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Short-Term Loans Can Help Keep You Cool When the Heat is On

Short-Term Loans Can Help Keep You Cool When the Heat is On

Kansas City enjoyed a warmer-than-usual winter this year, and spring has been pretty warm so far, too. Of course, the downside to all these nice days is that if this trend continues, we could be looking at a scorcher of a summer. When the weather gets hot, we all start thinking about ways to cool off. Fortunately, short-term loans in Kansas City can help you keep cool with an influx of quick cash in the event of a heat wave this summer.

While you may not immediately think of cash when you think of cooling off (unless you’re going to fan yourself with all those bills), there are a lot of situations where quick cash can help you keep cool. You may not want to contemplate your air conditioner going on the fritz when the temperatures are 100° in the shade, but that’s actually the time it’s most likely to happen. Think about it: you can probably see an HVAC service truck parked in front of somebody’s house in the neighborhood on just about any day in July and August.

Those kinds of repairs aren’t cheap. Fixing a refrigerant leak can start at around $250, while a refrigerant recharge will run you as much as $400. Those are some of the most common repairs that your AC may need, but they’re not the most expensive. If the circuit board fries, it could cost you upwards of $650 to replace, and the air conditioner in your car can be just as expensive! When money is tight, paying for an air conditioner repair may clean you out, but letting it stay broken when the mercury is climbing isn’t a very comfortable option.

Air conditioners aren’t the only things that get a workout when the temperatures skyrocket, either. If your refrigerator or freezer conks out during the hot summer months, you may be looking at a repair bill that’s anywhere from $250 to $450, not to mention losing all of your popsicles! Fortunately, short-term loans in Kansas City can help you keep your cool by getting you the quick cash you need to cover the cost of your repairs, or even that of replacement, if it comes to that.

If money is tight around your house this summer, but the heat is just too much to bear, a short-term loan can also be used to finance an above-ground pool in the backyard, plant shade trees in front of a few windows, or even take the whole family to the beach for a summer getaway! Whatever you need quick cash in Kansas City for this summer, a short-term loan from Midwest Title Loans can help you do it without losing your cool. That’s because a short-term loan from Midwest Title Loans requires no credit check—just bring a lien-free car title and a photo ID, and you’ll be in and out in as few as 20 minutes!

So if you need some quick cash to help you keep cool this summer, contact Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City today, or get started now by filling out our Online Title Loan Information Sheet!


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