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Don’t Pass on Doing Summer Home Projects

A Car Title Loan Can Fund Your Tools and Materials

You’ve heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.”

Well, here in the Kansas City metro area, we could say, “Winter weather and spring storms bring summer home repairs.” It’s not as catchy or concise, but it’s still completely true.

When the summer season finally rolls around, you probably have a list of work that you need to do to keep your house in good condition. If you don’t make the repairs, the condition of your home will get worse and worse, until it becomes a very expensive repair. By keeping up with fixes, you can actually save money on household maintenance.

If your house has a long list of repairs after a harsh winter and spring, but your bank account is looking a little low, a car title loan could be the answer to your funding problem. This type of short-term loan gets you cash-in-hand in as little as 20 minutes, so you can buy what you need to keep your house in optimal condition.

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Home Repairs Title Loans Can Pay For

Roof and gutter repairs. The weight of snow and ice puts strain on your roof, and icicles weigh down your gutters. Spring storms with high winds blow shingles right off your house. You may need to replace missing shingles and broken gutters to keep your family dry and prevent damage to the interior of your home. Consider extending your downspouts at least 10 feet from the foundation of your home–an inexpensive way you can protect your basement from taking on water. If your house is tall, you might also hire a professional to thoroughly clean your gutters.

Maintain your central air conditioning system. Before you consider turning on your air conditioner, call a heating and cooling professional to inspect it. This technician will make sure your equipment is running properly and advise you on any repairs you could expect later in the season. Generally, an inspection and maintenance is far less costly than performing big repairs, so it’s a worthwhile expense to take on before the heat of summer hits.

Window insulation. Fluctuations in temperature, especially from going from warm to cold and back again, pulls caulk away from window seams, which make your house more drafty, and your HVAC less efficient. Remove old caulk and reapply new to any areas with gaps to save on energy bills. It also will improve the look of your home interior.

Paint. Interior paint is never exposed to the elements of the great outdoors, but it still needs a refresh every once in a while. Paint also is an inexpensive way to change the whole look of your home. Paint, primer, and good-quality brushes and rollers can help you achieve an interior paint job on-par with the pros. You should also take the time to touch-up your soffits and fascia boards, and repaint areas of your masonite or wood siding to protect them from the elements.

Repair your driveway. Ice melt and frequent shoveling can lead to cracks in your driveway. To keep your driveway looking great and functioning like it should, consider getting a new driveway poured, or repairing your existing one using DIY tools and materials from your local hardware store.

Trim tree limbs. Winter ice breaks tree limbs, and so do heavy spring winds. In Gladstone, MO, and Overland Park, KS, no one is safe from summer winds or tornados, either. Keep your house safe from falling branches by proactively trimming them back, or cutting down dead trees altogether. Consider hiring a professional tree service for larger jobs, which can be dangerous.

Fix up your deck. Decks built with pressure-treated lumber can still sustain damage and wear from the elements. Even if you diligently swept snow off it all winter, you may still need to conduct repairs to keep it looking good and standing strong. Rent or buy a power washer to remove debris from the decking materials, and apply a seal or protective stain while it’s warm and sunny out. Replace rotting boards as needed.Simple steps like these can extend the life of your deck.

Look for and fix foundation cracks. As the ground freezes and thaws, soil beneath your house can shift, causing minor cracks in your foundation. Because the foundation is one of the most important elements of your home, you should take action quickly! Foundation cracks can affect your whole house and create water problems in your basement or invite pests inside. If your foundation’s condition is critical, you should consider calling a professional to determine what kind of repairs you’ll need to make to keep your home standing strong.

Find South Kansas City Title Loans

You don’t need to waste time asking your friends, “Where can I get a title loan near me?” or searching Google to find a reputable lender. With locations in Kansas City, MO; Gladstone, MO; Overland Park, KS; and Kansas City, KS, Midwest Title Loans is a clear choice for when you need money fast. We are one of the oldest and most respected title loan companies in the area.

All you need to qualify for a short-term loan is a vehicle with a lien-free title in your name and a photo ID. At our office or online, you’ll fill out a short application form. Then, you’ll be approved for a loan and drive away in your car, while we hang onto your title. All you have to do is repay your loan with our easy 60-day renewable contract, and then you’ll get your title back when you’re paid-in-full. We’ll work with you on a payment schedule that fits your needs.

The loan amount depends on your car’s appraisal, your budget, and how much cash you need. Our loans typically range from $150 to $5,000. We never check your credit, so it’s easy for everyone to get approved for the money they need. If you’re needing to do home repairs this summer, a title loan of any amount can get you started on the work within 20 minutes of applying.

If you’re ready to get the money you need, visit one of our four locations. Call our main phone line at 816-363-8600 if you have any questions about how you can get a car title loan today.


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