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Steps to Remove a Lien from your Car’s Title

Releasing a Vehicle Lien for a Title Loan in Kansas City

car title loans with liens

Vehicle lien laws vary from state to state in the manner in which they are recorded and subsequently released. In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the lien laws in Kansas. Overall, they’re quite straightforward and you can remove a car lien from your title quite quickly.

To understand how to get a lien released in Kansas, one must understand what a lien is and how it gets placed against the vehicle. A lien is placed on a vehicle to protect a creditor that loaned money based on the vehicle’s value. A lien is a claim on the property of another party to protect the creditor in the event of the buyer’s default on the debt or a buyer’s bankruptcy.

For a lien to be perfected, the creditor must file a notice of lien with the Kansas Department of Revenue within thirty days from the date that the loan was made. In Kansas, the lien can be filed either by using a paper form or the lien can be filed online at the Revenue Department’s website.

Multiple liens

A vehicle can have multiple liens filed against it, but liens following the first lien are handled somewhat differently, as before they can be perfected the first lienholder must provide written authorization for the recording of the subsequent lien and the authorization must be provided to the Department of Revenue.

Removing an original lien

Normally a lien is recorded by the auto lender when a vehicle is initially purchased and is handled within the documents from that initial sale. Once that original purchase loan has been paid off in full , the original lender (lienholder) can file a release of lien form to the person who satisfied the lien, and fax or email the form to the Department of Revenue.

You may wonder how to get a car title. It is a relatively simple process achieved by filing the release of lien with the Department of Revenue and requesting a title.

Getting a clear title

Once the owner of the vehicle has had the title lien released and has received a clear title issued by the Department of Revenue, they have a modicum of security in that the clear title can be used to obtain cash in an emergency. That clear title can be used to obtain a car title loan from a lender that specializes in car title loans.

Title loans in Kansas City can be easily and quickly obtained from Midwest Title Loans, which is one of the leading title loan providers in Kansas. You may be like many people wondering how to get a title loan. The process has been made easy by Midwest Title Loans. In the Kansas City area, Midwest Title Loans has four convenient locations to serve you in Overland Park KS, Kansas City KS, Gladstone MO, and Kansas City, MO.

How to get a title loan from Midwest Title Loans

Midwest Title Loans has made obtaining a title loan a quick and simple process. If you find you need some funds to cover an emergency or for any other reason, all you have to do to get the funds is to drive your vehicle to one of the convenient Midwest Title Loan locations. Bring your lien-free title and your photo ID with you and fill out a simple application.

While you are filling out the application the professionals at Midwest will evaluate your vehicle which will determine the maximum loan which you can receive.

Car title loans are quick and efficient

Midwest Title Loans will lend to people with any type of credit rating as we do not care about your credit score. We are lending you money using your vehicle as collateral. Once you are approved for the loan, you can drive off in your vehicle with the cash you need in as little as 30 minutes. Midwest will hold on to your vehicle title and the transaction is completely confidential. When you have paid off the loan in full you will receive your title back from Midwest with no messy paperwork needed to be filed to release any claim against the vehicle.

Midwest Title Loans is one of the largest title loan companies in the Kansas City area. We have been a respected loan company since being founded in 1997 and have thousands of satisfied customers served since that founding. Midwest offers flexible loan structuring and stresses being a customer-friendly company in all transactions. Midwest has not grown to its current stature without making sure that its customers are fully satisfied and treated with the utmost respect. Visit one of our convenient Kansas City locations today, or get started by filling out our online info sheet.


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