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Title Loans in Kansas City Offer Immediate Help with Holiday Expenses

Title Loans in Kansas City Offer Immediate Help with Holiday Expenses

The holiday season is fully upon us now, which means that families throughout the greater Kansas City area are putting up their decorations, stringing lights, hanging mistletoe, trimming the tree, baking cookies, and hitting shops in Kansas City for all those holiday gifts for friends, family, and coworkers. Some are planning to stay home through the holiday season, while others are traveling near and far to visit relatives and loved ones. One thing that pretty much every family in the KC area has in common, though, is that holiday expenses are already starting to melt the family budget, and most of us could use a little relief when the costs start to exceed what we had planned.

It’s amazing how quickly holiday costs can pile up. In fact, a recent study posted in Time magazine estimated that the average American plans to spend more than $800 during the winter holidays. So if your holiday budget feels like it’s spinning out of control, keep in mind that title loans in Kansas City can offer immediate help with holiday expenses.

Buying Holiday Gifts for Family and Friends in Kansas City

A poll conducted by Gallup showed that the average person intends to spend between $800 and $900 on gifts alone this holiday season, with 30% saying that they were likely to spend more than $1,000. Those numbers may seem high until you start thinking of how many people you probably buy gifts for each year. Just within a family of four, there are wrapped gifts that go under the tree, plus stocking stuffers, gift cards, and other things. And those gifts are just for the members of your immediate family. Many of us also buy gifts for extended family and close friends and might even go in on a Secret Santa gift exchange at work or buy small treats for our coworkers. All of that adds up pretty quickly, and if you start feeling the pinch before you’ve filled up every stocking this holiday season, title loans in Overland Park, Gladstone or Kansas City may be just the ticket.

Holiday Dinner and Party Expenses

The holidays just wouldn’t be the holidays without a few holiday parties or get-togethers. There’s probably an office party at your work in addition to family dinners and maybe a big holiday dinner party. If you’re hosting, you can expect to spend anywhere from $10 to $25 per person, maybe more if you’re serving some of the better drinks. Many hosts are shocked to see how quickly holiday dinner expenses start to add up at the grocery store. Whether you’re just having a few friends over for some appetizers or putting on an entire dinner party from soup to nuts, the price tag may be more than you expect. It can be good to have a little cash on hand to cover that extra bottle of wine or that fancy desert.

Even if you’re just attending an office holiday party or a dinner party at a friend’s house, you may want to bring a small gift or pick up a new outfit to look your best for the occasion. That may not be as pricy as hosting your own dinner party, but it isn’t necessarily cheap.

Costs Related to Business Gifts for Coworkers

If you work in an office environment, there are almost always costs that come with the holidays. We already mentioned participating in a Secret Santa program, but your team may also want to chip in together to get a gift for the boss, or you may want to surprise a favorite coworker with a little something special. And of course, you’re always going to boost your popularity a bit if you bring some delicious treats to share in the break room during the holidays.

For small business owners or entrepreneurs, business gifts during the holidays may be even more important and can represent a more substantial expense. Many experts in small business suggest spending up to $750 on cards and gifts for valued clients. This isn’t just a polite way to spread holiday cheer; it’s also good business. Clients who feel appreciated are clients who are more likely to stick around. And if your business has employees, you may want to throw them a holiday party, which can cost around $1,000. As you can see, business-related expenses can really add up, and that’s all on top of the money that you’re already spending on friends and family!

Adding Up Holiday Travel Expenses

Many people travel during the holiday season, whether it’s a simple family getaway or a trip to visit loved ones in another state. Airfare for a trip that lasts no longer than four nights is around $224 per person around the holidays, though it may be more or less depending on how early you book your flights. Then of course hotel rooms can set you back $150 per night, unless you’re planning to stay with relatives, while food and other expenses can run you more than $150 per day. Whether you’re headed over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house this holiday season or just taking advantage of the winter break to go someplace a little warmer for a few days, holiday travel can definitely blow up your family budget, especially when it’s combined with other holiday expenses. That’s where car title loans in Kansas City may come in handy.

Holiday Relief with Title Loans

Whatever may be draining your family budget this winter, title loans in Kansas City can be a valuable option during the holiday season or any other time of year. The typical car title loan requires no credit check and is available in amounts that range from $150 to $5,000, making it a perfect solution for those unexpected holiday expenses. Plus, with nothing more than a car with a lien-free title and a photo ID, you can drive off with the cash you need in as few as 20 minutes from any of our convenient locations offering title loans in St. Joseph and Gladstone, Missouri as well as in Overland Park and Kansas City.

Get Some Help with Holiday Expenses

The holidays are a magical time of year, regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any other occasion. It is a time to spend with family, friends, and loved ones, making memories that will last a lifetime. That can often make us feel a lot of pressure to ensure that the holidays are as merry and bright as possible. Bargain shopping, setting budgets, and keeping an eye on your holiday expenses can help, but when something unexpected comes up or holiday expenses simply grow larger than your budget, it’s good to know that title loans in Kansas City can offer immediate help. So if you need a little extra cash in your holiday budget, contact Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City or fill out our Online Title Loan Information Sheet to get started today!


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