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5 Benefits of Getting a Flex Loan at Kansas City’s Midwest Title Loans

5 Benefits of Getting a Flex Loan at Kansas City's Midwest Title Loans

Have you had unexpected financial expenses come up, and you’re feeling in over your head? Maybe it’s medical bills to cover expensive treatment(s) or school expenses like tuition and books. Or perhaps you’ve experienced a major job loss and are having trouble making ends meet. You don’t need to suffer any longer through this tough financial time.

A loan is a great way to get your short-term financial needs covered. There are many types of loans that you can get, like personal loans, home improvement loans, student loans, cash advance loans, title loans, and flex loans. You could also open up a credit card or a line of credit.

The problem is, for most of these avenues of getting the loan or line of credit to cover your expenses, the process is time-consuming, complicated and frustrating. You have tons of paperwork to fill out – both before and after you actually get the money you need, and banks and credit unions usually take forever to get approved. On top of that, you may not even get approved, if you’ve had past credit trouble.

One of the best choices to get a loan quickly in Kansas City is through Midwest Title Loans’ flex loan option. Our flex loans work just like our regular title loans, and they are even more flexible. Here’s why you should use Midwest Title Loans’ flex loans to get your financial needs covered, over other options in Kansas City.

5 Benefits of Midwest Title Loans’ Flex Loans

1. Flex loans are just like traditional title loans, but more flexible over the long-term.

Just like Midwest Title Loans’ regular title loans, our flex loans are easy-to-use and quick to get. The main difference is that our flex loans are more like a line of credit, and you only pay interest on what you spend. You also pay less interest if you pay it back quicker. The flexible part of the flex loans name simply implies that you can use this flexible line of credit for whatever expenses you need, and at any time you need.

Once you get approved for your flex loan, you’ll get a spending limit, which is determined in the same way that our title loan lending amounts are – by how much your car is worth. By providing a few documents and letting us inspect your car, you’ll know how much you can get with our flex loan, and you can get it on the same day as you fill out our short application.

2. Unlike Kansas City banks and credit unions, we can get you your money instantly.

The problem with going to banks and credit unions for loans or lines of credit is that they are very in-depth with their requirements, making for a lengthy approval process. All Midwest Title Loans locations around Kansas City are proud to be a quick and easy solution to help you get the money you need when it’s most convenient for you.

Once you fill out our application, you only need to bring your car in and a few documents to our Kansas City location nearest you. The documents you need include:

  • A valid photo ID or driver’s license, showing that you are 18 years of age or older
  • A lien-free title, which is a title that doesn’t have a loan attached to it – it is paid off completely.
  • Insurance information

It’s really that simple. Just a few requirements, and you’ll be on your way with the flex loan you need in no time.

3. Your immediate financial needs will be met.

Are your bills piling up or getting out of hand? Whether it’s the basic needs – such as expensive housing costs, unexpected medical bills due to illness in the family or something else, our flex loan at Midwest Title Loans has you covered. Our Kansas City customers love the fact that they can get their money immediately, to cover expenses like:

  • Medical bills
  • Dental bills
  • Housing improvements and repairs
  • Car repairs
  • Student expenses, such as books or tuition
  • Vacation
  • Holidays

It’s never fun to have to deal with collectors or pay additional fees, because your bills are late. You won’t have to have any problem with that with Midwest Title Loans’ help.

4. You can have a rocky credit history.

Have you had past credit bumps and bruises? Maybe you’ve had trouble making previous payments on time, or perhaps you’ve even gone through a bankruptcy. Maybe you just don’t have any credit. No worries. At Kansas City’s Midwest Title Loans, we don’t rely on your credit score to determine whether or not we will lend you money with our flex loans.

In fact, we don’t do any credit or background checks in our loan application process. This is great, because not only does it qualify customers with less-than-perfect credit to get one of our flex loans, but it also doesn’t affect your credit score like a credit pull can do. We truly care about helping our customers get the money they need, regardless of their credit or financial history.

5. The process to get your flex loan is simple.

The process to get your flex loan can take as little as 20 minutes, believe it or not. Start by filling out our online application, and then bring your car and the required documents into your nearby Kansas City Midwest Title Loans. Our friendly team of professionals will inspect your vehicle to determine the value and worth, and we will decide how much money we will provide in your flex loan. The amount will be between $150 and $5000.

Once we’ve agreed on the amount, you’ll just need to agree to the loan’s terms and conditions, and provide your title for us to hold temporarily. We will give this back to you as soon as you are done using your flex loan, and it is repaid.

Get your flex loan now – fill out our application online or bring your vehicle by today for a free evaluation!

Get Your Financial Needs Met with Kansas City’s Top Flex Loan Provider

If you’re ready to get your money immediately and get your expenses covered, in exchange for your title, come to Kansas City’s Midwest Title Loans any time for a free evaluation. With our quick process, we’ll have you on your way in no time.

Have questions? Chat with one of our friendly professionals today at your nearest Kansas City location or fill out our contact form on our website now!

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