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Winter Bills a Title Loan Can Pay For in the Kansas City Metro

Get Fast Cash with a Short-Term Loan to Fund Anything You Want or Need

pay winter bills with a title loan

Cool weather can often leave us strapped for cash. We’ll need new gear and equipment to combat the winter weather, make unexpected home repairs and also take care of our family over the holiday season. It seems like one expense after another keeps rolling in.

Short-term loans can help cover the impending expenses that always seem to come with the winter season, even if you have bad credit. In Kansas City, we’re known for our rollercoaster weather, but our finances don’t have to be that way too. Let’s take a look at the many upcoming winter bills you may face that Midwest Title Loans can help you get the funds to pay.

The Cost of Roof Repairs Covered with a Title Loan

Winter’s harsh weather can quickly bring to light any glaring issues that your roof may be having. The snow, ice, and heavy winds can damage shingles, causing them to fall off your roof and creating leaks. Even if you’ve been keeping an eye on your roof and currently see no signs of problems, the simple change in weather can bring unexpected surprises – and not good ones. Any leaks or softness in your roof that you start to experience can cause much larger amounts of damage in the long run – think wood rot, water damage, broken joists, and eventually mold and insects.

In addition to the winter weather directly affecting the condition of your roof, the winter weather can also cause accidents like tree limbs falling on your roof. If the tree in your yard is overgrown, or if it isn’t in good shape, the heaviness of the ice and snow can weigh on the branches causing them to snap – and end up on your roof! Title loans offer a fast cash solution so that you don’t have to let issues like this sit for too long. Take a smaller amount of quick cash now thanks to a title loan to combat the repairs like a champion now – so that you don’t have to look at borrowing a much larger amount down the road.

Upgrade Snow Removal Equipment using a Short-Term Loan

Whether you just need to remove snow at your home, or you’re looking to earn some extra cash by removing snow around your neighborhood, you may need to upgrade your snow removal equipment. Shovels, snow blowers, or a plow for your pickup truck can add up in cost, not counting the consumable items you’ll need, like sand or ice melt.

Last winter in the Kansas City area, purchasing ice melt became a weekly need as everything was constantly frozen over. The cost of ice melt and keeping your sidewalks and driveways safe and usable seems minimal at first, but when these purchases become a regular purchase and you need to stock up, the long winter months begin to get expensive.

Clearing snow around the metro, in Gladstone and Overland Park can be a lucrative side hustle starting in December and running through March. Many people with trucks are able to attach a plow to the front and get contracted out to help with local parking lots and side streets that the city can’t keep up with clearing. Using fast cash to invest in your side-hustle is a do-able expense, and with a heavy winter, you’ll be paying back your short-term loan in no time!

Kansas City Furnace and Heater Repair or Maintenance Costs

If you run out of time to schedule and complete your furnace and heater maintenance before the weather gets too cold, you may end up needing major repairs or replacement. Going without a heater for even a day or two during the Kansas City winter months is something you don’t want to deal with – especially if you have a family.

Furnace maintenance can be a more affordable way to make sure that you don’t end up in a cold house in January. But, if you do find yourself needing expensive furnace maintenance or a full heater replacement, a bad credit loan or title loan can help you keep those cold days to an absolute minimum.

Paying for Winter Wardrobe Upgrades with a Title Loan

Our winter wardrobe nearly always needs upgrades. Boots to keep your and your family’s feet warm are extremely important and can be pricey, especially if you invest in brands that are made to last multiple seasons. Depending on the condition of your boots from the previous year, you may need to replace them entirely. If your kids have grown – hint, they have! – you’ll need to find some winter boots to fit their bigger feet. Hand-me-downs can be helpful to save costs for growing children, but it’s not always an option. Keep their feet warm and dry this winter with some nice new boots.

What about winter coats? Many winter coats also come with a hefty price tag. Thankfully, a winter coat can generally last more than one season, but on the other hand they can also be easily outgrown. Other items you may need to purchase for your family’s winter wardrobe include warm socks, gloves, hats, and many layers. Take inventory of your and your family’s winter wardrobe to see what fits, and what has been outgrown before visiting our financial experts at Midwest Title Loans. Taking out a title loan to keep your family warm this winter is an option that will allow you to secure quick cash without damaging your credit.

Where Can I Find a Car Title Loan in Missouri or Kansas?

These are just a few winter bills that can be anticipated and covered with a car title loan from Midwest Title Loans. Don’t let the first winter storm catch you by surprise; take an inventory of your appliances, roof, wardrobe, car condition, and other things that you may need to borrow some quick cash to cover.

Other things that may come up include hosting over the holidays, purchasing snow tires, unexpected medical bills, the list goes on and on. No matter what your expenses are, Midwest Title Loans can help you stay on your feet no matter what life decides to bring to you this winter. Visit one of our four Kansas City metro area locations and leave with fast cash in your pocket in as little as 20 minutes.


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