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5 Ways Title Loans Can Help in an Emergency

Can a Title Loan be used for Emergency Expenses?

What are title loans? To put it simply, a title loan is a type of short-term loan that uses the applicant’s vehicle title as collateral to secure the required amount of money.

Title loans are the go-to solution for individuals in Kansas and Missouri with a car who are faced with an urgent need for cash for a short amount of time.

While in some cases family or friends might be around to help, in other cases car title loans are the only alternative available. Needless to say that, like with any other loan, the person applying needs to treat the whole process seriously, carefully evaluating whether or not he or she can afford the payments agreed with the loan provider.

Title Loans

However, when one has deliberated and made sure that payments are affordable, the cash is quickly available. Furthermore, the loan comes with the added benefit that the applicant can continue using his vehicle like before, as the loan is using just the title, not the physical vehicle, as collateral.

One very important factor to consider when applying for a title loan is to take care in choosing the correct loan provider. While the market was plenty of options available, only trustworthy and reputable title loan providers like Midwest Title Loans in the Kansas City area should be considered.

Now, that being said, what are some examples of emergencies in which you might need to secure a car title loan?

1 — Medical Emergencies

When you are faced with a serious medical emergency, affecting yourself or a loved one, time is of the essence. And when that emergency comes at a moment when you’re short on cash, the go-to solution is taking out a loan against your car title.

In a situation like this, nobody has the time to go through a lengthy bank loan approval process, as the money is needed now, this day, this minute.

Fortunately, car title loan approvals are extremely fast and only needs a minimum amount of documentation. This makes them an ideal choice for situations like this.

2 — Relocation for a New Job

Imagine someone from St. Joseph, MO who has been struggling with bills, food, gas, and rent on a low paying job finally gets the break he deserves. He gets a job that he has been dreaming of but there’s a catch — the job is far away and starts next week.

The whole relocation process is costly and is not covered in the package offered by the new employer. How does he handle this particular situation when cash is clearly not available and there is no time to secure a traditional loan from a bank, as he has to start at the new job next week and no bank will approve him in time?

This is an example of a situation where title loans can easily help, providing the quick cash needed for the relocation, and basically being the key to unlocking a new, bright episode in a person’s life.

3 — The Deal of a Lifetime

In today’s economy, there are quite a lot of people that even though they make ends meet every month without issues are not able to also put some money aside. Imagine a situation where such an Overland Park citizen comes face to face with a deal of a lifetime for an item they always wanted or needed. Turning to his savings account is impossible, as that account doesn’t cover the cost of the item. How does one go about not missing a deal that will certainly not be available next week? Simple — secure a title loan, one of the fastest approved loans out there.

This may seem like a more frivolous use of a loan, but it makes sense in many cases as you’re able to repay the title loan quickly and without incurring much interest.

4 — Housing Emergency

Imagine someone who’s been renting the same place in Gladstone, MO for years, paying rent on time every month, but doesn’t have any particular renter protection. The property owner suddenly decides it’s time to sell everything and retire to a tropical paradise for the rest of his days.

At this point, the good faith renter is faced with the prospect of finding a new place to rent, as well as all of the costly expenses associated with it. This is for sure an unexpected turn of events for which the renter had not budgeted for.

Car title loans in Gladstone, MO are in this case a viable option for successfully getting through this potentially nerve-wracking situation.

5 — Unexpected House Damage

For our final example, someone in Kansas City has been meaning to fix the roof of their house for a few years now, but due to financial constraints, they have never gotten around to it. Unfortunately, now the roof is in urgent need of repair as its state has deteriorated further and the cold season is rapidly approaching. However, money is short and the cash needed for the repair is not yet available. Is there a way out of this situation?

Sure, there is and it’s a simple one — a car title loan, which can be secured from a reputable operator in Kansas City in as little as 20 minutes, is available to help even in this type of situation.

The above are but a few of the emergencies in which a title loan in Kansas City, Overland Park, St. Joseph, or Gladstone can provide much-needed help for people in need of some quick cash. At Midwest Title Loans, we take pride in helping everyone get through those little or big emergencies that befall us all. Give us a call or come in to one of our locations and we’ll quickly get you the emergency money you need backed by the value of your vehicle. Your vehicle will always remain yours and you’ll only pay a small amount of interest.


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