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Keep Your Used Car Running with These Tips

The Best Used Car Maintenance Tips From Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City

title loan for car maintenance According to AAA, the average auto repair bill costs between $500 and $600. For a third of all drivers, this causes an increase in their debt. Some expenses, such as a blown motor or a failed transmission, can cost between $3,000 and $7,000. And, despite this massive cost, some neglect to look after their vehicles. The solution is glaringly obvious: regular maintenance saves money, time, and peace of mind. Some people fail to properly maintain their vehicles and complain when repairs incur enormous costs. In this article, we’ll look at the most important elements of maintenance so that these avoidable situations don’t happen to you.

Remove dirt, debris, and salt

Dirt and grime don’t just make your car look ugly. They can destroy the underlining of your car and result in expensive repairs. By simply cleaning the debris on the underside of your car left by salted roads and dirt, you can potentially save hundreds in auto repairs. Interior fading from parking your car in the sun is also a slow burn. Your vehicle’s paint and interior takes a beating from the sun’s rays, so keep it covered when you can. Replacing a car’s paint job isn’t cheap, so keep your vehicle in your garage or use a car cover in the summer months.

Oil and coolant

Every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, the oil in your car needs to be changed, yet many people like to delay this as long as they can. Similarly, the coolant needs to be replaced periodically or it fails to work correctly. Oil and coolant changes may be annoying in the short term, but they’re cheaper than paying for a new vehicle.

Regular vehicle maintenance

Taking your car into the dealership or mechanic helps enormously. They can check many of the aspects of the automobile that you didn't even know existed. How to take care of your car almost starts and stops there, as it’s the most important thing to consider for the longevity of your vehicle. As your car ages, normal wear and tear can multiply exponentially, and taking your car to the mechanic helps. The mechanic or dealer will typically perform a multipoint check and advise any additional repairs that need to be done to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Keep your car maintained for better title loans

A title loan is very simple. It is a type of loan where the borrower can use their vehicle as collateral. In exchange for a lien on the car’s title, the borrower can take up to half of the value of their car which, on average is up to $5,500. The best part is that, by maintaining your car, your title loan can be significantly larger. Basically, in return for simple vehicle maintenance, you receive peace of mind, cheaper repair costs, and larger title loans. The best part of this entire deal is that your credit score does not affect your title loan. The low-credit lending feature of title loans makes them especially attractive during the coronavirus pandemic. Title loans don't affect your credit either so you don't have to worry about this loan affecting other aspects of your life. Finally, title loans are short term, so you don’t need to worry about a long-term commitment hanging over your head.

How to get a title loan

Car title loan providers in the Midwest offer title loans that can meet your needs. We require that your car is present, you have an ID, and the title is used as collateral, but no other measures are needed to receive a title loan. Our company, Midwest Title Loans, serves the greater Midwest area. We have hundreds of locations throughout the region dedicated to offering you the best price for your title loan possible. Our title loans require only three very simple steps:
  1. Fill out your basic details including contact information.
  2. We will contact you! You get to talk to an actual human who understands your needs.
  3. Your vehicle will be evaluated and you’ll get your cash.
It’s that simple! By maintaining your vehicle, you can ensure that you receive the largest possible title loan for your vehicle. By shopping with us, you are also getting rates up to 50% lower than competitors. We offer minimal paperwork, no prepayment penalties, and flexible repayment terms.

Title loans in Kansas City from Midwest Title Loans

Remember to shop with Midwest Title Loans the next time you need a short-term title loan with your vehicle. We guarantee some of the lowest prices and your maximum satisfaction. Stop by one of our convenient Kansas City area locations to get started, or fill out our online application form.

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Steps to Remove a Lien from your Car’s Title

Releasing a Vehicle Lien for a Title Loan in Kansas City

car title loans with liens Vehicle lien laws vary from state to state in the manner in which they are recorded and subsequently released. In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the lien laws in Kansas. Overall, they’re quite straightforward and you can remove a car lien from your title quite quickly. To understand how to get a lien released in Kansas, one must understand what a lien is and how it gets placed against the vehicle. A lien is placed on a vehicle to protect a creditor that loaned money based on the vehicle's value. A lien is a claim on the property of another party to protect the creditor in the event of the buyer’s default on the debt or a buyer’s bankruptcy. For a lien to be perfected, the creditor must file a notice of lien with the Kansas Department of Revenue within thirty days from the date that the loan was made. In Kansas, the lien can be filed either by using a paper form or the lien can be filed online at the Revenue Department’s website.

Multiple liens

A vehicle can have multiple liens filed against it, but liens following the first lien are handled somewhat differently, as before they can be perfected the first lienholder must provide written authorization for the recording of the subsequent lien and the authorization must be provided to the Department of Revenue.

Removing an original lien

Normally a lien is recorded by the auto lender when a vehicle is initially purchased and is handled within the documents from that initial sale. Once that original purchase loan has been paid off in full , the original lender (lienholder) can file a release of lien form to the person who satisfied the lien, and fax or email the form to the Department of Revenue. You may wonder how to get a car title. It is a relatively simple process achieved by filing the release of lien with the Department of Revenue and requesting a title.

Getting a clear title

Once the owner of the vehicle has had the title lien released and has received a clear title issued by the Department of Revenue, they have a modicum of security in that the clear title can be used to obtain cash in an emergency. That clear title can be used to obtain a car title loan from a lender that specializes in car title loans. Title loans in Kansas City can be easily and quickly obtained from Midwest Title Loans, which is one of the leading title loan providers in Kansas. You may be like many people wondering how to get a title loan. The process has been made easy by Midwest Title Loans. In the Kansas City area, Midwest Title Loans has four convenient locations to serve you in Overland Park KS, Kansas City KS, Gladstone MO, and Kansas City, MO.

How to get a title loan from Midwest Title Loans

Midwest Title Loans has made obtaining a title loan a quick and simple process. If you find you need some funds to cover an emergency or for any other reason, all you have to do to get the funds is to drive your vehicle to one of the convenient Midwest Title Loan locations. Bring your lien-free title and your photo ID with you and fill out a simple application. While you are filling out the application the professionals at Midwest will evaluate your vehicle which will determine the maximum loan which you can receive.

Car title loans are quick and efficient

Midwest Title Loans will lend to people with any type of credit rating as we do not care about your credit score. We are lending you money using your vehicle as collateral. Once you are approved for the loan, you can drive off in your vehicle with the cash you need in as little as 30 minutes. Midwest will hold on to your vehicle title and the transaction is completely confidential. When you have paid off the loan in full you will receive your title back from Midwest with no messy paperwork needed to be filed to release any claim against the vehicle. Midwest Title Loans is one of the largest title loan companies in the Kansas City area. We have been a respected loan company since being founded in 1997 and have thousands of satisfied customers served since that founding. Midwest offers flexible loan structuring and stresses being a customer-friendly company in all transactions. Midwest has not grown to its current stature without making sure that its customers are fully satisfied and treated with the utmost respect. Visit one of our convenient Kansas City locations today, or get started by filling out our online info sheet.

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How Do I Get Out of Credit Card Debt?

Short-Term Loans and Title Loans in Kansas City Can Help

using a car title loan to get out of debt Many Americans face the problem of large balances on their credit cards, and worry about how to get out from the debt load they are carrying. Personal bankruptcy is an option, but less severe actions, like debt settlements, entail contacting the credit card companies and making an agreement to pay off a portion of the debt. Both actions will have repercussions that can last for years and affect your ability to get any type of credit. There are other methods to attack the high-interest credit card debt you’ve incurred that are far less drastic and won’t so severely affect your ability to get credit.

Debt Consolidation

One method of attacking your high-interest credit card balances is to consolidate the debt by obtaining a lower interest rate loan. This allows you to convert the debt on several credit cards to one convenient loan that will have less interest and typically a lower monthly payment than the payments required by your credit card providers.

Short-Term Loans

If your mountain of credit card debt has left you with something less than stellar credit, a short-term loan secured by a collateral asset may provide one of the best loans for bad credit or damaged credit. One type of bad credit loan that typically requires no credit check is a title loan on your vehicle. Title loans are some of the best loans for bad credit, since all you need is a clean title on a vehicle that you own. With this, and a few other easy pieces of info, you can quickly get a short-term loan. You can then take the loan proceeds and pay off your higher-interest credit card debt and simply make the monthly payments required by the loan terms to the title lender. Title loans are much easier to get than personal loans, as your vehicle is used as the collateral for the loan. The interest rate on the loan may be lower, as there is less risk involved for the lender.

Debt Payment Plan

Many credit counseling experts will advise a combination of methods to get you to a point of debt freedom. The first step is to evaluate your financial situation. This starts by compiling a list of everything you owe, including credit card debt and other monthly bills. Compare your income with your monthly bills including credit cards, rent, other loans, grocery bills, and other necessary monthly expenses. Prioritize your spending based on the amount of income you can allocate to each of the expenses. After doing this you should set up a budget to assist you in tracking spending and looking for ways to trim expenses, which will allow for more available funds to pay off debt. At this point, you should determine a method for attacking the large credit card debt to trim down the amount that is owed to get it to a manageable level.

Payment Strategies

One of three key payment strategies can then be employed - the avalanche method, the snowball method, or the blizzard method. The avalanche method is employed by paying off the higher interest rate credit cards first. Pay at least the minimum amounts due on your other credit cards and pay the larger amounts available for debt payment to the highest interest rate credit cards. Keep making these payments on the highest interest cards until those cards are paid off and then attack the next highest interest cards. By attacking the credit cards in this manner, you will save large amounts of money in interest payments. The next method of attacking credit card debt is the snowball method. In this plan, you pay off the credit cards with the smallest balances first and work up the list from there. Of course, you keep making at least the minimum payments on all of your cards and apply the extra amounts available to the cards with the smallest outstanding balances. As you pay these off, move up the list to the next smallest balance. The blizzard method is a combination of the snowball and avalanche methods, which gives a psychological boost in paying off the smaller balances while saving interest in still paying extra on the highest interest cards. Once you get the credit card balances to a manageable amount through employing the above tactics, you can then jump in with a car title loan to pay off the full balances to get yourself clear of the debt.

Title Loans in Kansas City Get You the Cash You Need

If you need a little extra cash to jumpstart your debt repayment efforts, look no further than Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City. We offer several options when it comes to title loans, short-term loans, and other no credit check loans. Fill out our online application today to get started, or stop by one of our Kansas City area locations to talk with our knowledgeable loan representatives.

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Paying for Emergencies When You Don’t Have an Emergency Fund

How Flex Loans and Title Loans in Kansas City Can Help

car title loan to help with emergencies Sometimes life catches us by surprise, and no matter how carefully we plan, emergencies can just happen. Emergencies can include suddenly getting laid off, getting into a car accident, or you or a loved one suddenly getting sick and having to go to the emergency room. According to a recent survey by CNBC, only 41% of Americans would be able to pay for a $1,000 emergency with their savings. That leaves 57% of Americans who had to find different ways to pay for sudden expenses. However, many emergencies, on average, can cost more than $1,000. According to the Health Care Cost Institute, the average cost of an emergency room visit was $1,389 in 2017. If you need to pay for an emergency, and you don’t have an emergency fund, or if the costs went beyond your savings, there are still many options to cover the costs.

Take Out a Loan

You can take out personal loans, although many require credit checks, a good credit score, and it can take some time for you to receive the money. If you have a low credit score, low credit loans are an option, but you’ll pay a higher percentage of interest. Some lenders offer loans and don’t require credit checks, such as Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City, which offers short-term loans secured by your vehicle’s title. Our title loans are useful if you need a quick loan and quick cash and, since we don’t require credit checks, you can get approved the same day and use the money for anything you need. We also offer a flex loan option, which is another line of credit that also uses your car as collateral. As long as you don’t go over your credit limit, it allows you to have money available whenever you need it. You must pay interest based on how long you borrowed the money, but it’s calculated daily.

Borrow from Friends or Family

It’s not always easy to ask for help, but sometimes your friends and family are more than willing to help you out in emergencies. Be sure to make it clear if you’re asking for a loan or if they’re giving you a gift, since having unpaid debts can strain relationships with your friends and family. If they’re giving you a loan, make sure to work out how you can repay them.

Pay with Your Credit Card

This should be an option to cover emergencies that should be approached with caution. A credit card can be useful in emergencies, but just make sure you can pay for them, as interest can quickly add up. You could even look into opening a new credit card account, which can have sign-up bonus offers like cash back after spending a certain amount.

Sell Items

Look around at the things you own, and sell the things that you don’t need. You list your items on eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace, or go to your local pawn shops to sell your things. Things to consider selling include clothes you no longer wear, old electronics, books, jewelry, or even furniture.

Pick Up Extra Work

If you can work after your emergency, one of the best ways to get more cash is to work more. See if you can work overtime or pick up an extra shift. You could apply for other jobs, including gig work, like driving for Lyft or Uber, or delivering food. If your emergency requires you to stay at home, you can also find work online as a freelancer on Upwork or Fiverr. You could even teach English online. There are many platforms to choose from, and many don’t require experience in teaching.


Many people have used crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe to help pay for medical expenses and other emergencies. If you’re willing to put yourself out there and share your story, you might be able to find other people who are more than happy to help you out. You could also ask your friends and family to share your link to reach more people.

Look for Assistance from Government or Nonprofits

Depending on the emergency, you might be able to qualify for assistance from the government, nonprofits, and other financial aid organizations. Some medical emergencies can receive discounts or even charity care from hospitals. Other organizations can also help you if you need food, legal, employment, or even transportation assistance. Be sure to check with your local government office and check on other resources who may be able to help you. If you find yourself going through an emergency with no savings, there are still many ways for you to cover your expenses, and we at Midwest Title Loans are more than happy to help you. We can go over your options with you and find the best short-term loan for your needs. To get started, visit us today at one of our Kansas City locations, or fill out our online application.

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The Top 5 Things That Influence Your Credit Score

What You Need to Know About Your Credit Score, and How No Credit Check Loans Can Help

car title loans to help credit score Credit scores are surrounded by mystery. For many, it feels like there’s some secret organization somewhere that concocts a formula that can make or break you when it comes time to secure a loan for a home or car. At Midwest Title Loans, we want our customers to be well-informed, so we’re here to uncover some of the mystery surrounding this golden number. Specifically, we’ll talk about some of the key factors that define your credit score that are within your control. These factors include payment history, amount of debt, recently obtained credit, length of credit history, and the types of credit you’ve obtained. Let’s examine FICO scores a little closer and review the top five influencers on credit score in a little more detail.

FICO Score

First thing’s first - what the heck is a FICO score? The Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) score is a standardized way to classify people regarding their creditworthiness. It ranges from 300 to 850, with 300 being bad and 850 being perfect. The exact formula for arriving at scores is a trade secret, but certain things are known. For example, getting a high FICO score requires an excellent payment history for a mix of different types of credit accounts (e.g. mortgage, credit cards, title loans, credit cards, and short-term loans). Good credit history refers to on-time payments, not maxing out credit cards, and other factors, such as carrying a low amount of total debt. Conversely, a bad credit score is the opposite, with no diversity in the types of credit, late payments, maxed-out credit cards, and an enormous amount of total debt. Generally, a score between 670-740 is considered good. Lower scores between, say, 580 and 670 may cause lenders to approach with caution. So, what are the most important things that determine your FICO score?

No. 1: Payment History

Payment history is by far the most critical attribute. Lenders want to know if their borrowers are reliable and consistent in their repayment of debt. They look at late payments in 30-, 60-, and 90-day increments, where the later the payment is, the worse it is for your score. They also look at any accounts that have been sent to collections, bankruptcies, garnishments, foreclosures, and legal actions that may have been taken against you regarding debt. The better you are at avoiding these things and paying on time, the better your FICO score will be.

No. 2: Amount of Debt

Even with a great payment history, everyone has a credit limit. Even billionaires can only owe so much before lenders think twice. To get a good FICO credit score, you can’t be near or at your “available credit” limit. Your available credit is a line drawn in the sand where debt begins to overtake one’s assets. Debt from all accounts (e.g. mortgages and credit cards) is included. The score looks at all that you owe in total.

No. 3: Credit History Length

People aren’t born with a credit history. It has to build over time. This factor looks at how long you’ve had at least one line of credit over the years. It considers things like the average age of your accounts and how far your oldest account goes. Naturally, a long history of on-time payment is better, but a short history can be good as long as it’s paired with an excellent credit history.

No. 4: Credit Types

The FICO score is looking to see a “mix” of different credit types. Lenders like to see that borrowers have been consistent in repaying different types of loans such as home mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, store accounts, and other debts including local store types of credit. Showing consistency across a spectrum of creditors is better than just being consistent with one type of debt (e.g. having just a home mortgage). This isn’t a major factor in determining your credit score, but it matters enough to be noteworthy.

No. 5: Amount of New Credit Accounts

The number of new credit accounts you have is taken into consideration by FICO. While this factor isn’t huge, it also matters. Lenders may be concerned if you’ve opened several recent accounts. People experiencing cash flow difficulties often rapidly take on more debt. This can make you a greater credit risk.

Repairing Your Credit With Title Loans in Kansas City

If your credit history doesn’t look the greatest, no need to worry. Nobody is perfect, and credit scores can be changed over time. Even with bad credit, you can get title loans and other short-term loans to build an excellent credit history. Midwest Title Loans of Kansas City is an outstanding example of a loan institution that can get you quick loans with simple, no-nonsense repayment terms. This not only gets you the money you need now, but it also helps you build your credit over time. We have a couple of options to choose from when it comes to low credit loans, and the first step to getting started is to fill out our online application. One of our knowledgeable lending experts will be in contact with you to help you determine the type of no credit check loan you need to get you back on your feet. Get started today!

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How to Get a Title Loan Without a Job in KC

Car Title Loans in Kansas City are a Viable Option if You’re Unemployed

car title loans for unemployed If during these trying times you find yourself out of work and you need cash for an emergency, you may feel like there is no one to turn to. If you are thinking only in terms of traditional lenders such as banks or credit unions you are probably right, as most will require to have a job and to have been employed for at least some minimum period of time. If you lose your job and need to get quick cash on unemployment income a little thinking outside of the box can lead you to a source that you typically might not think of. Car title loans are a viable source of cash for a short-term loan when you need cash fast. Title loans are not like traditional loans and can be processed and closed quickly—usually in less than a day.

How to Get a Title Loan Without a Job

When you are thinking about how to get a title loan, one of the first and most important considerations is choosing a company to do business with. You will want a company that is stable, reputable, and fair to do business with—a company you can trust. A company that fits these criteria is the number one source for title loans in Kansas City — Midwest Title Loans. As one of the most respected companies in the business, Midwest Title Loans started offering loans over twenty years ago. With four convenient locations to serve you in the Kansas City area, it’s always easy for you to visit us to discuss your needs. Whether you need a couple of hundred dollars to get you through a short period or a larger amount to get through some type of unexpected expense, Midwest Title Loans will work with you to structure a loan that will fit your needs. If you own a car with a clear unencumbered title (no liens) Midwest can help you. If you do not have a conventional job, Midwest will work with you to make a loan that you can live with. We can help if you have income from sources other than a job with pay stubs such as welfare benefits, unemployment benefits, disability income, pensions, retirement income, or even sources of cash flow such as alimony, court settlements, annuities, or an inheritance. Also, if you are one of the many people that make money in today’s gig economy, Midwest Title Loans has you covered. All you need to do is show a steady flow of income from your side projects.

Completing Your Title Loan Application

If you have a lien-free vehicle in your name and a steady cash flow from a source such as those listed above, you are almost there in getting the cash that you need to get you through these troublesome times. Simply drive your vehicle into one of the four convenient Midwest Title Loan locations with your lien-free title and picture ID to get the ball rolling. While the professional staff at Midwest inspect and evaluate your vehicle, you fill out a simple application form that gives all of your basic information. There is no credit check at Midwest Title Loans. Your car serves as collateral to guarantee your loan. After evaluating your vehicle and application, the Midwest Title Loans representative will work with you to determine the amount of a loan your vehicle can secure, and the amount of loan your cash flow can easily repay. Once you have agreed to the terms of the title loan, you receive your cash on the spot and Midwest holds on to your vehicle’s title. You drive off in your vehicle with your cash. Once you have repaid the title loan to Midwest Title Loans in full, you will promptly receive your title back free clear of any liens. It really is that simple. Midwest Title Loans is in business to work with you. We never try to take advantage of your misfortunes. We want to make you a loan that you can pay back to us. We stay in business based on repeat customers and our outstanding reputation, so it is in our best interests and yours to structure a loan that makes sense for you. We want you to keep your vehicle and look forward to returning the title to you upon successful repayment of the loan. Come to Midwest Title Loans and find out why we have been in business for over twenty years with thousands of satisfied customers. Visit us online or in person today!

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What Happens if I’ve Lost My Car Title?

How to Get Your Car Title When it’s Lost or Misplaced

lost car title We have all been there. No matter how careful we may be, sometimes things get lost or damaged. Losing any important document can be frustrating, but realizing you have lost or irreparably damaged your car title when trying to get a car title loan from Midwest Title Loans can be a real pain. Fortunately, we are here to help and provide guidance in these types of situations. When facing the dilemma of a lost car title, you do have options to replace it and continue to get your car title loan from us. All that is required is a few steps, including filling out an application and finding a notary before submitting your request for a duplicate title.

What are the Requirements for Getting a Car Title Replaced in Kansas City?

Whether you have misplaced or damaged your original car title, you can receive a duplicate car title. It is as easy as filling out a form. You must first complete an Application for Missouri Title and License, otherwise known as Form 108 (you can pick up the form from any local license office or download and print the form from the Missouri Department of Revenue). When going through the application, make sure you complete it in full to prevent delays or rejections, but hold off on signing the application! The signature will need to be done in the presence of a notary, which we will go over as the last step. Please note that a Missouri address must be listed in the owner section of the application and be sure to mark "duplicate", including why you need a duplicate title. The most common reason listed is as simple as misplacing the title, however, if your title has been damaged or mutilated in any way you must also return the damaged or mutilated copy with the application for a duplicate title. Once the application is filled out in its entirety, take it to your closest notary to sign the form in their presence and have it notarized before you submit it for processing. In some cases, a notarized Lien Release (Form 4809), is also required.

Do I Need a Notarized Lien Release, Form 4809?

In most cases, you do not need a notarized Lien Release. This form is for any title that shows a lien-holder such as a bank, credit union, or anywhere that may have provided you with a loan on the vehicle in question. In such cases, request the notarized lien release from them that shows you have paid off the loan and are released from the lien. They can either use the Form 4809 mentioned or they can give you a notarized statement utilizing their letterhead to explain the lien is released. Make sure to contact your financial institution related to any loan you may have had on the vehicle to get the additional information and the necessary documents. Confirming this in advance and having the document ready will ensure your duplicate request goes smoothly and quickly, getting you your car title loan faster.

I Filled Out the Form, Now What?

The difficult part is now over. All that is left for you to do is to submit your completed, signed, and notarized application to receive a duplicate title either through any Missouri license office or the Motor Vehicle Bureau located at 301 West High Street in Jefferson City, Missouri. A quick search on the Missouri Department of Revenue website will show you the closest license office to you, including their hours of operation. It is advisable to make an appointment to avoid spending longer than needed in the office.

Will It Cost Me Anything?

There are two small costs related to replacing your car title. There is an $8.50 duplicate title fee and a $6 processing fee for a total of $14.50. You can make cashier’s checks, money orders, and checks payable to the Missouri Department of Revenue. If you decide to use a personal check, it is required that the check shows your driver's license number or social security number, name, telephone number, date of birth, and address. You can contact your local license office or the Motor Vehicle Bureau for additional payment information.

What Do I Do Next?

After you have submitted your request and received your duplicate title, you can come into any of our locations to see about getting your car title loan. You can do this at any of our 4 locations:
  1. 330 W. 85th Street, Kansas City, MO, 64114
  2. 6420 North Oak Trafficway, Gladstone, MO, 64118
  3. 8212 Metcalf Ave., Overland Park, KS, 66204
  4. 2500 State Ave., Kansas City, KS, 66102
Getting your title loans in Kansas City and beyond has never been easier than with Midwest Title Loans. Contact us today, or visit one of our four convenient locations in Kansas City.

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How to Get Your Car Title in Kansas City

Getting a Car Title is the First Step to Applying for a Car Title Loan

car title loans in Kansas City MO If you would like to get a car title loan in Missouri, one of the few requirements is to have a copy of your car title document. If you don’t have your title, you can get a copy from the Missouri Department of Revenue. Print out an Application for Missouri Title and License (Form 108) from the Missouri Department of Revenue website. Fill in your address and specify that you need a duplicate copy of the title. You must bring the form to a notary public to have your signature witnessed. There’s an $8.50 duplicate title fee and a $6.00 processing fee, which you usually pay by check, money order, or cashier’s check. Submit the form to any Missouri license office. Note that it can take up to four weeks to get a duplicate title sent to you. Now that you have your car title, you can get a title loan from Midwest Title Loans.

What is a Title Loan?

Everyone feels the need for some extra cash for emergencies, repairs, school fees, replacement appliances, or just to carry us through the month. If you have no ready cash, you can take out a loan. Whenever you apply for a loan, you offer something as collateral. It can be your house, investments, or other properties. Taking out a large loan requires complicated paperwork and credit checks. If you need quick cash without the hassle, the best way is to go for a car title loan, which is easier and quicker to get. Here your car becomes the collateral, but you still keep it. It is like having your cake and eating it too!

How to get a Car Title Loan

If you are in Missouri and want to know how to get a car title loan, the answer is pretty simple. Midwest Title Loans offers you title loans in Kansas City, Missouri, with no hassles in the most customer-friendly manner. We pride ourselves on being one of the oldest and most respected title loan companies in this area. You just have to drive in with your car, fill up an information sheet and show us your photo id. Your car title has to be lien-free, too, which means it doesn’t already have a loan taken out on it. You drive back home with your car and money after the loan approval. The car title remains with us until you pay off the loan. Midwest Title Loans offers the most flexible title loans in Kansas City. The typical range of our car loans is between $150 and $5,000, depending on the evaluation of your vehicle and your budget, and are bound by a 60-day renewable contract.

Advantages of getting a loan at Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City

  1. Same day approvals (20–30-minute process)
  2. An easy hassle-free process with very little paperwork
  3. Reputed, established, and respected car loan company
  4. Convenient locations
  5. You keep your car
  6. Confidentiality of your personal information and transactions

Getting a Car Title Loan

To get your car title loan, you should visit us with your car and your photo ID proof. You will fill out an application form with personal details like location, name, gender, date of birth, email, social security number, marital details, driving license number, employment details and vehicle details like the car make, model, and year of manufacture. We will evaluate your car, and if your application for a car title loan is approved, we will transfer the car title temporarily to us. You will get the cash you need for fulfilling your urgent needs and you still use your car. The entire process is fast, simple, and all your details are also kept completely confidential. At Midwest Car Title Loans, Kansas City, we value the privacy of our customers. When you pay back the loan amount, your car title is back with you. For customers’ convenience, we have opened four outlets in Kansas City, Gladstone, and Overland Park. If you fill out the online info sheet before visiting us, the approval process will be even faster. Our friendly staff is here to help you and answer your questions anytime.

Steps to Get a Title Loan in Kansas City

  1. Bring your lien-free car and photo id to one of our locations in the Kansas City area.
  2. Provide your information, budget, and cash needs as we evaluate the vehicle using a straightforward process. We will apprise you clearly of all terms and conditions before you put your signature anywhere.
  3. On approval, you will get the cash according to your needs. We offer a 60-day renewable repayment plan. We will return to you the car title when you pay off the loan in full.
If you still have questions, feel free to contact Midwest Title Loans today, or visit us at one of our convenient locations in Kansas City, MO; Kansas City, KS; Gladstone, MO; and Overland Park, KS.

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Get Back in the Green with a Car Title Loan

How a car title loan from Midwest Title Loans can help you improve your credit score.

improve credit with title loans The holidays are HARD on our finances. The friendly team members at Midwest Title loans can help you get back in good graces with your credit bureau with a car title loan and it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to get approved and cash in your hand fast. Because Midwest Title Loans is one of the oldest, largest, and most-respected title loan companies in the Kansas City area, you can trust us to help you through the process of receiving a car title loan without fuss. At Midwest Title Loans, there is no need for you to have good credit to get a car title loan. There is no need for a credit check when applying or even for being approved to get a quick cash loan. Your information is kept secure from major credit bureaus and even your bank, so your credit score will not be negatively affected by you receiving a car title loan from any company.

What is a Car Title Loan?

A car title loan from Midwest Title Loans is an easy way for you to get cash in your hands today without needing a perfect credit score. Getting a car title loan is also a simple way to improve your less than perfect credit score. Using the cash you borrow when obtaining a car title loan will not negatively affect your credit score because Select Title Loans does not do a credit check, and therefore does not report your application or approval to any major credit bureaus ever. After evaluating your vehicle’s value, walking you through an application and looking over your budget and monetary needs, your Midwest Title Loans representative and yourself will decide together how much money you can borrow with your car title loan. A car title loan uses your lien-free car title as collateral for the loan until you pay the full amount of the loan back - it’s low credit lending, so great for people with low, bad or no credit. Once the loan is completely paid off by you, you get your car title back.

How a Car Title Loan Can Help You Improve Your Credit Score

A quick cash loan from Midwest Title Loans can help improve your credit score by giving you the cash you need now to make payments on bills, student loans, and credit cards. By paying down those credit score obligations with cash now, means your credit score can start reflecting those on time payments. By having cash in your pocket quickly, you can also use the car title loan money on unexpected bills or emergency payments. When you have extra cash to spare, you do not have to use your credit cards and continue adding debt to those credit cards. Extra cash also means you have time to recover from any other emergency type situations you may have needed to use a credit card for; unemployment, bills stacking up, medical emergencies, natural disasters, emergency home repair, student loans, etc. Life comes at you fast, that is why getting money needs to be even faster. Your Midwest Title Loans representative will also walk you through your repayment process; when your payments will need to be paid, any rescheduling that you may need, and your final paid-in-full payment. Repayment schedules vary between each different person and each budget and each special situation. Since you do not need to have a perfect or even good credit score, Midwest Title Loans does not need to do a credit check and will only need to verify your ability to pay the loan back (with pay stubs and a steady employment history) and by using your lien-free car title as collateral for your loan, this means your information is not shared with any major credit bureaus or even your own bank.

The Easy Car Title Loan Approval Process

Getting a car title loan is easy and the experts at Midwest Title Loans are ready to help you and walk you through the entire process. All you need to begin the process is by bringing in your vehicle for an evaluation, also bringing in your lien-free car title and a photo ID, filling out an application, and chatting with your Midwest Title Loans team member about your monetary needs and ability to pay back the loan amount. Since Midwest Title Loans will use your vehicle’s lien-free title as collateral for your loan, there is no need for any type of credit check. Your information will always stay confidential, even from any major credit bureaus and your bank. Once you are approved for a car title loan, do not worry, you will be able to drive away in your own car while Midwest Title Loans holds on to your vehicle’s title as collateral for the loan you have borrowed. You will have your car and also the extra cash you need in your pocket in under 30 minutes.

Paying Off Your Car Title Loan

Paying off your car title loan is easy... that’s what this whole process is for! Once you have paid off the full amount of the loan, you will get your car title back and drive off! Everything is done. If you need more time than the allotted time frame agreed upon (usually around 30 days) then your Midwest Title Loans representative can help extend your loan. The team is dedicated to helping you and your situation and budget needs.

Here’s How You Can Get Started on Improving Your Credit Score

If you are ready to start your journey to improving your credit score, now is the time to contact our professionals at Midwest Title Loans in the Kansas City area. If you would like to get pre-approved today, you can start by filling out our online form here. If you have more questions about car title loans or the approval process, you can contact our team here or visit one of our Kansas City area locations.

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Tips to Improve Your Personal Finances in 2021

Enjoy Stress-Free Finances This Year with these Budgeting Tips from Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City

title loans for personal finances While 2020 left a lot of us with financial strain and stress, 2021 feels like an opportunity to start fresh, set a solid foundation and start good habits. But, talking financials and budgets is overwhelming - and who knows where to start? Budgeting starts with simple foundations, but consistency is key. So take some of these budgeting tips, apply them to your day-to-day, and keep going to stay on top of it. By the end of 2021, you’ll be in much better shape than you started.

Get Familiar With Your Expenses

What are you paying every month? Every 6 months? Each year? Take into account everything that you know you’ll be spending money on - that has a “set” price. Consider rent, utilities, streaming services, insurance, etc. Write it all down so that you’re not surprised when you have a payment come out for an annual service. Pare everything down to how much it would cost you each paycheck. Do you get paid bi-weekly or monthly? Maybe you get paid weekly. All of your monthly costs would then be split into four. Annual costs would be split into 52 separate “payments”. How do things look? Is it a larger or smaller amount than you imagined? Now compare what you have coming in v what you have coming out. If you’ve broken everything down this far, you should have a direct comparison of what you’re spending and what you’re making. If you get to this point, and things are looking a little tight, this is your opportunity to evaluate if there’s anything that you can cut. Do you really need Netflix AND Hulu? Could a title loan help you create a bit more of a buffer? Now is the time to evaluate what’s best for your personal finance planning long-term.

Know Your Credit Score

If you don’t know your credit score, you don’t have a good handle on your financial health. Your credit score will be a baseline for whether or not you get loan approval for important purchases like your car or home, but it can also determine eligibility for some jobs who include credit in their background checks. Free credit check services like Experian, Equifax and Transunion will provide you a free update on your credit score several times per year, so that you can raise the flag if you see anything that doesn’t look right. Believe it or not, things that aren’t accurate can show up on and affect your credit score. If you stay on top of checking it regularly, you should be able to confront issues that arise in a timely manner and get them taken care of.

Use Flex Loans or Title Loans in Kansas City to Pay Off High Interest Credit Cards

Paying off all of your debt at once is an unreasonable ask, and usually unattainable - unless you think about taking on title loans! If you have a credit card that has a high interest rate, chances are, your debt is piling up. While all payments must go on, any extra payments or even if you have wiggle room to pay more than the minimum, should go to the debt you have that has the highest interest rate. Sometimes, that doesn’t feel like enough. Looking into a title loan that could help you pay off that large piece of debt in one lump sum, could save you a lot of money in the long-term. Paying off a high-interest debt quickly, will minimize the impact that the interest rate will have on you - and your credit. Flex loans give you the opportunity to borrow without putting debt on your credit card - with less effect on your credit. A flex loan acts like an open line of credit, so you can get approved, borrow and pay back as needed, much like a credit card. The difference is, credit bureaus don’t have access to your borrow and payment history with Midwest Title Loans like they would with a credit.

Put Aside 10% For Savings

After you’ve figured out what you spend and what you make, take a look and see if you can reasonably set aside 10 percent of your income to a savings account - to be used in case of emergencies. This could be in a savings account, a 401K or even just stashing cash away in a sock drawer. The important thing is that you’re saving. If you’ve outlined your expenses correctly for the year, this savings account can be saved for when your family is in need. Emergency medical expenses, opportunities that you didn’t know would come to you and your family, unexpected car problems. Saving is hard. Sometimes we get side-tracked, emergencies come up, and the holidays are hard on us. But, if you’re consistently putting money back, the hard times will get easier. The key to saving and being prepared in the harder times, is consistency in the better times. Dedicate 10 percent of each paycheck to an emergency-only fund; you’ll not only be creating an emergency account, you’ll create peace of mind for you and your family.

Check In Monthly On Your Spending

One of the best budgeting tips is: Do not let your bank account go for too long without checking in on how things are going. The best way to stay on top of your budget and be consistent, is to settle up every month. Track all of your expenses, put your 10% into savings, and pay all of your bills. Examine each month what you’ve spent and how you’ve spent it, and use that information to set groundwork for the next month. By setting a regular time to examine your personal finance, you’re able to look at bite-sized chunks that can be easier to process and evaluate. At this point, you can make adjustments where needed. Can you put a little more into savings? Can you cut back on ordering take-out? Did you get $15 out of your streaming service this month, or should you cut it off? Maybe you spent too much on to-go lattes, and your money would be better spent on an espresso machine? This is the time to make personal finance decisions and take control of your budget. So set a reminder on your calendar and get ready!

Go Easy On Yourself

Personal budgeting and personal finance planning is hard, especially when you’re starting from square one. You’re not perfect, and neither is your budget. Things happen. Just because you overspent one month, or forgot to add to savings, doesn’t mean your whole financial wellness has gone off the rails. It’s ok! Next month, get back on track. Everyone can have good financial health by practicing consistency and awareness. Give yourself a little grace to make mistakes, learn from them and improve your budgeting and financial wellness for the long run. If you started the new year in a financial bind, Midwest Title Loans is here to help you get the cash you need fast. Contact us today to get started with our simple lending process.

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