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5 Benefits of Taking Out a Title Loan During the Season Change

5 Benefits of Taking Out a Title Loan During the Season Change

To some, the fall is a welcome change from the heat of the summer. In July in Missouri, with temperatures averaging in the upper eighties, the intensity of the heat finds a way to make things like sprinkler systems, cars, and even people break down after a harsh spring. Before you know it, you’re left with a bunch of repairs right before winter weather (and holiday shopping) hits. Additionally, it’s college time, It can be difficult to manage the weight of school purchases and student loans all at once. This is what makes taking out a title loan during the fall such an advantage – it gives a little wiggle room for obtaining big, unexpected purchases without the stress of needing to find the money. Here are the top 5 reasons why taking a title loan out during this time of year might be to your advantage.

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1. Immediate Cash for School Purchases

For parents and college students alike, this can be a trying time of year. College students without secure funding scramble for a way to be able to afford to go back to school, and for those who can’t, they are expected to pay off their student loans almost immediately. Nearly 75% of those who went to online colleges and dropped out were unable to pay for any of their student loans. For those with higher debt and no job prospects, this is a huge originator of anxiety. Parents of school-aged children also have similar anxieties when it comes time to pay a school lunch bill, a band instrument bill, or a big uniform purchase. Title loans, which can be obtained quickly and without a credit check, allow those who might need extra cash for going back to school, beginning to pay off loans, or paying for major school equipment purchases to do so in a timely fashion that won’t impact their credit scores any further.

2. Yard Cleanup and Item Repair During Two Turbulent Seasons

Tornado season starts in March and ends in June, and when it does damage it really does damage. If you were in the path of a storm and your car made it through, there’s a good chance that you’ll still have a significant amount of cleanup to do in the following months. But the heat of summer can make repairs hard and can also exacerbate existing repairs. Not to mention the fact that summers is often not the best time for people to work – certain professions make their most money during this season but also spend the most time away from home. After all, the busiest time for tourism industries in Missouri is from June to August.

By the time you get the chance to work on repairs, you might need a little extra monetary boost but you don’t have enough time to formally apply for a loan. Car title loans allow you to get a loan usually the same day and access the money as soon as you are approved, which can help those on a tight repair budget get the help that they need.

3. Take Advantage of Early Christmas Shopping

It might seem early to some, but getting started on Christmas shopping months beforehand is one of the best ways to save money and to get the right purchase for the loved ones in your life. Financial analysts who participate in the holiday season’s shopping actually recommend shopping months beforehand for many reasons. It gives you the perfect amount of time to budget, get things while they are in stock, plan out elaborate gifts, as well as space out your spending rather than milking yourself dry right before taxes for the next year open up.

Sometimes, though, you just don’t have the cash up-front for that one-of-a-kind gift. A car title loan allows you to take advantage of big Christmas purchases without feeling pinched for cash. Additionally, this type of loan allows you to keep your car while you do it, so you don’t need to drag that big tv set home with you on the bus.

4. Fund Less-Fun Winter Purchases: Weather Prep

In Missouri, we’re always prepping for the next big weather event. Winters in Missouri might not be as turbulent as other places, but they can really eat a hole in your wallet when it comes to heating your home, keeping it safe, and prepping yourself and your car for the icy roads. In 2015, one of the roughest winters in the United States in recent history, over $1 Billion was spent in keeping the roads clear and ice free. For car and homeowners looking to pinch a penny and still keep a semblance of a warm house often requires an investment during fall. A big home weatherproofing investment, which needs to happen prior to the change from autumn to fall, is one of the benefits of using a title loan during this season. You get the chance to pay back your investment on your own terms and you are able to make a sound investment quickly.

5. Enjoy a Midwest Vacation

Not everyone is a fan of vacationing in the summer, and why would they be? Fall is one of the most beautiful times to explore the areas around Missouri and Kansas at peak foliage. Hickory, oak, ash, and maple tree change in mid-October when the air becomes crisp sweater weather. In the south, this foliage rivals that of New England’s. With a car title loan, it is easy to take advantage of an autumn vacation without having to have saved for months. The best part about it is that there is no need to use your loan to purchase a rental car. Car title loans lend you the cash and let you drive away into the colorful woods of fall.

Kansas City, Gladstone, and St. Joseph, Missouri residents as well as Overland Park and Kansas City, Kansas residents are in a unique position to receive qualified help from title loan professionals at Midwest Title Loans. Bring yourself and your car by today to get started, or contact us.


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