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Flex Loans Afford You the Credit You Need When the Home Needs Repair

Flex Loans Afford You the Credit You Need When the Home Needs Repair

Owning a home can be a great experience filled with a lot of joys. As any homeowner knows, it can also be filled with frustrations. A home is a complex thing, after all, from the roofing to the foundation, from the plumbing to the fixtures, from the appliances to the windows and doors. With anything so complex there’s a lot that can go wrong. Every homeowner knows that when something decides to fall off its hinges or spew soapy water all over the kitchen floor, it’s always going to be at the least opportune time. That’s why flex loans are available when a minor domestic disaster strikes and you need some quick cash to fix something up around the house.

Sometimes that may be the cost of replacing a window or a door. Other times it might be a major appliance on the fritz. Of course, there are just as many things that may need repairs on the outside of the house as on the inside, right? You might need to fix the roof during the rainy season or remove a tree after a storm. Maybe you need to hire a pest-control professional to take care of an infestation of pesky critters or a tree service to trim back branches from your roof or powerlines. Maybe your fence got knocked down in that last big storm that blew through Kansas City, or a window got broken out when your kids were playing ball in the yard.

Whatever form they may happen to take, these kinds of repairs tend to show up at the worst possible time, often when money is already tight. Some experts say that you should set aside approximately 1% of your home’s purchase price to cover maintenance and repairs throughout the year. Not all of us have that luxury, and sometimes one year hits a little harder than another and expenses add up. What do you do when money is short but you still need cash to cover repairs? Flex loans can get you the credit you need to get your house back in shape when an unexpected repair bill crops up.

All you need to get a flex loan in Kansas City or Overland Park is a drivable vehicle with a lien-free title, a photo ID, and proof of income. Like car title loans, flex loans use the title of your vehicle as collateral, but as their name implies, flex loans give you a little more flexibility. Rather than being a set amount based on a 60-day renewable contract, flex loans let you borrow up to a certain credit limit and are structured around a daily interest rate. Fortunately, they’re still just as quick and easy to get as car title loans, and because you use your car’s lien-free title as collateral, there’s still no need for a credit check.

If you need a little quick cash for home repairs, just come in to Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City or Overland Park with your lien-free vehicle today, and let us help you get the credit you need with the flexibility that you want.


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