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How a Flex Loan Can Help with Your Home Repairs

How a Flex Loan Can Help with Your Home Repairs

Now that the weather’s nice, you’ve probably been cleaning out and doing some maintenance on your home, and you may have come across a few problems that need to be fixed. You may also be getting ready for the heavy storms that come through Kansas City every year, and there are some necessary repairs to stay secure.

Whether you’re getting your home ready for storm season, by replacing windows or siding, or you are finally putting a repair or two at the top of your to-do list, a loan is a great way to get the bill covered. Especially when you have one or more large repairs, you might need a little additional help from a lender like Midwest Title Loans.

If you have or have had credit problems, it can be difficult obtaining a loan the traditional way. At Midwest Title Loans, all of our Kansas City locations can help customers with bad credit obtain a loan, because we don’t require credit checks as part of our process. In addition to our car title loans, we have flex loans, which are a great option for home repair bills throughout the year. Here’s how a flex loan from Kansas City’s Midwest Title Loans can help you.

How a Flex Loan Helps with Your Kansas City Home’s Repairs

You can use it like a credit line for home repairs over the long-term.

A flex loan from Midwest Title Loans is different than our traditional title loan in that it functions like a credit line. Instead of being solely a short-term loan, you can keep a flex loan open like a line of credit. It is perfect for our Kansas City homeowner customers, since home repairs can happen unexpectedly. Our flex loans are a great safety net, so that you aren’t worried about where the money will come from when an immediate repair needs to get done.

Just like our traditional title loans, you will use your lien-free title as collateral, until it is paid off.

It’s easy to pay back when you have money.

A flex loan gets its name from the fact that it is a loan that is flexible. Just like a line of credit, you will make monthly payments, and you can pay it off when you’re ready. If you need it as a safety net for a year, you can keep it open for a year. If you need it for multiple years, you are able to keep it open multiple years. If you want to pay it off within six months and get your title back, you can do just that. Just like a line of credit, you only pay interest on what you spend.

There are very few requirements.

Flex loans, like our title loans, are helpful for Kansas City homeowners who are experiencing credit struggles, because we don’t have any extensive credit or background checks. We don’t ask for proof of residency either. We only need proof of income, along with your photo ID, car insurance information, your lien-free title, and your car to be inspected for its value.

Since we don’t need to look through your credit history and an extensive amount of documents, you can get your flex loan quickly. A bank or credit union may take weeks to approve your loan or line of credit and get it opened. At Midwest Title Loans, you can get a flex loan on the same day that you apply at any of our locations throughout Kansas City.

Pay for immediate repairs instantly.

When you own a home, you know that a big repair bill can pop up at any time. Maybe the toilet is broken beyond DIY repair or your refrigerator needs to be fixed or replaced. These are things you use everyday that can’t afford to be put off. Maybe you want to renovate your old bathroom or kitchen, and you need just a little extra money to get those jobs started.

With a flex loan from Midwest Title Loans, there will be nothing in the way from you and getting the repairs you need done. You won’t have to hand wash dishes for months or suffer in that nasty bathroom any longer. You can use your flex loan anytime you need.

How to Get a Flex Loan at Midwest Title Loans

The process to get a flex loan at Midwest Title Loans is just like getting a title loan.

  1. Start by filling out our online application.
  2. Get your lien-free title, car insurance, income verification, and photo ID and drive your car over to the Midwest Title Loans location near you.
  3. We will inspect your car to determine the amount that we will loan you.
  4. We will write up your flex loan documents, in exchange for your car’s lien-free title.
  5. Once your flex loan is paid in full, you will promptly get your title back.

Get Your Flex Loan for Your Home Repairs at Any of Our Kansas City Locations Today

Ready to get started on your flex loan, so you can get your home repairs done immediately? Start by filling out our online application or come by any of our Kansas City locations to get a free car inspection. No matter if you live in Overland Park, St. Joe, Kansas City, or somewhere in between, we can help you with your home repairs.

Do you have a question or need more information? Call, stop by, or send a message to get helped by one of our friendly customer service professionals today! We look forward to helping you with your home repair and financial needs.

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