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Cover Back-to-School Expenses with a Title Loan in Kansas City

Upfront College and Other Education Costs Can Be Paid with a Short-Term Loan

Although Kansas City Public Schools don’t plan to head back to class until after Labor Day, and even then, children will attend classes virtually, school supplies are still a necessity, especially for those planning to head off or back to college at the University of Kansas, University of Missouri-Kansas City, University of Central Missouri, or Johnson County Community College.

Changes to learning structure can also mean your child needs additional supplies and support to be successful in the 2020-2021 school year. If you weren’t able to plan ahead to save money to cover the costs, but back-to-school time, even virtually, is nearing, you’ll need to find a way to pay for these very important materials.

title loan in Kansas City

A car title loan in Kansas City can help you pay for school supplies and college fees while you’re between paychecks or short on cash, so your child is set up for success for the coming school year. Midwest Title Loans, with four convenient locations in the metro area, can help you get cash fast.

How a Title Loan Works

Taking out a short-term car title loan is quite simple. Just bring your vehicle, it’s lien-free title, and your photo ID to a Midwest Title Loans location in Overland Park, KS; Kansas City, MO; Kansas City, KS; or Gladstone, MO.

After a few quick questions and vehicle evaluation, you can walk away with cash in your hand based on the value of your vehicle, the amount of money you need, and your monthly budget. Our car title loans are 60-day renewable contracts, so you have 60 days to repay your loan or renew for a second term, and you get to keep your car. If you need more than 60 days to pay back your loan principal and interest, we are happy to work with you to extend your loan term.

Almost anyone can qualify for a title loan. All you need is to be at least 18 years of age or older and possess a clear, lien-free title to a car you own, a photo ID, and your vehicle. Learn more about how to get a title loan.

How a Title Loan Can Help You Pay for School

Depending on the value of your car and your monthly budget, you could leave a Midwest Title Loans location with a significant amount of cash in your pocket! How you spend it is totally up to you. But if back-to-school costs are your focus, here are a few great ideas you can use your new cash to pay for.

Tuition deposits or room and board deposits. The average U.S. college costs almost $18,000 per academic year to attend. Many students qualify for scholarships, student loans, and grants, but families can still be left to pay a deposit on their tuition and room and board fees. A car title loan could get you enough money to pay these fees and hold your college student’s place at their selected university for the year.

Basic school supplies. It seems that school supply lists, even in elementary school, get longer and longer every year. As your student approaches upper grades, they may even need pricier supplies, like a scientific calculator, a more sturdy backpack, or additional items for elective classes that pique their interest. Even a small title loan can cover much of these costs, and you can check off the boxes next to every supply on your student’s list.

Back-to-school clothes or school uniforms. Two things are absolutely true: children don’t stop growing, and fashions don’t stop changing! A short-term loan from Midwest Title Loans can help you purchase clothes and school uniforms to refresh your child’s wardrobe. A title loan is also a great option if you need to outfit all your children in new sneakers or boots and winter coats as colder temperatures roll around. What worked in the heat of summer, just won’t cut it in cold Kansas City winters.

Personal computers, laptops, or tablets. Especially if your child will be taking part in virtual learning, having their own computer or tablet to use as they log in to Zoom meetings with their teacher or professor, as well as the technology to use educational apps or complete homework can keep them on-task and learning at grade-level. College students may need to purchase additional software for their degree programs, especially if they’re pursuing fields like graphic design, accounting, or architecture. Your title loan could cover the purchase price of these.

College textbooks. You’re a smart shopper and know to find used textbooks outside of the university bookstore, especially on used book websites. But even then, the cost of multiple discount textbooks still add up, and your student needs all of them to master the knowledge in their courses.

Athletics fees. School athletic programs tend to ask for monetary contributions from the student-athletes’ families to pay for uniforms, bus trips, and other necessities. Your car title loan can help fund your child’s athletic team and let them enjoy camaraderie with their teammates instead of sitting on the sidelines.

Where Can You Find a Car Title Loan in Gladstone and the Surrounding Area?

Midwest Title Loans has been a fixture in Kansas City for more than two decades, and we’re easy to find, too. To apply for a title loan and walk away with quick cash today in the KC area, visit our locations at 330 W. 85th Street in Kansas City, MO; 6420 N. Oak Trafficway in Gladstone, MO; 8212 Metcalf Avenue in Overland Park, KS; or 2500 State Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas. To make the process even faster, you can fill out our info sheet online in advance of your visit.

One of our finance experts will walk you through the process and help you get the money you need for back-to-school expenses to set your children up for success. You can leave with cash in your pocket in as little as 20 minutes! We look forward to meeting you and providing solutions to your financial needs.


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