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Fall Home DIY Projects that Title Loans Can Help You Pay For

Car Title Loans Can Fund Home Improvement in Kansas City

Title loans, which give you cash in hand fast, are the perfect way to get the capital you need to make improvements on your home, even if you have bad credit! Because Midwest Title Loans provides short-term loans, it’s smart to use that quick cash to make improvements that can be seen as an investment on your home.

Improving the overall value of your home for potential buyers and appraisal professionals is always a good idea. Things like curb appeal and proper maintenance of your home can improve the worth of your home, and of your neighbors’.

Fall is the perfect time to invest in your home, as there are several things that you’ll want to do to prepare for winter anyway. Here in Kansas City, we can have winters with lots of snow and ice, causing damage to gutters, roofs, driveways and even our foundations.

At Midwest Title Loans, we’ve come up with four great DIY home projects that a car title loan could fund to improve your home.

title loan for DIY project

Pay for Gutter Repair and Gutter Guards with Your Bad Credit Loan

With fall just around the corner, the leaves on our big trees will start to fall and accumulate in yards and on roofs and begin filling gutters. Installing gutter guards on your home can help prevent wet leaves from weighing your gutters down, causing them to sag, get clogged, or break.

To install gutter guards, you’ll just need to purchase them from your local hardware store in Overland Park, Kansas City, or Gladstone. Then, grab your ladder to access your roof, and follow the instructions on the product you purchased.

All of this can be paid for with quick cash from a title loan near you because it’s a very affordable upgrade. Don’t forget to clean your gutters out before installing the gutter guards, and then look forward to that being the last time you need to extensively clean your gutters!

Use a Title Loan to Pay for Appliance Maintenance

Fall is a great time to get your major appliances inspected. You’re about to turn on your furnace for the first time in months and simultaneously shut off your air conditioner. It’s best to make sure they’re in great shape, and it’s much less expensive to perform annual maintenance on your appliances than to perform large repairs or buy new ones if something breaks down, especially if you have bad credit. To put it into perspective, you might pay $300 for HVAC maintenance, but a whole-new system will cost you up to $10,000!

You don’t want your furnace (or air conditioner) to stop working because you forgot to keep up on maintenance on one of those days with extreme Kansas City weather. For example, don’t suffer through those blizzards that always seem to fall on Sunday night! When you have an expert come out to inspect your appliances, they’ll perform recommended maintenance, and you can use your title loan quick cash to make the necessary repairs.

Get Your Roof Repaired with Your Fast Cash in Kansas City

Your roof’s condition and improvements can hold advantages that are both practical and that will benefit the overall curb appeal of your home. First, consider when your roof was installed. Most roofs tend to hit the end of their lifeline between 20-30 years and may need to be replaced entirely. If that’s the case, consider hiring a professional to ensure the installation is high-quality and will protect both your home and your family.

If it’s less than 20 years old, you can look for things like water spots inside your home and on the eaves that can be indicative of water getting under your shingles in the wrong places. Typically, a repair like this can be a DIY improvement. You simply need to remove the damaged shingles and moisture barriers and replace them with new ones. It’s important to look at making this improvement before our midwest winter sets in to avoid this becoming something bigger than a DIY project.

Grab a ladder and hop onto your roof to inspect the rest of your shingles and flashing. Look around for damaged shingles and any that may not be fully secured. Sometimes the strong winds in Gladstone and Overland Park can cause the edges of our shingles to pop up or will remove shingles entirely. Some quick cash from a title loan should be enough to help you fix these minor issues before the elements of winter move in to cause more damage.

Maintaining your Foundation

Depending on which neighborhood of the Kansas City metro you’re in, your foundation may vary. You might have a regular concrete basement, or a dirt crawl space, or, in a very old house, stone! While each of these foundations can pose its own problems, the constantly shifting ground in the area forces us to be vigilant in monitoring what’s holding up our home. To keep an eye on your foundation’s condition, you can do a “fall walk around” of your home. Stroll around the interior and exterior of your home to check for cracks and moisture that wasn’t previously there. Check to make sure the ground around your home is directing water away from your foundation and basement.

If you have a major foundation issue, a DIY fix probably won’t be your best bet. But for minor, aesthetic cracking, you can fix them and seal your foundation to prevent moisture in your basement, keep out pests, and leave your foundation in good shape. You can also use your title loan to do things on the exterior of your foundation, like install french drains or grade your yard to encourage water to flow away from your foundation and maintain the integrity of your home. Most of these changes can be DIY projects that are perfect for completing in the fall.

Where to Find a Title Loan Near You

If DIY home projects are on the brain, or if you’re looking to improve the value of your home, but need funding, it’s easy to get a car title loan in Kansas City, Overland Park, or Gladstone.

Midwest Title Loans has been serving the greater Kansas City area for decades by providing quick cash for home improvements just like the ones we mention above. Bring in your clear car title today, and we’ll let you know how much quick cash you qualify for. You can walk away with the money you need to perform necessary home maintenance! Find a Midwest Title Loans location today, and get started on your fall projects!


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