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Best Short Term Loan Options in Kansas City

What are the Best Short Term Loan Options in Kansas City?

Even though people are getting better and better and managing their finances, there are situations, usually unforeseen, that take even the most careful individual by surprise. It’s not the most comfortable position for a person to find themselves in, but it’s nevertheless a position in which most people in St. Joseph, Gladstone, Overland Park and Kansas City find themselves at some point in their lives. An unexpected expense or an emergency appears out of nowhere and the need for some quick cash arises.

In most cases, it’s a matter of a short-term loan, just to get through the crisis and back on one’s feet. Some are able to turn to a family member or close friend in Kansas or Missouri for a helping hand in a situation like this, but some others are not so lucky. Fortunately, there are quite a few solutions for a short-term loan available today.

Short Term Loan Options

Let’s take for example the Kansas City area, where someone in need of a short-term loan has a myriad of options from which to choose. While this situation is quite advantageous for the loan applicant, it at the same time makes the process of choosing a particular loan a bit more difficult. Payday loans, online or installment loans, title loans — the list goes on. How is one to choose the best option available? Well, in this case, the choice is not as difficult as it may appear to be.

Are Title Loans the Best Short Term Loan Option in Kansas City?

One of the best options available, if not the best, providing the loan applicant has a car, is a title loan.

What is a title loan? Simply put, it’s a loan secured by the applicant using his or her vehicle as collateral.

One of the most important advantages, especially in situations when cash is needed quickly, is the sheer simplicity of the loan approval process and the little documentation needed. Most title loan operators only require the presence of the applicant and the vehicle, a form of photo ID, and the title of the vehicle.

Upon assessing the vehicle in order to determine its condition, the title loan operator is ready to offer the applicant a loan amount that is calculated based on the determined value of the vehicle. The whole process will usually be over in a couple of hours.

Another upside to title loans is the simple fact that the qualification criteria is extremely low. Almost anyone can qualify. The conditions that have to be met are beyond simple — the applicant has to be 18 or older and has a vehicle with a title free of any liens.

What Does Free of Liens Mean?

Free of liens means your car must not already have a loan taken out against it. It’s possible that you purchased your car through a car loan in Kansas or Missouri, and if you’ve not yet paid off that car loan you can’t borrow money against the car. You’ll need to pay back the original loan first.

Can I Keep My Car When I Take out a Title Loan?

That being said, one might think OK, going through a bit of a rough patch, I can secure this loan easily but I remain without transportation. Wrong! The beauty of this type of loan is that the car remains in the owner’s possession and he can use it whenever and wherever he wants to. As opposed to other solutions akin to pawn shops, only the title remains with the loan institution to act as collateral for the loan. As soon as the loan is repaid in full, the title is immediately returned.

How Do I Choose a Kansas City Short Term Loan Option?

Now that there is a general understanding of the advantages of the title loans, how does one choose the best title loan operator for the Kansas City area? Well, in this case, the answer is also quite simple. Choose a provider that has a long, strong track record.

Midwest Title Loans has been in the market for a long time and has served thousands of Missouri and Kansas consumers in their time of need. Offering four convenient locations, we are ready at any time to provide this valuable service to Kansas and Missouri people in need of some quick cash in the form of a short-term loan using their vehicle title as collateral.

As previously mentioned, the waiting time in situations when people need this kind of loans needs to be as short as possible, as usually, we are talking about time-critical situations, where someone needs cash TODAY, not tomorrow and not in a week.

Considering this, Midwest Title Loans makes sure that loans are approved extremely quickly, often in as little as 20 minutes. Furthermore, applicants looking to expedite the process can use our online application form that saves time in the dealership.

Reputation is a key factor in choosing a loan title operator. Nobody wants to deal with the headaches that shady loan operators can bring and for this reason alone a well-known company like Midwest Title Loans is by far the best option for short-term loans in the Kansas City area.

What if I Have a Poor Credit History?

At Midwest Title Loans, credit history is not taken into consideration when evaluating an application, thus loans are available for any type of individual that owns a car and is in need of some quick cash. In this day and age when privacy has become an acute issue the company takes pride in the way customers’ data is handled. All customer data is strictly confidential and the company does not sell or give away personal information in any way, shape, or form.

Considering the above, the choice for short-term loans in Kansas City has just become that much simpler! Get in touch with Midwest Title Loans and we’ll see you have cash in hand in a matter of minutes.


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