so you can find ways to save money on these activities. For example, start watching discount coupon sites, where you can spend less money on admission fees in exchange for a voucher to participate in an activity. Be sure to consider the weather and any COVID-19-related restrictions that are in place. Check community event pages online for safe gatherings or virtual happenings, or just drive around to look at holiday lights in Kansas City. Many activities like these are budget-friendly; and even if they cost a little bit of money, you know your short-term loan will cover the cost.

    Get Pre-Approved for Fast Cash in Overland Park or the Kansas City Metro Area

    If you’re ready to apply for and get a car title loan, visit MidwestTitleLoans.info and complete our info sheet. This easy-to-fill-out document provides us with information about you, your vehicle, and whether we can count on you to pay back your loan. We don’t check your credit, so you don’t have to worry about your credit history. If you need money, we can get it for you, regardless of the three-digit number the credit bureaus have assigned to you! After completing the form, one of our representatives will contact you to talk to you about your next steps. Alternatively, if you need your money today, simply visit one of our four locations in the Kansas City metro area, where we can process your loan quickly. Find Midwest Title Loans at: 330 W. 85th Street Kansas City, MO 64114 Phone: (816) 363-8600 6420 North Oak Trfwy Gladstone, MO 64118 Phone: (816) 436-7711 8212 Metcalf Ave. Overland Park, KS 66204 Phone: (913) 381-2222 2500 State Ave. Kansas City, KS 66102 Phone: (913) 281-9997 Questions before you visit? Contact us to learn how you can get fast cash today in Kansas City.

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    How a Title Loan Can Sweeten Your Fall and Winter Holidays

    Take Out a Short-Term Loan and Fund the Fun in Kansas City

    title loan for the holidays Midwest Title Loans in the Kansas City metro area is excited to help you celebrate the fall and winter holidays this year. We’re sweetening up these festivities with trunk-or-treating and Christmas giveaways, even as we continue to issue short-term loans for fast cash for those between paychecks or needing some extra money to pay surprise expenses. If you live in or around the Kansas City area, Midwest Title Loans, be sure to take advantage of the fun activities as you take out a car title loan or Kansas flex loan with us.

    Get Ready for Some Spooky Fun at Midwest Title Loans

    Midwest Title Loans is hosting a Trunk or Treat event for all past, current, and future customers. Drive down to our 85th Street location in Kansas City, Missouri, park your car, and let your little ghouls and goblins gather candy in lieu of going door-to-door! During the event, your kids can enter our costume contest! Winners of the contest will earn a $10 gift card to Walmart, and a $25 gift card for their parent or guardian. May the best-dressed win! The Midwest Title Loans team is committed to a safe trunk-or-treat experience for everyone and will be encouraging social distancing during this event, which is designed to be family-friendly and allow people to gather in a comfortable, outdoor environment. Please do wear a mask in the event you must come in close contact with someone. We look forward to seeing you at our Halloween celebration!

    Partake in Winter Festivities at Midwest Title Loans

    Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City, MO is excited to be hosting a stocking giveaway for the winter holiday season! All you have to do is apply for a loan with Midwest Title Loans, and you will be entered in to a drawing to win a stocking filled with all sorts of goodies, including gift cards and other surprises! Applying for a car title loan with Midwest Title Loans is super simple, quick, will get you money in hand in under 20 minutes. You don’t have to do anything else to be entered to win. How great is that? We’ll announce the winner of the stocking giveaway and give you a call so you can come in and claim your prize!

    Other Reasons to Get a Short-Term Loan this Holiday Season

    The fall and winter holidays have lots of opportunities to eat up your money: special meals, costumes, candy, gifts, decor… the list could go on. But a car title loan can get you cash in as little as 20 minutes, even without checking your credit score. A car title loan or a flex loan uses your car title as collateral, which is why we don’t care about your credit score; we believe that it isn’t a good judge of whether you will pay back the loan and take care of your business. A credit score is only a snapshot of part of your life, and the repercussions of past choices shouldn’t haunt you! The value of your car, your budget needs, and your ability to pay the loan back on time will help the professionals at Midwest Title Loans understand how much money you can get today. Getting a car title loan today helps get you the money you need right now. If you need cash for a maintenance emergency or unseen issue, the car title loan will help fund it. Maybe you need some extra cash for a couple of home improvement projects; you can also use your car title loan for that. Maybe you need to supplement your budget until your next pay period; having a car title loan can help with that, too. Whatever your monetary needs, by applying for a car title loan with Midwest Title Loans, you can get cash quickly and easily with the help of our finance experts, and you’ll have 60 days to repay your short-term loan.

    Is It Easy to Get a Title Loan for the Holidays?

    In short, yes! Midwest Title Loans makes it very easy to get the cash you need to celebrate in style. To begin the process, you’ll want to fill out our pre-approval worksheet online, or come in to do it in person. When you visit one of our four Kansas City metro area locations, you’ll need to bring:
    • Your vehicle
    • The lien-free title to the vehicle, in your name
    • Your photo ID, such as a driver’s license, that proves you are at least 18 years old
    While you’re applying, our on-site appraiser will evaluate your vehicle to help determine how much money you are qualified to borrow. Your monthly budget will also be taken into consideration when determining how much you can borrow from us; we want to be sure that you are comfortable paying back the loan and that you are never overwhelmed. When we approve you, we’ll hand you cash, hang onto your title, and you get to drive away in your own car. Once you repay your loan, usually within the 60-day renewable contract period, you’ll receive your vehicle’s title back. If you ever have any questions or concerns, the team at Midwest Title Loans has your back!

    Get Pre-Approved For Your Title Loan Right Now

    To get your cash in hand today, come in to or call one of our locations to chat with one of our friendly financial professionals: 330 W. 85th Street Kansas City, MO 64114 Phone: (816) 363-8600 6420 North Oak Trfwy Gladstone, MO 64118 Phone: (816) 436-7711 8212 Metcalf Ave. Overland Park, KS 66204 Phone: (913) 381-2222 2500 State Ave. Kansas City, KS 66102 Phone: (913) 281-9997 And don’t forget about all the great holiday fun and giveaways we’re hosting! We look forward to seeing you there!

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    Winter Bills a Title Loan Can Pay For in the Kansas City Metro

    Get Fast Cash with a Short-Term Loan to Fund Anything You Want or Need

    pay winter bills with a title loan Cool weather can often leave us strapped for cash. We’ll need new gear and equipment to combat the winter weather, make unexpected home repairs and also take care of our family over the holiday season. It seems like one expense after another keeps rolling in. Short-term loans can help cover the impending expenses that always seem to come with the winter season, even if you have bad credit. In Kansas City, we’re known for our rollercoaster weather, but our finances don’t have to be that way too. Let’s take a look at the many upcoming winter bills you may face that Midwest Title Loans can help you get the funds to pay.

    The Cost of Roof Repairs Covered with a Title Loan

    Winter’s harsh weather can quickly bring to light any glaring issues that your roof may be having. The snow, ice, and heavy winds can damage shingles, causing them to fall off your roof and creating leaks. Even if you’ve been keeping an eye on your roof and currently see no signs of problems, the simple change in weather can bring unexpected surprises - and not good ones. Any leaks or softness in your roof that you start to experience can cause much larger amounts of damage in the long run - think wood rot, water damage, broken joists, and eventually mold and insects. In addition to the winter weather directly affecting the condition of your roof, the winter weather can also cause accidents like tree limbs falling on your roof. If the tree in your yard is overgrown, or if it isn’t in good shape, the heaviness of the ice and snow can weigh on the branches causing them to snap - and end up on your roof! Title loans offer a fast cash solution so that you don’t have to let issues like this sit for too long. Take a smaller amount of quick cash now thanks to a title loan to combat the repairs like a champion now - so that you don’t have to look at borrowing a much larger amount down the road.

    Upgrade Snow Removal Equipment using a Short-Term Loan

    Whether you just need to remove snow at your home, or you’re looking to earn some extra cash by removing snow around your neighborhood, you may need to upgrade your snow removal equipment. Shovels, snow blowers, or a plow for your pickup truck can add up in cost, not counting the consumable items you’ll need, like sand or ice melt. Last winter in the Kansas City area, purchasing ice melt became a weekly need as everything was constantly frozen over. The cost of ice melt and keeping your sidewalks and driveways safe and usable seems minimal at first, but when these purchases become a regular purchase and you need to stock up, the long winter months begin to get expensive. Clearing snow around the metro, in Gladstone and Overland Park can be a lucrative side hustle starting in December and running through March. Many people with trucks are able to attach a plow to the front and get contracted out to help with local parking lots and side streets that the city can’t keep up with clearing. Using fast cash to invest in your side-hustle is a do-able expense, and with a heavy winter, you’ll be paying back your short-term loan in no time!

    Kansas City Furnace and Heater Repair or Maintenance Costs

    If you run out of time to schedule and complete your furnace and heater maintenance before the weather gets too cold, you may end up needing major repairs or replacement. Going without a heater for even a day or two during the Kansas City winter months is something you don’t want to deal with - especially if you have a family. Furnace maintenance can be a more affordable way to make sure that you don’t end up in a cold house in January. But, if you do find yourself needing expensive furnace maintenance or a full heater replacement, a bad credit loan or title loan can help you keep those cold days to an absolute minimum.

    Paying for Winter Wardrobe Upgrades with a Title Loan

    Our winter wardrobe nearly always needs upgrades. Boots to keep your and your family’s feet warm are extremely important and can be pricey, especially if you invest in brands that are made to last multiple seasons. Depending on the condition of your boots from the previous year, you may need to replace them entirely. If your kids have grown - hint, they have! - you’ll need to find some winter boots to fit their bigger feet. Hand-me-downs can be helpful to save costs for growing children, but it’s not always an option. Keep their feet warm and dry this winter with some nice new boots. What about winter coats? Many winter coats also come with a hefty price tag. Thankfully, a winter coat can generally last more than one season, but on the other hand they can also be easily outgrown. Other items you may need to purchase for your family’s winter wardrobe include warm socks, gloves, hats, and many layers. Take inventory of your and your family’s winter wardrobe to see what fits, and what has been outgrown before visiting our financial experts at Midwest Title Loans. Taking out a title loan to keep your family warm this winter is an option that will allow you to secure quick cash without damaging your credit.

    Where Can I Find a Car Title Loan in Missouri or Kansas?

    These are just a few winter bills that can be anticipated and covered with a car title loan from Midwest Title Loans. Don’t let the first winter storm catch you by surprise; take an inventory of your appliances, roof, wardrobe, car condition, and other things that you may need to borrow some quick cash to cover. Other things that may come up include hosting over the holidays, purchasing snow tires, unexpected medical bills, the list goes on and on. No matter what your expenses are, Midwest Title Loans can help you stay on your feet no matter what life decides to bring to you this winter. Visit one of our four Kansas City metro area locations and leave with fast cash in your pocket in as little as 20 minutes.

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