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Get Ready for the Holidays with a Missouri Car Title Loan

Missouri and Kansas Residents Can Quality for a Short-Term Loan with Bad Credit

car title loan for the holidays

The holidays are right around the corner – and that means the holiday expenses that come along with them. It starts with Halloween, and then moves into Thanksgiving and Christmas, and don’t forget New Year’s Eve! With the costs flooding in, you find yourself looking for some sort of relief and assistance. With the current state of affairs with the pandemic, you may find yourself with reduced work hours or fewer opportunities for a holiday job.

Get ahead of the game and make your plan for the holiday season now. Write down a list of expected expenses and start saving, or if you won’t have the savings, take a look at a short-term loan that you can in turn pay off over the holidays. You’ll have the cash up front to do everything you need to do – and can get it paid off as the money comes in. That’s where a “car title loan near me” search online in Kansas City can help you find quick relief, and take away the financial stress of the upcoming months.

Kansas City Title Loans Cover Halloween Expenses

Halloween often gets overlooked as a holiday you may spend a large amount of money on, but there are many costs you may not be budgeting for, setting yourself up for financial failure. Are you crafty enough to make a Halloween costume, or will your child want a more polished, purchased costume? Will your child reuse her Elsa costume this year, or does she expect to go as Moana? Having to purchase a brand-new costume will cost you.

What about you? Will you be dressing up to attend any Halloween parties this year? Do you need to prepare for Halloween parties? You could be expected to bring something to work, or send your child to school with treats. With all of the little expenses throughout the Halloween week to celebrate, you could be looking at spending more than you think! Plus, Halloween seems to be the holiday of last-minute plans; quick cash via a car title loan can help.

Fund Your Thanksgiving Expenses with a Title Loan

Thanksgiving will look a little bit different this year for families across the world. Large gatherings of extended families will instead be smaller gatherings of close friends or immediate family members. For Thanksgiving, even without inviting the whole extended family, you’ll need to buy a turkey, all the sides, and lots of baking products from the grocery store.

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the average Thanksgiving Day dinner costs $48.91, to feed about 10 people. This cost doesn’t include non-food items, including bottles of wine, a centerpiece, or other decor items. In the end, you could be facing down a cost of well over $100 for a single meal.

Plus, if you’re traveling for the holiday, that could come with big expenses as well. Take a moment to think about the cost of a hotel room, flight, gas, rental car, and more. The Thanksgiving holiday is a great way to show appreciation for what we have, but it can come with a large price tag as well.

A fast title loan can help you get the funding you need to make Thanksgiving happen for your family. Even procrastinators who have bad credit can get help with fast cash loans from a car title loan company in Kansas City or Overland Park.

Short-Term Loans Make Christmas Happen

It’s still not over; next comes the pressure of the Christmas holiday. First, you’ll start thinking about decorating in November: the tree, the lights, the mantle – all looking festive. It’s a costly investment if you don’t already have everything you need at home – about $200 per year, according to financial experts. A faux tree can help save expenses year over year, and you can test your light strands to make sure that they’re ready to sparkle for the whole season, but replacing these items, or getting a real tree can be a large out-of-pocket expense.

Then come the holiday celebrations. Food, drinks, decor, and gifts for every event will cost you out-of-pocket. Statista notes that the average person will spend nearly $850 per person in their immediate family for Christmas gifts. Seeing your recipient’s eyes light up when they open their gifts makes it well worth it; a car title loan can make it happen. Take out only what you need with a bad credit loan, and the experts at Midwest Title Loans will help you set up a payment plan you’re comfortable with.

Cover New Year’s Eve Expenses with a Title Loan

Whether you’re attempting to be the host with the most, or you’re planning on showing up fashionably late to the celebration, New Year’s Eve is often overlooked as a holiday with expenses.

Think about it – you’ll probably spend money on a new outfit with sequins, a bottle of champagne, a car to get safely home, and a lovely meal. Or, you might throw a party at home with your family, where you’ll need to provide refreshments to be a good host. Regardless of how you celebrate, there’s a price tag associated.

When you decide how you will spend New Year’s Eve, factor in the amount of fast cash you will need to cover the costs of your celebration. A car title loan is an easy way to cover the expenses and help you celebrate in style.

Pay Your Holiday Bills with Fast Cash in Kansas City

So how can you use a title loan to conquer the upcoming costs of the holiday season? Fast cash in the Kansas City area is available same-day, and you can take as little as you need or as much as you’re approved for. Getting a car title loan is fast, flexible, easy and convenient at Midwest Title Loans, with locations in Kansas City, MO; Kansas City, KS; Overland Park, KS; and Gladstone, MO.

Qualifying for a bad credit loan is easy. Just bring your car and it’s clear title to one of our locations, and our expert team will let you know the loan amount you qualify for. Go ahead: make plans for the holidays, and then mark your calendar to visit Midwest Title Loans to fund it all.


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