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How Title Loans Can Benefit Your Holiday Spending Budget

holiday budgeting

Let’s face it: the holidays are expensive for everyone. Christmas remains the biggest spending holiday of the year, and the average American family spends upwards of $1250 during the holiday season on gifts, food, and decorations—all those Christmas trees and bright, colorful lights aren’t free, after all. And that’s just the cost of the stuff directly related to the holiday. When you factor in things like the cost of travel to spend the holidays with family, and all those deals that you bought for yourself on Black Friday (don’t worry, we all do it), then your holiday budget could easily crest $2500 or more!

If you’re like most families in and around Kansas City, you don’t just have a spare $2500 lying around. Many try to save for the holidays or spread their gift purchases out throughout the year, but at the end of the day that can only do so much. So if you find yourself a little low on holiday capital this year, you might want to turn to title loans in Kansas City. Midwest Title Loans offers short-term loans in Kansas City that range from $150 to $5000—perfect for finishing out that holiday shopping—and you don’t need a credit check or a bunch of paperwork to apply. The only things we require are a vehicle with a lien-free title and your photo ID!

Looking for some other tips to help keep your holiday spending in the black? Here are a few suggestions that can help you get a gift for everyone on your list without breaking the bank:

  • Create a budget and stick to it. With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays—and with all the great sales going on at just about every store you walk into—it’s easy for holiday spending to get out of hand. So make a list of everyone you need to buy presents for—and any other holiday-related purchases that you need to make, like a new string of lights or a new tree, and estimate how much you’ll be spending on each. Once you’ve got your list, do like Santa Claus and check it twice, and then do your best not to deviate from it.
  • If you need to save money on Christmas presents, a “white elephant” gift exchange can be a great solution. The kinds of gag gifts that are common in “white elephant” exchanges are affordable and fun, and let you indulge your creative side.
  • Give the gift of time instead of presents. You can craft homemade gifts for the people on your list that don’t cost a lot but that show a lot of love, or you can even give friends and family coupon books and “I.O.U.s” for anything from doing chores around the house to helping them move. And never underestimate the gift appeal of a good recipe that you may have lying around.

Whatever you do to save a little money this holiday season, Midwest Title Loans in Kansas City can help you get the cash you need to buy presents, decorations, and whatever else helps to make the season bright. All you need is a vehicle with a lien-free title and your photo ID, and we can get you back out on the road in your own vehicle with the cash you need in as little as 20 minutes! Short-term loans in Kansas City from Midwest Title Loans are an easy and quick solution to your holiday expenses, and you can get started now by filling out our Online Title Loan Information Sheet!


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