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Wedding Financing Tips

Title Loans Can Help Fund Your Big Day

Engaged couples in Kansas City, Missouri, spend an average of $23,000 on their weddings. The costs of all components of a wedding can really add up quickly. But, because it’s one of the biggest days of most people’s lives, it only makes sense people are willing to pay a lot of money to throw a beautiful and fun celebration of love.

All of those services you have to book in advance often require down payments early on to secure your wedding date. Even if your wedding is months or a year down the road, now is the time to make sure you can pay the initial fees to make your big day exactly the way you want.

If you’re short on your down payments and are in need of getting money quickly, you could consider a car title loan from Midwest Title Loans. A short-term loan like a title loan can get you cash when you need it.

Wedding Financing Tips

Wedding Services You Can Pay For With a Title Loan

You can customize your wedding by choosing a venue that suits your style, the type of entertainment you prefer, and with do-it-yourself decor. Title loans can help you pay for lots of wedding day essentials:

  • Down payment to secure your wedding venue. The wedding and reception venue set the tone for your entire ceremony and wedding, so it’s important you pick one that you love and that matches your personal wedding style. With dates booking out years in advance, if your date of choice is available, you need to put a down payment on the date to secure it for your wedding. A title loan can help you assemble this first payment to make sure you get to have the wedding of your dreams on the date of your choice.
  • Live music or a DJ service. The live band or DJ keeps your wedding reception moving at a fun, festive pace and helps guide the evening’s events, like the cake-cutting, bouquet-toss, first dances, and wedding party toasts. Like wedding venues, you need to book your music in advance, and popular live bands and DJs are always in demand. Use a short-term loan to secure the DJ, or to pay for their services on your wedding night.
  • Flowers. Depending on the type of flowers the bride desires in her bouquet, the florist bill can get pricey fast. An easy way to cut down on flower price is to use flowers and other botanicals that are in season during your wedding. In the fall, for example, hardy mums showcase autumn colors and are complemented by loose and lush eucalyptus. In the spring or summer, the bride might choose daisies or lilies to complete her bouquet and floral decor look. But, no matter what, flowers can come with a hefty price tag, and payment is usually due upon receipt of the flowers. Make sure you have the cash to pay your florist on your wedding day.
  • Catering. What kind of party would it be without some kind of food? If you’re serving hors d’oeuvres during a cocktail hour, a buffet, or a full-sit down dinner, you can expect to pay anywhere from $12 to $100 per person! Even a small guest list drives up the food bill. And, you don’t want to forget to tip your caterers–which makes food costs even higher.
  • Decorations. Even if you take a DIY-approach to centerpieces, aisle decor, and other decorations, the components of everything can be expensive, especially if you want something a little more unique than a few candles in mason jars! When you calculate the cost of making decorations yourself, it’s almost always cheaper than buying them premade, but a trip to the local craft store can still set you back significantly.
  • THE wedding dress. When you put it on and know it’s the one, you will do almost anything to make sure you get to wear the perfect dress on your wedding day. Sometimes you don’t find the right dress for you by staying in your initial dress budget. And that’s OK! It’s a very special dress, so you deserve to make sure you truly love it before committing to it. Say yes to the dress and help fund the purchase with a short-term loan.
  • Photography. You don’t want to trust just anyone with a camera to capture your big day. You want a professional photographer who knows how to capture every event during your wedding day, in a photo style that you adore. And like venues and caterers, photographers need a down payment to secure your date.
  • Wedding party costs. Buying gifts for your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and parents, plus their flowers, and the rehearsal dinner doesn’t seem like a lot. Oh, $30 for your best friend? No problem, until you multiply that by the total number of wedding attendants you have asked to share your special day. A title loan can fund the purchases you need to make if you run short of money as you put the finishing touches on wedding planning. And if you’re a member of the wedding party, you can expect to fork over a pretty penny, too. Being in the wedding party will set you back a national average of $728! Because dresses, tuxes, and accessories can change with the season, you are sometimes working with a short window of time to purchase or rent them – and not being able to do that means you could hurt your friends’ feelings. Be sure you have the funds with a car title loan.

How Do I Get a Car Title Loan in Overland Park, Kansas, or Gladstone, Missouri?

Luckily, getting a car title loan in the Kansas City metro area, including St. Joseph, Missouri, is a very easy process that doesn’t take long at all. Instead of spending time searching, “title loan near me,” visit Midwest Title Loans!

To secure a car title loan, you will need to own a car without any liens on the title. Bring the title and your photo ID to Midwest Title Loans, where one of our experienced associates can help you determine the amount of loan you qualify for. Your loan is processed, and you walk out of our offices with cash – and your car keys – in your hand. You can even drive away in your car.

At Midwest Title Loans, we don’t check your credit, and we don’t care if you’ve had less than stellar credit in the past – or present. Your clear car title is your collateral, and everyone with every type of credit can apply for a loan with us.

Our loan repayment options take into account your income, and we will work with you to be sure you can pay off your car title loan you get from us. Because title loans are short-term, you don’t have to deal with a long, drawn-out process of payment schedules or high interest fees.

If you’re ready to get started and get money to help finance your upcoming wedding, you can pre-apply for approval online before visiting us to get your cash. We’re standing by, ready to help you, at our four convenient locations.


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