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How Title Loans in Kansas City are a Good Short-Term Loan Option vs. Borrowing from Friends

How Title Loans in Kansas City are a Good Short-Term Loan Option vs. Borrowing from Friends

There’s an old saying: Before borrowing money from a friend, decide which you need more, the friend or the money. Friends and family often make up our most durable and reliable support structures in life, but they may not be the best resource when financial problems arise. Borrowing money from friends and family can put a strain on your relationships and put you both into an awkward position, especially if they have to say no. So if you’ve never broached the subject of a loan from a friend or family member, you may want to exercise some extra caution when doing so, or just consider title loans in Kansas City as alternative short-term loan options. Here’s why…

Everyone Has Money Problems

Very few of us live much below our means, and just about everyone struggles with money problems at some time or another. So unless you’re extremely familiar with someone’s financial situation, chances are you’ll be asking somebody for a loan who also really needs that money, possibly because they’re in a situation not too dissimilar from your own. After all, they have bills to pay, mouths to feed, cars to repair, and a house to maintain, just like you. Even if they’re able to help you out, you may never know that they did so at considerable cost to themselves. Rather than put a friend or family member in that uncomfortable position, a better short-term loan option might be title loans in Kansas City.

You Will Probably Be Turned Down

Your friends and family members aren’t a bank, and there is a number of reasons they might have to turn you down if you come to them looking for a loan. Some people just don’t lend on principle, while others simply may not have the cash to spare. Some may be concerned about getting their loan repaid in a timely manner. Whatever their reasons, if you go to a friend or family member while you’re in need and they turn you down, there’s a good chance that both of you will walk away with bad feelings about the situation. Ultimately, it’s a solution to a short-term money problem that can create long-term problems in your personal relationships, and that’s just not worth it. Don’t you think that title loans in Kansas City may be a better short-term loan option that won’t put a strain on your personal life?

Your Finances and Money Troubles are Not Their Business

If you go to a friend or family member asking to borrow a substantial sum of money, they’ll probably want to know why, right? That may mean that you have to lay it all out there for them to see, which may be more disclosure than you’re comfortable with. After all, while you may be close, your financial affairs really aren’t any of their business. There are certainly less invasive ways of solving short-term money problems. When it comes to title loans in Kansas City, it doesn’t matter why you need the money, just that you have a drivable, lien-free vehicle and a photo ID.

You Might Put a Strain on Your Friendship

Close, reliable, lifelong friendships are a valuable and rare commodity, one that you may not want to put a strain on just to cover some short-term money troubles. The same goes for rock-solid relationships with close family members. When you think back across all the relationships that you’ve had over the course of your life, if you can count one friend that you’ve had since childhood, you’re a very lucky person. That isn’t something you want to risk losing just to pay some medical bills or to cover the cost of a furnace repair. Whether you have one very close friend or ten, a friendship is still a lot to risk over a relatively small thing. Make a better choice with short-term loan options from Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City.

Because it’s Only a Short-Term Money Problem

Ultimately, when you need money fast, relying on loans from friends or family is often exchanging a short-term problem for a long-term one. Even if everything goes well, the act of asking for a loan can put a strain on even the closest of relationships, and you don’t want something like a short-term money problem to come between you and those closest to you.
Fortunately, title loans in Kansas City don’t have any of those problems, making them a valuable short-term loan option when you need cash in a hurry. Since they use the value of your vehicle for collateral, most title loans don’t even require a credit check, which makes them ideal for people who need a short-term loan but whose credit history may be less than perfect. All it takes to get a short-term loan from Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City is a photo ID and a drivable car with a lien-free title. Bring that in, and you can drive off with the cash you need in as few as 20 minutes. Loans range from $150 to $5,000. And the best part is you get to keep your car!

Title Loans and Short-Term Loans are a Better Option in Kansas City

There’s a lot at stake when you try to solve a short-term money problem by relying on help from a long-term friend or family member. That’s why title loans in Kansas City are a better short-term loan option. The staff doesn’t ask any questions or pass any judgments, and you won’t be putting anyone out in order to come up with some quick cash. In fact, the friendly staff at Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City will be happy to see you come in! All it takes to get started is a phone call to one of our locations in Kansas City, St. Joseph, Gladstone, or Overland Park, or you can fill out our Online Title Loan Information Sheet to make the process even faster!


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