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Top Reasons to Get a Short-Term Personal Loan in Kansas City

Personal loans have many uses

top reasons to let a short-term personal loan

There are many valid reasons for seeking a personal loan. People can find themselves in a situation where they simply need to find a source for additional funds in the short term.

A personal loan differs from loans that are earmarked by the lender for a specific purpose, such as buying a home or a car loan. There is no specific requirement for which a personal loan must be used.

One of the most cited reasons for obtaining a personal loan is to consolidate existing debt. You might find that your credit card balances are too high and that making the minimum payments on the credit cards is costing you too much money in interest. Or the combined total of those minimum payments exceeds the payment required monthly on a personal loan taken out to pay the credit card balances off.

Another reason that some people get personal loans is for home remodeling projects, and to make home appliance purchases that can be costly.

Wedding expenses and moving costs are also reasons that people state for obtaining a personal loan. These are one-time expenses that are not recurring in nature and are well-suited for a personal loan.

There can also be an array of emergency expenses that necessitate seeking a personal loan such as medical expenses, funeral expenses, vehicle repairs, and other personal emergencies that involve unexpected expenditures for which you do not have the money available in your budget.

If you do not have the cash available to cover these expenditures, you must consider all the alternatives that may be available to you. Most of the time, the person borrowing the money needs quick access to the loan and may not have a lot of time to shop for different funding sources. Banks and credit unions can take weeks to approve and fund a personal loan or line of credit. There are also several finance companies making personal loans, but again if you need a loan quickly it will take at least a few days for a finance company to approve a loan. They will require various types of documentation, credit checks, and other requirements before funding a personal loan.

Car title loans are simple

There is another type of loan which may be available to you that is quickly and readily available, and doesn’t have burdensome requirements as other loans from the more traditional lending sources do.

We invite you to consider us at Midwest Title Loans for a car title loan in Kansas City. With more and more people keeping their vehicles for longer periods, they find that they have paid off the auto loan they used to purchase the vehicle and now have a lien-free title.

We at Midwest Title Loans are a great source of quick cash lending from a short-term lender that is a leader in vehicle title lending in Kansas City and the surrounding area. The tremendous advantage that we offer you is the ability to receive a cash loan quickly – most times in 30 minutes or less. Our process is straightforward, simple, and painless while you are treated with the respect and dignity that you deserve.

We are not concerned about your credit score or credit history as we do not depend on these factors in making a loan to you. All that is required is that you come to one of our convenient locations in Kansas City at 330 W 85th Street and 2500 State Street or one of our other locations at 6420 North Oak Trfwy in Gladstone, and 8212 Metcalf Ave in Overland. Once you are in our office, we will ask you to fill out a short, simple application form while our professionals evaluate your vehicle to determine the amount that we can lend you against your vehicle title. After that, you simply show us your valid government-issued identification, give us your lien-free vehicle title, and sign the easy-to-read loan agreements.

It is that simple. After completing this process you get your agreed-upon amount of cash and drive away from our office in your car while we hold the title, which we will gladly return to you when you pay your loan off in full.

Flex loans are the best of both worlds

We also have another type of loan available that you may want to consider – our Midwest Title Loans flex loan. The flex loan is a product that you visit our office to set up, and we will give you a preset line of credit with a credit limit based on your vehicle evaluation. You then have this credit facility available to you. You can use this on a revolving basis with an amount that refreshes as you make payments against the credit line.

It makes it easy to get the funds you need since you do not have to go through the full process every time you need additional funds. You just call us and tell us how much you want to borrow against your available credit and come in to pick up your cash.

For a traditional title loan or one of our flex loan products, contact us today at any of our four convenient locations.


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