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Car Title Loans Can Help When All the Bills Come Due at Once

Car Title Loans Can Help When All the Bills Come Due at Once

When it rains it pours here in Kansas City, and we’re not just talking about the weather! It seems like when the bills come due, they always come due all at once or at the least convenient times. Say you have a major medical expense, back-to-school shopping, holiday shopping, an unexpected appliance repair, or a mechanical breakdown on your car. You can bet that when unexpected expenses crop up, other bills won’t be far behind. That’s just how it goes, but fortunately car title loans can help you keep your head above water when all the bills come due at once.

The end of summer vacation means that the bills are probably coming in from that family road trip or back-to-school shopping. And if you embarked on a summer home improvement project, chances are you ran into a few additional expenses that you may not have been expecting when you initially budgeted for the job. Those bills may be coming due now, too, just in time for holiday shopping and travel expenses to start piling up.

Colder weather generally means higher utility bills in St. Joseph, Overland Park, or anyplace else in the Kansas City area. And it’s never too early to start thinking about tax season, especially given that many people pay quarterly taxes around this time of year. And naturally, if you’re paying out of pocket for any of those things, that’s usually the time when an unexpected medical bill, pet expense, travel cost, auto repair, or other unforeseen cost is going to crop up.

Most of us don’t have a lot of wiggle room built into our family budget. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual household budget is around $63,000. Most of that goes toward costs associated with housing and transportation, with the rest being split up among food, clothes, and all the other expenses that we accumulate in our daily lives. You can see how an occasional unexpected bill could take a big bite out of that budget, especially if it’s something like a hospital bill, a broken appliance, or a major automobile repair. That’s where car title loans come in.

Car title loans in Kansas City, St. Joseph, or Overland Park can be a lifesaver when all the bills come due at once. That’s because car title loans are quick and easy to get, and they don’t require a credit check or a lot of other paperwork. All you need is a car with a lien-free title and a photo ID, and you can drive your own car back out of the parking lot with the cash you need in fewer than 20 minutes. Car title loans from Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City range from $150 to $5,000, making them perfect for when all those bills come due at once.

Need quick cash today? Contact Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City, fill out our Online Title Loan Information Sheet, or visit any of our convenient locations in Kansas City, Overland Park, Gladstone, or St. Joseph!


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