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A Flex Loan in Kansas City to Help Cover Mandatory Expenses

A Flex Loan in Kansas City to Help Cover Mandatory Expenses

We’ve talked before about how a flex loan in Kansas City can help you meet those unexpected expenses that sometimes crop up: a car breaks down, a family member gets sick, a household appliance goes on the blink, you need to take an unforeseen trip, or any number of other expenses that can show up out of the blue and ruin your carefully arranged budget. But there are plenty of other bills that come in month after month, and a flex loan in Kansas City can help you take care of those expenses, too.

We all have bills that we pay regularly. Whether they’re bills that come in once a month or expenses that we only have to cover once a year, they’re generally about the same amount, and we can always count on them showing up over and over and over again. Think of them as “mandatory expenses.” What kinds of things are we talking about? Well, the mortgage payment is a good example. So are property taxes, income taxes, quarterly business taxes, HOA dues, utility bills, insurance premiums, the list goes on and on. These are things that you can’t just skip or do without. (Sure, you can’t skip or do without groceries or gas either, most likely, but those are expenses that tend to fluctuate a little more from one instance to the next.) Plus, if you don’t pay your mortgage or your taxes in a timely fashion, you’re likely to be hit with some consequences.

The consequences for missing a mandatory payment may be as minor as a late fee or higher premiums, but it could also be as catastrophic as a foreclosure on a home or property, utilities being shut off, or trouble with the IRS or your Home Owners’ Association. If you have a business and you don’t pay your bills on time, it could severely hamper your ability to deliver your products and cut into your bottom line.

So what happens when one of these mandatory bills comes due and the money just isn’t there? That’s when a flex loan in Kansas City can help. How does it work? With a flex loan, you leverage your car’s title as collateral, just as you would with a typical car title loan, but instead of a 60-day renewable contract, flex loans in Kansas City let you borrow up to a pre-set credit limit—and even re-borrow if you end up needing more money—while repaying based on a daily interest rate. That gives you the flexibility (hence the name) to borrow as much or as little as you need—up to your pre-set limit—to cover whatever expenses come up, mandatory or otherwise!

So whether you find yourself short of cash to cover a mandatory bill or you just need some quick cash for an unexpected expense that caught you off guard, contact Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City or fill out our Online Title Loan Information Sheet to get started today!


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