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Home Improvement Projects You Should Focus on This Summer

A Car Title Loan Can Help You Complete Them

It’s almost summertime in Kansas City, a season when some people have extra time on their hands. The weather is warmer, so summer is an ideal time to take stock of the home improvements that need to be made before the harsh winds of winter set in again. But you might not have the funding for these projects. Luckily, Midwest Title Loans has both household project ideas and a way to pay for them.

Do a Home Study

For you, the first step should be to walk through your house with a notepad. Take a careful look at all the elements of every room—the windows, the floors, the closet doors, the light fixtures, the fans, the furnishings, etc. Make note of anything that is sagging, broken, fogged, scratched, or burned out. Make note of any walls that need patching or painting.

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Decide which projects are the most important. For example, if the shower is leaking, creating a stain on the tile floor, that might be a higher priority than repainting the walls because the color isn’t satisfactory. If the oven no longer works, and getting take-out is a daily requirement, repairing the oven might be more important than buying new curtains to replace faded ones.

Once the interior project list is made, consider the exterior projects. The porch lights, fence, mailbox, garage door, other exterior doors, roof, flashing, soffit, fascia, and landscaping should be evaluated. Is the drainage adequate? Is there a pest problem? Does your home exterior need new paint to protect the wood siding?

Again, you should consider which projects are the most important. Poor drainage might result in damage to the home’s foundation, which would be more important than planting decorative shrubs. Missing shingles might lead to water damage to interior rooms, making them a priority over buying a more attractive mailbox.

Establish Priorities

You will likely end up with far more jobs than can be done in one summer. Sometimes, just listing all the jobs that need to be done is overwhelming, and Overland Park homeowners find themselves giving up and flopping down in front of the television. But simply picking the top three jobs that need to be done should be a manageable goal.

Establishing three top jobs will give you a mission. The most important job is to be listed on top so that it will be tackled first. Completing the first project will give you a sense of accomplishment. Perhaps you could plan a reward for completing the first job, making you more eager to get that job done.

Example of a Job List

If the jobs to be done are the following:

  • Replace missing shingles so that no water damage will enter the house
  • Fix or replace the oven to cut down on eating out
  • Correct a drainage problem so that water will not breach the foundation

Then the most important job is fixing the missing shingles. Water damage would create very costly repairs to ceilings, walls and possibly furnishings and carpeting in the house. If the roof is in good repair except for the missing shingles, it should be easy to go online, read about how to repair a few shingles, and replace them yourself.

How to Pay for Projects

Once you know which job has top priority, it is time for you to look at the budget. If no savings are available to pay for the job, a car title loan in Kansas City, Gladstone, or St. Joseph can be used to provide the necessary funds. It is a much better idea to take out a short-term loan than to allow water to ruin the ceiling, wall, and carpeting of a room in the house, which will be more expensive to repair later. Having missing shingles would also lower the value of the home. It’s important to maintain an investment as large as a home so that if you ever sell it, you’ll get top dollar.

Finishing the Job as Cheaply as Possible

It pays to do a careful study of how to do some projects yourself without having to hire an expert. Searching online enables a homeowner to check a variety of sites, watch videos, and ask questions. It might be possible to save a great deal of money by replacing a few shingles rather than call a roofer, who may try to suggest that a whole new roof was needed.

Moving on to the next job, it might be cheaper to call a technician to fix the stove than to buy a new stove. It pays to check with friends or family for names of reputable technicians. Checking online will uncover any negative ratings by people who have used those companies before. Requesting a guarantee on the work will ensure that if the work is not done correctly the first time, it will be fixed without further cost.

The third job could probably be done quite easily yourself. Using a shovel to dig a ditch that would divert water away from the home and then lining the ditch with a few bags of gravel, or simply extending your home’s downspouts away from the foundation, would be relatively inexpensive. And perhaps doing it yourself would enable you to add a little extra landscaping (another goal), so the drain system could become an attractive landscape feature. If the area tends to be marshy, a water garden could be incorporated. Or perhaps you want a small water feature that would add relaxing sounds to the back yard where you could meditate or relax with your family.

Adding up the Costs

The top three jobs would involve the spending of some money for supplies like shingles, gravel, and landscaping. It would also involve spending some money for services, like the oven repair. But when homeowners do some of the jobs themselves, that dramatically cuts down on the overall costs.

Therefore, the car title loan can be smaller and easier to pay back quickly. The house will be well maintained so that it will keep its value for resale. You will have a sense of accomplishment, knowing that you learned some new skills and saved some money. And, who knows, friends may hear about your new skills and may ask for help with their projects, which could lead to a little extra money for paying back that loan!

Where Can I Get a Car Title Loan Near Me?

Getting a short-term loan or flex loan for home repairs is as easy as 1-2-3 at Midwest Title Loans. First, bring your car in, along with a clear title and photo ID. We’ll take a look at all the information on your application, and give you a cash loan. You can even drive away with your car and your keys. Visit us at one of our four locations in Kansas City, KS; Kansas City, MO; Gladstone, MO; and Overland Park, KS.


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