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Can You Get a Flex Loan with Bad Credit?

Short-Term Loans in Kansas City, KS

When you’re on a tight budget, perhaps living paycheck to paycheck, having extra cash available when you need it would be life-changing. If you live in Overland Park or Kansas City, KS, a flex loan is there for you to cover unexpected bills, make special purchases and fund important life events.

When you take out a flex loan, you’re eligible to receive quick cash when you need it and will only pay interest on the money you borrow for the duration of time you borrow it. Ready to learn more about how this short-term loan option can help you?

What is a Flex Loan?

Like a car title loan, a flex loan is a short-term loan structured like a line of credit and uses your car title as collateral.

flex loan in Kansas

With a flex loan, you get a credit limit to borrow against as you need the money. You don’t have to borrow the full amount all at once, but you can if you need to. As you pay down the money you’ve borrowed from your flex loan, you are increasing the amount of your available credit the next time you need cash fast.

Kansas flex loans are based on a daily interest rate, and you only pay interest on the amount of money you’ve borrowed for the duration of time you’ve borrowed it. If you only need money for a few days, you only pay interest for those few days between withdrawing the money and depositing your payment.

A flex loan allows you to leave your loan status “open,” to keep the money in your line of credit available to you even once you’ve paid it back in full. If you need money again, you can borrow cash without filling out additional paperwork or re-applying.

How Is a Flex Loan Different from a Car Title Loan?

A traditional car title loan, like a flex loan, uses your car as collateral. However, you must apply each time you need a title loan, even if your job and car are exactly the same as they were when you were granted prior loans.

A flex loan, however, gives you flexible loan terms and durations, and allows you to borrow the same money as many times as you need without re-applying, as long as you pay back the money you’ve borrowed.

Who Qualifies for a Flex Loan?

Because Midwest Title Loans does not conduct credit checks on loan applicants and accepts your lien-free car title as collateral, anyone who is able to pay back a loan is eligible to take out a flex loan. Even if you have poor credit, or haven’t yet established credit, you can take out a flex loan in Kansas.

To get approved for a flex loan, you will need to provide some simple pieces of documentation to the loan officer you’re working with at Midwest Title Loans. When you apply, you’ll need:

  • A drivable vehicle, which we will evaluate
  • A lien-free title to the vehicle, in your name
  • A valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license
  • Verification of your income, such as pay stubs

You also must be at least 18 years of age or older to qualify for a short-term loan from Midwest Title Loans.

If you can meet our very simple criteria, you can be approved for a flex loan, despite your credit score. At Midwest Title Loans, we don’t believe your credit score should define you or your ability to take out a loan when you need money. Traditional lenders rely heavily on the number assigned to you by the big four credit reporting agencies to determine whether you’re fit to work with them on a loan. But we know the truth: your credit score alone does not accurately determine whether you should receive a loan and whether you are able to pay back that loan.

If you’ve ever been denied for a loan by a bank or credit union, you know how frustrating it is to leave empty-handed. We’re putting a stop to disappointing and frustrating experiences like that by offering these flex loan options for residents of Kansas.

When Can I Borrow Money?

Once you’ve been approved for a flex loan, and we’ve established a line of credit for you, you can borrow cash whenever you need it without reapplying for each loan. If you leave your account in “open” status, you can re-borrow up to your credit limit every time you need quick cash in Kansas City.

We ask that you call ahead to let us know, and we will have your money ready for you when you arrive at one of our Midwest Title Loans locations in Kansas.

Are There Rules About How I Can Spend My Loan?

Our philosophy is that once you take out a cash loan from us, that money is yours to do with as you wish. We do not track how our valued clients spend their hard-earned money and believe that if you felt you had a good reason to take out a flex loan, then that reason is good enough for us.

Many of our clients use flex loans to make home or auto repairs, purchase a new appliance, fund holiday gifts, pay medical bills, or buy furniture and supplies for a new baby when their regular paycheck just won’t cut it. Of course, the possibilities are endless, and how you spend your flex loan is up to you.

Where Can I Find a Flex Loan Near Me?

If you need to take out a flex loan, always go to a company that’s been in service in the area for years. An established, well-respected loan company will treat you like a person, be empathetic to your situation, and empower you to achieve your financial goals. That’s why Midwest Title Loans is the right choice for people living near Kansas City and Overland Park.

Learn more about our flex loans online, or visit us in person at our Kansas locations at 8212 Metcalf Avenue in Overland Park, or 2500 State Avenue in Kansas City.


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