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A Flex Loan Lets You Keep Your Car While Making Repayment

Look, we know that you love your car. In point of fact, when asked, most Americans said that they would rather give up their microwave oven, their home computer, or even their cell phone than their car! Part of that is because cars are an everyday necessity for most of us—they’re how we get to and from work, school, the store, etc.—but a part of it is also that, for many Americans, owning a car is an important part of growing up, not to mention a symbol of freedom. That’s why flex loans in Kansas City can help you keep your car while also getting you the quick cash you need in times of financial difficulty.

A Flex Loan Lets You Keep Your Car While Making Repayment

A car is more than just a tool that we use to get from point A to point B. It’s a part of our identity, a way for us to strike out on our own, go places we’ve never been, and accomplish our life’s goals. It tells people something about who we are and where we’re at in life—whether that’s mobile, single, successful, family-oriented, you name it. We take great pride in our cars, and with good reason, as they’re a big part of how we live our lives every day.

Whatever kind of automobile you drive, whether it’s a car, truck, or SUV, it’s tough to give it up just because you’ve hit a financial roadblock. After all, without a car, getting to and from work is a lot more difficult, which makes paying off those expenses a whole lot harder. So, when cash is tight and expenses are greater than we can afford, the last thing we think of giving up is our transportation. But we need something to help us meet those expenses, and that’s where a flex loan in Kansas City can help!

While a flex loan uses your lien-free vehicle as collateral, you don’t have to give up your car while you’re paying it back. In fact, when you bring in your vehicle with a lien-free title and a photo ID, you can drive away in your own car with the cash you need in as few as 20 minutes. Then, you keep your car while repaying the loan with our simple repayment plan, or borrow more cash if you need it without re-applying. Because flex loans in Kansas City work as a line of credit, you can borrow as much or as little as you need at a given moment, keep your car during repayment, and re-borrow as needed without any hassle. Plus, since your car’s title is the collateral, there’s no need for a credit check!

So if a flex loan in Kansas City sounds like the solution to your quick cash needs, just contact Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City or get started now by filling out our Online Title Loan Information Sheet!


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