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How to Get Your Car Title in Kansas City

Getting a Car Title is the First Step to Applying for a Car Title Loan

car title loans in Kansas City MO

If you would like to get a car title loan in Missouri, one of the few requirements is to have a copy of your car title document. If you don’t have your title, you can get a copy from the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Print out an Application for Missouri Title and License (Form 108) from the Missouri Department of Revenue website. Fill in your address and specify that you need a duplicate copy of the title. You must bring the form to a notary public to have your signature witnessed.

There’s an $8.50 duplicate title fee and a $6.00 processing fee, which you usually pay by check, money order, or cashier’s check. Submit the form to any Missouri license office. Note that it can take up to four weeks to get a duplicate title sent to you.

Now that you have your car title, you can get a title loan from Midwest Title Loans.

What is a Title Loan?

Everyone feels the need for some extra cash for emergencies, repairs, school fees, replacement appliances, or just to carry us through the month. If you have no ready cash, you can take out a loan. Whenever you apply for a loan, you offer something as collateral. It can be your house, investments, or other properties.

Taking out a large loan requires complicated paperwork and credit checks. If you need quick cash without the hassle, the best way is to go for a car title loan, which is easier and quicker to get. Here your car becomes the collateral, but you still keep it. It is like having your cake and eating it too!

How to get a Car Title Loan

If you are in Missouri and want to know how to get a car title loan, the answer is pretty simple. Midwest Title Loans offers you title loans in Kansas City, Missouri, with no hassles in the most customer-friendly manner. We pride ourselves on being one of the oldest and most respected title loan companies in this area. You just have to drive in with your car, fill up an information sheet and show us your photo id. Your car title has to be lien-free, too, which means it doesn’t already have a loan taken out on it.

You drive back home with your car and money after the loan approval. The car title remains with us until you pay off the loan. Midwest Title Loans offers the most flexible title loans in Kansas City. The typical range of our car loans is between $150 and $5,000, depending on the evaluation of your vehicle and your budget, and are bound by a 60-day renewable contract.

Advantages of getting a loan at Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City

  1. Same day approvals (20–30-minute process)
  2. An easy hassle-free process with very little paperwork
  3. Reputed, established, and respected car loan company
  4. Convenient locations
  5. You keep your car
  6. Confidentiality of your personal information and transactions

Getting a Car Title Loan

To get your car title loan, you should visit us with your car and your photo ID proof. You will fill out an application form with personal details like location, name, gender, date of birth, email, social security number, marital details, driving license number, employment details and vehicle details like the car make, model, and year of manufacture. We will evaluate your car, and if your application for a car title loan is approved, we will transfer the car title temporarily to us. You will get the cash you need for fulfilling your urgent needs and you still use your car.

The entire process is fast, simple, and all your details are also kept completely confidential. At Midwest Car Title Loans, Kansas City, we value the privacy of our customers.

When you pay back the loan amount, your car title is back with you. For customers’ convenience, we have opened four outlets in Kansas City, Gladstone, and Overland Park. If you fill out the online info sheet before visiting us, the approval process will be even faster. Our friendly staff is here to help you and answer your questions anytime.

Steps to Get a Title Loan in Kansas City

  1. Bring your lien-free car and photo id to one of our locations in the Kansas City area.
  2. Provide your information, budget, and cash needs as we evaluate the vehicle using a straightforward process. We will apprise you clearly of all terms and conditions before you put your signature anywhere.
  3. On approval, you will get the cash according to your needs. We offer a 60-day renewable repayment plan. We will return to you the car title when you pay off the loan in full.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact Midwest Title Loans today, or visit us at one of our convenient locations in Kansas City, MO; Kansas City, KS; Gladstone, MO; and Overland Park, KS.


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