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What to Do If You Can’t Pay Your Back Rent in Kansas City

Back rent related to COVID-19

back rent related to COVID-19

The moratorium on evictions offered by the federal government is a blessing that could turn into a nightmare for many renters. The federal government has recently extended the moratorium to June 30, 2021, to assist renters during the COVID-19 pandemic. But even if the government extends the moratorium beyond that date, there will come a time when back rent must be paid to landlords.

There are several government programs available that you can apply for that give assistance in paying rent, but this process takes time and it is not guaranteed that you will get all the help that you need.

To protect yourself as best as possible, you should follow the steps necessary and fill out the forms to let your landlord know you are invoking the moratorium for evictions for nonpayment of rent. It is also a good idea to talk to your landlord directly, communicate with them that you fully intend to pay your rent, and try to make some temporary arrangements to at least partially pay your rent.

You can hope that the federal government or other agency makes funds available for the payment of back rent, but you do not know what the qualifying criteria will be. Be planning your next steps without regard to assistance that may or may not be available.

Flexible loans are available for paying back rent

During the trying times of this pandemic, you may want to consider taking out a loan to pay your back rent. There is a good possibility that if you are unable to pay your rent you may also be behind on your other bills. As a result, your credit rating has suffered, making it difficult or impossible to get a loan from traditional lenders such as your bank or credit union.

If you find yourself in this situation, there are alternatives that may be available to you. Car title loans or flex loans are one source that may suit your needs.

A superb source for quick cash lending from title loans in Kansas City is Midwest Title Loans. We at Midwest pride ourselves on being the lender that you can count on to assist you with short-term loans to get you through those times when you are short on cash. We are a leader in low credit lenders in Kansas City and make it painless for you to get a title loan or flex loan to pay back rent owed. We can structure a loan plan that will allow you to satisfy your landlord while getting yourself back on track.

Title and flex loan process

It almost sounds too good to be true, but to get a title loan or flex loan from Midwest Title Loans, all you need to do is bring in your car and lien-free title to one of our four convenient locations in the Kansas City area and let us do the rest of the work.

We can put the extra cash you need in your hands in as little as 30 minutes. You just come into our office with your photo ID and car title and fill out an application while our professionals inspect and evaluate your vehicle to determine how much we can lend to you. It is that easy. You drive off our lot in your vehicle with the money you need, while we hold your car title until the loan is repaid.

A flexible option

A flex loan is much like a traditional car title loan, with a little twist. To get a flex loan from us at Midwest Title Loans, you come in just as you would for a traditional title loan and fill out an application while our professionals evaluate your vehicle and determine a loan amount.

The difference is this amount represents a credit line that is available to you, but you do not have to borrow the full amount at any one time. When you make payments against the credit line, you free up more funds that you can borrow. Anytime you need additional funds on your flex loan, you just call us and tell us how much money you need and come in and pick up the cash without having to fill out additional paperwork or go through any other steps.

Midwest Title Loans will make cash available to you for back rent or any other need without all the hassles that other lenders will put you through. We treat you with the dignity that you deserve. Visit us at one of our convenient locations in Kansas City, Gladstone, or Overland Park, and let us help you today.


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