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Benefits of Taking out A Flex Loan This Holiday Season

The holiday season is almost upon us! It’s a time of fun and merriment, but it’s also the time of year that Kansas and Missouri residents find their purse strings stretched to the breaking point. What should you do when you think your money won’t last through the holiday season? Get a flex loan from Midwest Title Loans!

What Is the Difference between a Car Title Loan and a Flex Loan?

Flex Loan in Kansas City

Midwest Title Loans has long been a provider of car title loans to the people of Missouri and Kansas. Car title loans are loans where you borrow money against the value of your vehicle. As your vehicle is collateral that can be used to back up your loan, you’re considered a safe bet by us, and we’ll almost certainly be able to offer you a loan if you’ve already fully repaid your vehicle.

Where we go even further than any other car title loan companies in Missouri and Kansas is by offering flexible terms for our car title loans. A flex loan is like a credit line that you can continue to dip into and repay on an ongoing basis. You pay no interest or charges if you’re not using the flex loan.

A flex loan is, therefore, a bit like a credit card, only open to more people with different credit histories and backgrounds.

Kansas City Flex Loans Put You in Control of Your Loan Repayments

You may be asking why you should choose a flexible loan over a standard term loan in Kansas City? A flexible loan in Kansas City and Overland Park puts you in control over how quickly you repay the loan.

Many people in places like Gladstone and St. Joseph take out a car title loan to cover a relatively short-term expense. They’re not looking for a long-term loan that they pay back over a number of years – they’re looking for a short, small loan in Kansas to see them through a difficult time or get something they need before the next paycheck.

So, what are the benefits of a small flex loan in Kansas City over a term loan? Remember, interest is calculated daily. When you have the money to repay the loan, you can do so immediately. Instead of paying interest for a whole month (or longer) on a loan you no longer need, you can repay it early.

A flex loan can, therefore, be cheaper than other short-term loans.

With a Flex Loan as your Emergency Fund, You Might Never Need to Pay Interest

Why should you consider a flex loan over a standard car title loan this holiday season if you live in St. Joseph, Overland Park, or other local areas? Because many of our Kansas and Missouri customers only use their flex loan if they need to, they find that they often don’t may any interest at all.

Consider this upcoming festive season. You’ve got a car title loan from Midwest Title Loans, and you’ve kept it open after repaying the first month’s amount. You’ll be paying zero interest to keep it open but you’ll always have the flex loan available to dip into if you need it in an emergency.

Christmas rolls around, and you find you’ve overspent a little and there are a few more things you need to buy. You can use your flex loan for a few days until your next pay packet comes through and you’ll only pay interest for those days. This makes for significant savings over taking out a larger loan and repaying the interest over the course of months or years.

Flex Loans Have All of the Benefits of Car Title Loans

Since the housing market crash of 2008, it’s become really hard to get a loan from a bank. Regulations have been much stricter to avoid another potential crash, so the bar for getting a loan from a bank has risen and risen. The last few years have seen some of the strictest lending environments come into play, so people who need to take out a loan have turned to alternative options.

You need a fantastic credit rating to get a loan from a bank. But most of us are not so lucky! The lower and middle classes have seen housing prices and rents increase very quickly while there’s only been a small increase in income. If you can’t borrow money, your credit rating isn’t going to improve, so we’re stuck in a rut.

For those who don’t own their home but own a vehicle, a title loan on their car is a great alternative now that banks are unwilling to lend. Flex loan companies in Kansas like Midwest Title Loans don’t care about your credit rating – a credit check is never performed at all! You’ll almost certainly be able to get a loan from us if you own your car outright and you’re over 18.

A Flex Loan Offers Better Peace of Mind

Why does a flex loan offer better peace of mind over a standard car title loan? The flexibility is the key – you’re able to pay back your loan faster if you wish or roll over most of the loan to the next month if you need more time. This means there’s less chance of an emergency occurring that means you’ll be unable to repay the loan on time.

A car title loan company in Missouri or Kansas that doesn’t offer you that flexibility means you’ll typically need to make full repayment on your loan within 30 days or risk losing your vehicle. This can be stressful. We prefer to make things a lot more flexible with our flex loans.

A Credit Line That’s There When You Need It

How would you like a credit line that’s there when you need it, costs you nothing when you don’t use it, calculates interest daily, and requires no credit check to get? Those are the main benefits of a flex loan this holiday season.


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