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When Should I Get a Car Title Loan?

When Should I Get a Car Title Loan?

With the number of options out there for getting a loan when you’re in need of money, it’s hard to tell which one is right for you. There’s the option of going to a bank and getting a loan the traditional way. You could also go to a bank for a credit line, which is also available at a credit union. Or you could get a short-term loan at a car title loan provider like Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City.

There are benefits to each of these routes, and you are probably trying to figure out which route is the best. When’s the best time to get a car title loan? Here’s when you know that getting a car title loan at one of the six Midwest Title Loans locations around Kansas City is the best route for you.

When to Get a Car Title Loan at Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City

You have bills piling up and you need money now.

When you go to a bank or credit union for a loan or line of credit, it’s a long and sometimes frustrating process. Since you have to provide numerous documents and let them dive into your credit score and history, you usually have to wait weeks to get approved. Plus, it takes even longer to get your money. This is not a good route for someone who needs money immediately.

When you have no time to wait on a bank or credit union to go through your information and history, you need a solution like Midwest Title Loans that can get you approved quickly. You’ll get approved and get your money with our quick and simple process. The only requirements we have are: a lien-free title, a driveable vehicle for inspection, proof of insurance, photo ID, and a completed application, which you can find on our website. You can easily get the money you need on the same day that you apply, then you can take care of your pressing financial needs at your convenience.

You’re in need of financial support for a short time.

Are you experiencing a major job loss or loss of income, and you’re in need of financial support for a short period of time? If you need a loan to cover a gap in finances, a car title loan is a perfect solution for you. We are focused on giving short-term loans to help people in financial crises get the bills paid and get back on their feet. Then, once you’re back on your feet, your loan is within reach to be paid off.

With long-term loans, you can have your loan and its interest hanging over your head for years. What seemed like a good solution at the time ended up being a burden in the long-run. We want to help you get in a better place financially – not contribute to your financial worries.

We loan up to $5000 at Midwest Title Loans. Our loans are under 60-day renewable contracts, so if you need more time to get it paid off completely, you have an option to renew with additional interest. Our goal is for you to get it paid off quickly, so that you have to pay the least amount of interest as possible.

You have bad credit, no credit, or less than perfect credit.

In order to get a loan or line of credit through a bank or credit union, your credit score and history needs to be in tip-top shape. They look through all of your credit history and will only approve you for a loan if your credit history shows that you are trustworthy. They want to be paid back, and bank loans are typically paid over a long period of time. The only way you can tell if a person can be trusted with a long-term loan is by what their credit history says.

When you come to Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City (KS & MO), Gladstone, St. Joseph, or Overland Park, your credit won’t be pulled or considered for approval. So even if you have had or are currently experiencing credit issues, it won’t make a difference in your application. You won’t have to worry about seeing a hit on your credit when it is pulled, either.

How to Get a Car Title Loan at Midwest Title Loans

If you are ready to get a car title loan at a Midwest Title Loans location in Kansas City, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Fill out our online application.
  2. Gather your lien-free title, your photo ID, and your car insurance to take with you to the store.
  3. Drive your car to the Midwest Title Loans location nearest you.
  4. We will inspect your car and analyze your needs and repayment abilities, then write up a title loan for you.
  5. After discussing the terms, we’ll temporarily keep your lien-free title and give you your loan check to use however you need.
  6. Once your loan is paid off, you’ll get your title back.

Get the Funds You Need Today at Any of Our Kansas City Locations

It is easier than ever to get a loan with a car title loan at Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City. Whether you live in Kansas City, St. Joe, Overland Park, or somewhere near, one of our locations is ready to help you get back on track financially with a short-term loan. Want to get a free inspection? Come by any of our locations today!

If you have any questions or want to get additional information, we’d love to help. Call us, send us a message, or come by today to talk to our friendly professionals.

Proudly Serving the Kansas City Metro Area

Midwest Title Loans proudly provides car title loans to the Kansas City metro area, to customers in St. Joseph, Gladstone, North Kansas City, Kansas City, Grandview, Belton, Lee’s Summit, Raytown, Independence, Overland Park, Olathe, Lenexa, Shawnee, and the surrounding areas.


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