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Loans for People with Fixed Incomes

How Car Title Loans Can Help You with Unexpected Expenses

loans for fixed incomes

Things happen. It’s not uncommon or even unique that your washing machine and stove both stopped working within the same week. Don’t worry, you’re not cursed; it’s just what happens when life doesn’t go your way — and quite frankly, it can be painful. It can hurt your wallet and it can stall your plans and goals. But Midwest Title Loans is here to help make sure that these speedbumps don’t get in the way of your ability to keep going and keeping moving forward with everything you have going!

We’re in the day and age of busy. Nonstop on the go, and when something goes wrong, it can feel like we ran straight into a brick wall. How will you get the kids to practice after work when your radiator dies? How will you afford rent next month if you have to replace the refrigerator? We don’t want your life to pause because of a financial liability, and that’s why we offer quick cash and short-term loans for anyone who has a car title.

What is a fixed income?

A fixed income refers to a monthly pay that never varies. For one circumstance or another, a person cannot improve their income. The most common fixed incomes are when a person’s only source of income is from a disability or social security check; it is typically only enough to cover basic living expenses, leaving little room to bolster a savings account or set aside cash in case of an emergency. This can also be the situation for someone living off of their retirement, depending on what their investment situation is. That’s where a car title loan comes in.

How can a title loan help me deal with unexpected expenses?

A fixed income can often mean that there’s no wiggle room for emergencies. It can be difficult to qualify for a typical loan when you’re living with a fixed income because traditional lenders are wary to lend money to you. Unfortunately, low credit scores and fixed incomes can sometimes go hand-in-hand, and a bank lender will always check your credit score.

Midwest Title Loans, in Kansas City, Overland Park, and Gladstone, works with people on fixed incomes or who have overall bad credit by issuing title loans so they can get the cash they need. Car title loans are short-term cash infusions that you can use to address the financial situation you find yourself in. They’re typically based on the value of the vehicle you bring in the car title for.

How does a title loan help with emergency cash needs?

There are a million reasons you could need cash fast. What if your air conditioning goes out in the middle of a Kansas City summer, or if your dog eats something they shouldn’t have, landing you in the emergency veterinarian’s office. At Midwest Title Loans, we understand that people come to us in their hour of need, and we’re always happy to help.

What we do is actually pretty simple. First, you’ll answer a few questions for us and provide your photo ID and clear car title with no other liens. Then, we’ll evaluate the value of your vehicle, hand you the cash you need, and hang onto your title as you drive away with your keys, in your car. Now, you have the money you need to help your grandchild go to camp, fix an appliance in your home, or renew your car registration.

We’ll hold the title as collateral until you’re able to pay back the loan. Depending on the value of your vehicle, car title loans are typically structured on a 60-day renewable contract. Depending on the value of your vehicle and your ability to repay us, you can get the cash you need fast with a short-term title loan from one of our locations in Kansas City, Overland Park, or Gladstone.

Can a title loan help with an unexpected medical cost?

If you’ve been putting off visiting the dentist’s office or running tests at the doctor’s office for fear of what they’ll find and not being able to afford treatment, put your fears at ease. Pursuing regular medical check-ups is key to not running into any large and unexpected medical costs.

If you’re suffering from pain and aren’t able to financially cover living pain-free because of the exponential costs of the healthcare system, or if you find yourself facing mounting medical bills that your fixed income won’t be able to cover, fast cash from Midwest Title Loans can help you cover those costs and catch up on your medical bills until you receive your next check.

How much cash can I get to help me with my unexpected costs on a fixed income?

The amount of quick cash you qualify for depends entirely on the make, model, year, and condition of your vehicle — which, together, determine its worth! You can get an estimate of the amount of car title loan you qualify for by using the calculator on our website.

Newer make and model vehicles will typically qualify for larger short-term loans than older vehicles, but to get your specific qualifying amount, our loan specialists at each of our locations will be able to evaluate your vehicle and provide you with an accurate quote.

What do I need to do to get fast cash with a car title loan near me?

First, you’ll need a lien-free vehicle. Lien-free means you don’t owe a bank any more money on the car that you own — that it’s your car, outright. If your car is free of liens, you probably have your car title document put away somewhere. Get it out of your storage drawer or filing cabinet, and bring it with you when you apply for your car title loan in Kansas City.

Next, bring in your car, its title, and your photo ID to the Midwest Title Loans location closest to you. Through our quick and confidential process, you can be approved for a cash loan to help you tackle any unexpected expense. If you need the process to go even faster, you can fill out our pre-approval form online before you visit us. When you pay back your loan you’ll get your title back!

Ready to take out a car title loan? Contact us with any questions, then come in and see us!


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